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Fan Words: "Long live to DEATH!"

Khabéé Lex Mortum
By Khabéé Lex Mortum

I think DEATH it's one of the best bands that has taken the underground to the world. Without a doubt, CHUCK showed greatness in each of his masterpieces and leave a tangible trace of their ability in each of us. I continue to influence new by thousands of bands and his legacy will never die, will always be there... Long live to DEATH!!!!

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Death TR Live: Rob Cavestany was moved for remembering Chuck

Valentina and Rob: He was moved for remembering Chuck

By Valentina Marcelli (Warchief)

Yesterday was happened something of very special,something that made ​​me happy and proud once again to be a Death, Control Denied, Chuck Schuldiner's fan. Last night I went to see Death Angel's gig in Rome, and at the end of the show I have spoken with Rob Cavestany.

I talked to him about my love for Chuck and I thanked him for what he and his band have done back in 2001, for helping Chuck making possible the benefit project called "Thrash Of The Titans", set up to help our Chuck and Chuck Billy as well. When I spoke about it, something began to shine in his eyes... He was moved! So he said " thanks to you for saying it to me"


This is what I call: LOVE AND RESPECT.

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Death in HD is now in collaboration with Death TR tribute website.

James Anthony C: "Hey people as some of you might recall in earlier videos I have said that I intend to be uploading Death covers aswell as my own songs.

For the video I played along to my pre-recorded track. So here is a preview clip of an incomplete track missing vocals and bass to give you people an idea of what I'm working on! I already have lyrics written.

Guitar: Ibanez RGA32 MOF
Guitar Tone: Line 6 Pod Studio GX w/ additional packs

Drums: Programmed by myself using Superior Drummer 2.0 and Drumkit From Hell ... I started out in music as a drummer and although I don't drum anymore it still remains a passion.

Take care people and enjoy the channel!"

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Chuck Memories: Personal Pics & Special Moments

Chuck: Some moments of his life

International interview: Spreading the word.

Chuck and his family: Grandpa, Chris (nephew) and Mal (father)

Charles Chuck Michael with fans-friends-brothers

Chuck Schuldiner: Star Quality

By Jochen Hofmann (Human Death)

Big Chuck: A simple and talented man!

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Death TR Message: Personal Contacts

Death TR crew
Hello brothers and sisters of Metal and DEATH!

Many questions have been emerging about the personal contact each one us. We're going to list below our personal contacts. Thanks people! More news pretty soon. ;-)

Mara Vanessa (Brazil): reverenda666@gmail.com / Skype: blackromance666

Valentina Marcelli (Italy): valentina_maiden@hotmail.it / Twitter: @ValWarchief

Kaya Aslan (Turkey): letsgo_kaya@hotmail.com

Uğur Karataş (Turkey): braveheart825@hotmail.com

Jorge Arnau (Mexico City): masterofpuppets224@hotmail.com

Alihan Biber (Turkey): kemalist_7@hotmail.com

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Fan Words: "Chuck was governed by his own rules"

The Godfather of Death Metal

Before I start this article I would like to take this opportunity to say that the people behind sites such as Death TR and Empty Words are doing incredibly important work with the preservation /continuation of all things Chuck, Death and Control Denied. The people behind these projects should take great pride in what they have achieved and will continue to achieve in the future. Keep it up as you truly are needed.

I’m gonna come clean straight away. I cannot claim to be a Death super-fan with the ability to recite every lyric and recall every detail because I believe that would be unfair to those of you who are walking Death Encyclopedias. What I can claim is a passion for what I choose to listen to and choose to spend my free-time doing. Like anyone I have an opinion, an opinion which I’ve been given the platform to share, courtesy of Death TR and Mara Vanessa. I would like to express my gratitude to Death TR for the opportunity to share a few words with the Chuck/Death fans of the world. I in-part have this opportunity because I’ve recently created a YouTube channel called “DeathinHD” dedicated to all thing’s Chuck, Death and Control Denied. In creating this channel I have somewhat gotten myself known, howeva this is far from my main intention. With the channel I wish to openly and freely share content with anyone and everyone. I hope to consolidate as much relevant and useful information all into one place, presented to the best of my technical abilities. Let me go on and briefly explain my history with Death and How/Why the YouTube channel spawned.

To me Death are a band you can believe in. Even an untrained ear can tell that there is substance in the music. As I sit here now typing this at the age of 24 in 2011, I try and think back to around 10 years ago when I first heard Death. I was 14 at the time and just listening to some music with my friend Dale, not paying too much attention until I believe Crystal Mountain popped up and my ears pricked up and I suddenly started to show some interest. At that age everything is so simple, it is a very straight forward case of “let’s go and check out some more of this band Death”. Little did I know that Chuck would pass away in the coming months.

Around the same time I started to get into playing the drums then getting into bands. My earliest memories of particularly playing the drums and my affinity for Death, was the fact that attempting Death’s drumming was impossible. My guitar buddy Dale would always play Death riffs and I can just remember thinking how cool that was.

Over the years to this present day I would always have a steady stream of Chuck’s music in my ears. Now aware of Chuck’s passing you then get the realisation that your never going to get the chance to see Death live and this brings me to my next point. As time passes and more and more people become fans of Death they too won’t have the opportunity to witness Chuck on stage in person. So what do you do as a fan? Well you do all you can to keep the music alive. We find ourselves creating tribute pages, sharing stories and putting on remembrance gigs. The key to the continued longevity of Chuck’s legacy is for his family, friends and fans to continue to spread the word of the music he created.

James Anthony

I challenge anyone regardless of musical taste to not feel deeply saddened by Chuck’s story. Wether it be the loss of his brother frank at a young age, to the loss of who he thought were close friends to the barrage of trash offered up by the press. When you end the story with pontine glioma, a type of brain cancer, we start to paint an image of a man who saw too much unjust distress come his way. One thing you have to ask yourself is would we have, what we have today with Chuck’s music had he not been fuelled by his life experiences?. Chuck was known to be fuelled by such emotions as anger, betrayal and disappointment and this undoubtedly came out in his music. But as the saying goes there cannot be smoke without fire and we have to face facts that no-one is perfect including Chuck. This takes me to my next point that I wish to talk about as regards people’s perception of Chuck.

Chuck is considered and often called “The Godfather of Death Metal” and with that mantra Chuck finds himself on somewhat of an untouchable pedestal. I for one have no problem with how the fans wish to remember Chuck. I see no harm in Chuck being considered an icon. The only people you will find turning their heads are the ones who experienced Chuck’s darker side.

With all the talk being concentrated on Chuck I would like to take this opportunity to share the spotlight with some of his ex band-mates. I turn towards Death’s 1991 release “Human” which sees the notable introduction of Cynic’s Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert. “Human” is considered by many to be Death’s most impressive release in every aspect as it sees a step up in technicality as well as song writing. My compulsion to mention Paul and Sean lies in the fact that Paul is quoted as saying “Chuck would present the songs to us in black and white and we would provide the colour”. We shouldn’t forget that Chuck was not always alone in the Death experience.

If there is one thing we can all learn from Chuck, it's his relentlessness in the vision he had. Complete conviction behind his actions, without compromise. Governed by his own rules. Many of us can only try to match such drive.

To come full circle I would like to come back to the creation of the “DeathinHD” YouTube channel aswell as the future for Chuck’s legacy.

First of all the creation of it and why it happened – well as I hope I’ve established by now I’m a Death fan and was trying to think of how I could do my bit to keep the love alive. I had already made several other random YouTube channels and one day stumbled across a woman called Beth saying she was Chuck’s sister on YouTube. Initially I like most was somewhat doubtful about the legitimacy of this woman being Chuck’s sis. I quickly came to realise she really was Chuck’s sister but not only that. Beth was going around with unbelievable generosity in her feedback to the community and I thought y’know what, I can throw something in the mix here with my own ideas. I showed Beth the channel and as they say the rest is history.

To those of you who don’t know Beth’s YouTube channel is “bethlevine1” and what she offers/shares with the fans is literally incredible. She gladly welcomes all and I have personally shared some very touching words with Beth. Beth truly is a testament to how special the Schuldiner family is.

My ongoing goal is to make a channel of a fan for the fans. If there is one thing I would wish to in-still in all of you it would be to focus on what we still have. I see many negative comments about the fact that Chuck is gone howeva try to remember that you still get to enjoy what he created. I want the community to be totally together on this one. I do my absolute best to offer up high quality content which I have spent many late nights on and will continue to do so. I don’t deserve any credits or anything like this, I just want like-minded fans to come along and enjoy the channel.

To date I’ve received support from YOU the fans, Beth, Eric Grief, Relapse Records, Jeff Kitts of Guitar World and Albert of Decibel Magazine.

For the future between the Schuldiners, Relapse and Eric Greif, I think 2011 is going to be a mind-blowing year for all things Death and Control Denied.

If this article can inspire any of you people out there to do a little something for a band you love, then my job is done.

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Fan Words: "Chuck is our myth"

Ale Schuldiner: The last name is a tribute
By Ale Schuldiner

This is my first experience when I heard Chuck for the first time.

It was one of the many boring winter days, that day I was at home because I was sick and I was off to school so just to relaxing, I chose to listen to a bit of healthy Thrash metal stuff, but i needed music more strong and "gritty", I tried to find something through my brother's albums and I found Symbolic from Death!

I knew their name I never had listen to their music, I put the CD'S into the stereo. After many seconds, the intro had to leap me on the bed, so I started to jump and bang my head! precisely the same moment my brother came home from work, he looked at me jumping everywhere and said: WTF?! HEEEEY! What are you doing man?! ??!!!!

This is my first time, it can looks like a funny- made up thing, but this happened for real, it's ironic but it's just the truth! Chuck was, Chuck is our myth, a myth with goodwill, modest, kind with everyone and a legend that will never die through us and through the fans that will remember him forever.

I end here my testimony, and I send greetings to EvilChuck, thank you Chuck, see you brother! R.I.P.

Fan Words: "Chuck was an incredible man"

Eray Deniz: "Chuck is my idol".
By Eray Deniz Teker

Chuck was an incredible man, he is my idol. Listening to him I'm having a real death metal. One of the philosophical. presses have a feeling every note. Each part of the inspiration for me.

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Chuck Memories:The Metal Crusade (Part I)

© 1995 DEATH, INC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -  Perseverance Holdings Ltd.

Looking back: Faces of Death

Death: Believing in Death Metal

Magazine: Heavy Oder Was!? / Germany
Article: Gesichter Des Todes
Written by: Kai Becker
Published: May/June 1995


There’s a certain magazine that can’t really be seen as good friends of Chuck Schuldiner nowadays.

Chuck - “How do you know?”

Well, I followed that whole history closely and read all the articles about it.

Chuck - “Do they still write about that?”

No, the subject seems to have been dropped around a year ago. Since then I haven't read anything about your battle.

Chuck - “Yeah, they write very nice things about me every year. Those guys have a problem. They don’t know how to be professionals in their business. They rather choose to make fun of people instead of writing about the music. It’s about time they get a grip on their problem. I don’t like those methods at all and therefore I’d rather talk with people who are interested in my music. After all, I’m a musician playing in a band.”

Sounds reasonable. I just wanted to ask because I didn’t have any problems with you in the previous interviews and I actually remember you as nice to get on with and a decent conversation partner.

Chuck - “I only have problems with people who make problems for me. I like talking about music, the band and all that goes with it. That should be the content of an interview. Nevertheless, it’s not clear to some magazines. In the States there are also some, as I would like to call them, “black sheep” that only want to publish dirt about bands, far from the truth. Those things unfortunately happen from time to time. In America there’s one magazine I do have problems with. The case is, that you have to learn to deal with those people. I try to avoid them completely and not do interviews with them. I don’t want to talk about shit with them.”

I can imagine you still have hard feelings towards this magazine.

Chuck -“I don’t even think about this magazine anymore, as long as nobody comes close to me. They hopefully live their own lives. I don’t respect human beings who want to make a mug out of me, or try to drag my name and band through the mud. My life means very much to me, after all I only have one. My obvious goal is to play music for life. Whenever someone tries to meddle with it, I have a problem with it. I always thought magazines were supposed to support bands, take them by the hand. They might have a problem, but I’m not a part of it. I’m here because of the music and I hope to be able to enchant listeners. As a fan I would certainly not be pleased when a magazine published shit about my favorite band. I would boycot them immidiately.”

Do you think that after all the annoyance about the cancelled tours and the stress with the magazine, that the reputation of Death was affected by it?

Chuck - “No, but it did affect the image of certain other people. I put my name back into the real light again. I don’t care very much about the press, because the fans are in power. Actually the magazines should be run by fans, but unfortunately they’re not in reality. They are being published too often by people who abuse the power of the press all too eagerly. It isn't often that I have problems with the press though. And if it happens I avoid them and concentrate on my music. When I would play along with them, I would be the same. Are you good friends with them? You seem to be very curious.”

Chuck & Death: The Big Guys

Yeah, that’s part of my job. I just try to understand both sides and to maybe give you the opportunity to straighten some things out.

Chuck - “There’s no other side. They are slanderous, which is not a magazine characteristic that is to be praised. As a fan you don’t joke around with a band, if you do, you’re not a fan but an authoritarian asswhipe. I don’t like that at all. My life will go on without this piece of paper. I owe them nothing and they owe me nothing. We both can live perfectly without each other. I only have problems with those who make problems for me. That’s why it’s so important for me to be a musician. Music is my way to express myself. I often wonder who raised those people. However, I don’t want to start a war between us. They live their lives, I live mine. There are dozens of other bands that they can write about.”

Do you believe that the press is too powerful?

Chuck - “No way! It’s known that the press has a certain power. It’s just that some don’t know how to handle that power professionaly. You can either use or abuse power. No matter whether you write for a magazine or you’re the owner of a restaurant. The way you relate to people is decisive. I try to respect people and I don’t hurt them. That should always be the way. It would be woeful if some day a magazine came on the market that would only make fun of all the other magazines. That would be completely crazy. I’m a musician and not a part of a soap opera. It’s easy, too easy to judge others. It takes more strength to create than to criticize. Unfortunately too many people only criticize instead of creating something new. We, as a band, created a new album this year. I don’t know what others did, but we can subscribe an absolute killer album with “Symbolic” to our account. Therefore I’m very, very happy and satisfied. I can tell by all the letters we get that our fans are behind us and believe in DEATH. We have a very personal thread to our fans and they know it. We answer all letters, we’re not assuming the airs of a rockstar. I still visit concerts, buy albums and t-shirts. I didn’t change, yet in the meantime I’m in the middle of a complex business.”

Did you notice some loss of your reputation on both European tours after the release of “Individual Thought Patterns”, or were your fans loyal.

Chuck - “In any case they were, more as ever before. When the press came on to me, it was proved to me how loyal the fans really are and how little power the press has to influence the minds of the fans. As I told before, I read a lot of fanmail, as much as I can. I often write back and therefore I know what they think and they know from my lyrics what I think. The fans know that we’re very common. After the shows they can talk with us. I really like to give interviews, because a lot of press guys still are fans. That’s how it should be. To me, only the fans are important. The writers are behind their desks, receiving dozens of CD’s for free. I know how it goes. They get it all for free and criticize whether they like it or not. I don’t need that…”

Despite of all the annoyance, the bands reputation seems to be established. Having its origins in the awesome live shows and the brilliant songs. You can say that despite all criticism DEATH came out stronger, more mature and grew as a band.

Chuck - "I can relate to that opinion 100%. People can do whatever they want, to damage my name, but they don’t stand a chance, because I know the truth. So do our fans, they alertly read our lyrics and listen to our music. I don’t mind to take up a challenge. It hasn’t always been easy to bounce back from all the shit that is to be read for two years already in press country. I know that the fans are behind the person Chuck Schuldiner 100%. I have their letters at home proving that. That motivates me to continue with the band.”

The question rises how Chuck would describe himself. What kind of human being he is to his opinion.

Chuck Schuldiner
Chuck - “I’m probably just like everybody else, liking the simple things of life. I love my dogs and cats, I like to go to the beach, I like to spend time in the country, barbecueing with friends. I like all that others probably like as well.”

When you shut your eyes for a moment and think about your past, what do you see?

Chuck - “I see many highs and lows. People who try to bring my life out of order and people who choose to stand by me. I know that the latter know how much I appreciate their support. Besides I see a lot of people I don’t consider my friends after 12 years of DEATH. On the other hand I always had the opportunity to make new friends. Although my experiences certainly strengthened me, I still stayed a vulnerable person, after all life is quite often painfull, like with all the shit that was written about DEATH. I know for sure that DEATH will release other albums, no matter what is being written about our band. Who cares about the writings anyway? The fans are far more important, and there will always be DEATH fans. When they hear the next DEATH album they will know we’ve kept our promise. We will always be a metal band and never play grunge or anything like that. We’re musicians and honest guys and that’s certainly to be heard on “Symbolic”, because the music is straight from the heart.”

As you said before, DEATH as a band has already existed 12 years. It can be said that back then DEATH was one of the founders of a new music style. These years things have changed. A few years ago there was the glorious death metal scene in Tampa/Florida. That disappeared like snow in summer.

Chuck - “The scene shrinks and shrinks. It’s cool that so many bands hooked up in this scene, but most of them unfortunately sounded similar. As soon as there is too much, the quality of the scene is endangered. Some bands split up, others go on. Those who continue aren’t afraid to try and walk new paths. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Try to change all the time. At the moment the scene is going through a major change and I hope traditional metal will revive soon. Because that’s where my roots are: VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA, SLAYER, KISS, POSSESSED, ANVIL, EXCITER, ANTHRAX. The first ANTHRAX album was heavenly, a real killer disc. I still like to listen to those old records these days, because they can still inspire me. This music still came out of the heart. From traditional metal other styles arose.”

Did you ever had a chance to be on stage with one of your favorite bands.

Chuck - “Once I had the opportunity to play in a show with ANVIL. Meeting those guys was a great honor for me. It was a very good feeling to share the stage with one of the bands that influenced me. By the way, the name NASTY SAVAGE occures to me, they are from around here. We could open some shows for them in the early 80’s. I remember I totally freaked when I heard about it. For that matter I really like to look back on those old days, because things were more simple then. It was about music and not about things around the music. People were so excited that there wasn’t even time to write rubbish. Everybody was so fascinated about the new EXCITER disc, that it wouldn’t even occur to say: hey, did you hear already, what an idiot this guy from EXCITER is? Noone cared about it as long as his band made good music.”

And good music with DEATH anno 1995 is big, very big. On “Symbolic” Chuck was supported once more by drum God Gene Hoglan and newbees Bobby Koelble (guitar) and Kelly Conlon (bass). They replaced Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Sadus) and Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND).

Chuck - “Steve’s wife had a baby and he wandered more and more from metal. It was foreseen he would leave the band. We had a great time with him and we completely understand his position. In his place came Kelly, from Orlando and a killer bassist. He’s a very positive and easy-going person. Andy had to go back to his job with KING DIAMOND again, obviously I had to go search for a replacement for him also. I wanted to sign on Bobby, who I once met at high school. I asked some of his friends for his number and got Kelly’s number as well. The two already knew each other which made it easier and accelerated things. Besides we are all of the same age, around 26/27 years old and we have the attitude DEATH needs.”

Chuck can’t suppress to sound a thousand praises of his fellow musicians and the new producer Jim Morris, co-owner of Morrisound Studios in Tampa. I remember the previous interview when Chuck promised to work again with Scott Burns. After all, he was like the fifth band member.

Chuck - “Scott unfortunately wasn’t available because he was working with some other bands in the studio. Jim was the only reasonable alternative. He liked the idea and agreed to work with us. He had the experience to support us in our strive after recording an as natural sounding album as possible. I think considering the production the difference compared to our former albums is obvious.”

Schuldiner lives: The masterpiece

“Symbolic” is the perfect mix of brutal songs like DEATH just knocked them off in the early years and the more technical, progressive tracks like on the two previous albums “Human” and “Individual Thought Patterns”.

Chuck - “I heard that more. I knew this album would be very special. I wrote the songs together with Gene, even before Kelly and Bobby joined the band. We were sitting at my house taping the songs on an 8-track recorder. We pottered the songs constantly. We took enough time, we did not hurry and out came a solid album titled “Symbolic”. This working process was very important to reach such a result. I can recommend every band to get an 8-track a.s.a.p. and use the same process.”

My favorite piece on “Symbolic” is “Crystal Mountain”, yet, what are crystal mountains?

Chuck - “They are synonimous for my over critical neighbours, which this song is all about. They believe they live a perfect life in a crystal mountain. Unfortunately, I live next door to this religious fanatics, who live unwordly and certainly not in the just described mountains. I’m sorry but those people are not that different from me. They have to pay taxes also and they should not be disturbed by looks like long hair. Although it’s not religious at all my neighbours are filled with hate and judge me. In this song there’s a cross changing into a sword, symbolic for the abuse of their religion. I have nothing against religion in general, but religion should not be directed against others. In “Crystal Mountain” I expressed my hate and anger towards these people. It’s easy to see that “Symbolic” contains very personal songs, i.e. “Empty Words”, every day you say things to people that later appear to be empty. It’s easy to promise mountains of gold, yet it’s hard to keep this promise. Spoken words should have a meaning and not just be hollow phrases just being said to be said. You should think about what you want to say and you have to be sure to say what you mean. I hope people can relate to this theme because it definitely is a very personal song."

(Chuck about his fans)

(Chuck going crazy about ANVIL)

(Chuck about his reputation)

(Chuck contra the press)

Death TR Note: Read the article HERE!

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Curiosity: Chuck's name

Schuldiner family
 Chuck's name - Charles Michael - was a tribute to the grandfather of Mal Schuldiner,. Mal is the father of the legendary guitarist. In almost every interview, Mrs. Jane Schuldiner, Chuck's mother, tells how he was a happy child and as Schuldiner's family struggled to provide the best for their children. It really is a beautiful pathway!

Death TR congratulates Scott Carino (DEATH) for his marriage

Scott Carino and his wife, Melissa Carino
The Death TR family would like to congratulates the bassist Scott Carino for his marriage. We wish all the happiness and positivity in this new stage of your life, Scott. You are a very funny and good tempered guy, besides being an eximious musician. Never lose this. 

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Turkish fan translates Death's song for turkish language

The legend!
Divine Spleen from Turkey has sent us a translation/ interpretation to the Turkish language of the music Without Judgement. To our brothers and sisters from Turkey and all those who are interested, it's worth seeing.

"I have chosen Without Judgement initially because it was one of the first songs I listened from Death, it has a special place for me. It is very hard to translate Chuck's lyrics because he could have meant anything , this is my personal interpretation of him. While interpreting, I tried remain loyal to lyrics as well.

I am sure it is possible to have lots of different interpretations in that very deep ocean of thoughts and emotions. The mine was just a trial of understanding his genious... I think that trying to understand something is the core of respect", said Divine.

Without Judgement - Death (turkisk version)

Masumiyeti ispatlanana dek suçlu
İhtimalleri boş vererek
Ruhunu ve kaderini mahkum ediyoruz
Mantık ya da hesaplar için çok meşgulüz

Karmaşanın basitleştiği,
Küçülen nesillerde sen de yerini al
Acı kabul edildiği zaman,
Önemsiz hesaplar terkedilecektir

Muhakeme olmadan ne yapardık ?
Ne olabileceğini varsayarak,
Kaybolan zamanda ortaya çıkan suretlerimize bakmaya zorlanırdık
Muhakeme olmaksızın algı milyon kere çoğalırdı

Kolaylıkla sınayan düşler tarafından alıkonulmuş sen
Hayatın, meydan okuyanları ezeceği yerde,
Sen de eğer bunun tadına varsaydın, alışkanlık yapabilirdi

Karmaşanın basitleştiği,
Küçülen nesillerde sen de yerini al
Acı kabul edildiği zaman,
Önemsiz hesaplar terkedilecektir

Muhakeme olmadan ne yapardık ?
Ne olabileceğini varsayarak,
Kaybolan zamanda ortaya çıkan suretlerimize bakmaya zorlanırdık
Muhakeme olmaksızın algı milyon kere çoğalırdı


Guilty until proven innocent
We condemn your soul and fate
Never mind the possibilities
Too busy for logic or to calculate

Take part in a diminishing breed
Where complex turns to simplicity
When pain is acknowledged
Frivolous calculations will be abolished

Without judgement what would we do?
We would be forced to look
At ourselves emerged in lost time
Assuming what may be
Without judgement
Perception would increase a million times

Distracted by imagination
That experiments with ease
If you could taste it, it might be addictive
Where life will crush those who defy

Take part in a diminishing breed
Where complex turns to simplicity
When pain is acknowledged
Frivolous calculations will be abolished

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Death's Voice: Jealousy's riffs lesson

Chuck live!

Hello Death bros and sis! One more amazing guitar lesson by Eren Colak. This is the Jealousy's riffs lesson (Individual Thought Patterns). Enjoy it!

Take a look: CLICK HERE!

Remember you can also send your video or suggestion... of cover. To contact us, use the email deathtr3@gmail.com .

Questions and information: http://www.facebook.com/Spiritualerening (send the message to Eren). Thanks, guys!

DEATH TR Note: If you want to download this video, click HERE!

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Story To Tell: Chuck, Death and Control Denied for the rest of life

Riley Bjorgan testimonial:

Hey everyone, I'm Riley Bjorgan, a big fan of Death, Chuck Schuldiner, Control Denied and Death TR! I believe Death TR is the best tribute site currently running. It is a family, it's very intimate. Many of the members know each other, and everyone is respectful. I also believe another huge, huge aspect to this blog's success and uniqueness is Story To Tell. Story To Tell allows us, Chuck's fans, to have our say, and to let people really know how we feel about the site, Chuck, his music, ect. It is really a fan site for the fans, by the fans. And I think this is one of the most effective tools Death TR utilizes. I am very proud to have a chance to say some more words for the site, and I am very proud to call you all my family. Peace, love and Death's Metal! /,,/

Divine Spleen: "Here's my first tribute. I'm pround and happy. This spirit made me to create other tributes".
A Brazilian tribute to Chuck will take place on Saturday, April 9th. Thank you brazilian brothers! This is real!
By LazarusTaxaArt. Thanks!

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Story To Tell: Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner (Rest in Peace man!)

By Lastzoltar

We started the project last year, and now I'm proud to upload the final version. The quality of the audio and video is not perfect but we hope you can enjoy anyway!

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Chuck Memories: Funny moments

Chuck and his buddy Tim
Chuck Schuldiner: Eternal and Beloved
Chuck trying ''to kill'' Richard
The man, the power! Hell yeah!
The street DEATH guys
Chuck Schuldiner: Let the metal flow!

DEATH: An Oral History Sourced From Decibel Magazine Posted Online

From Empty Words

"So sit back, close your eyes if you want, and just enjoy the video..." Thanks James.

Part 2 is online, enjoy!

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Death's Voice: 1,000 Eyes (from Symbolic)

Big Chuck: His music is timeless! And we're the proof about that.

Hello fellas! As previously announced, the Turkish guitarist Eren Colak is the newest Death TR collaborator. He is the mediator of the program "Death's Voice", 'which works as a tutorial for learning how to play Death's songs. This is the 1,000 Eyes (Symbolic) cover.

Take a look: CLICK HERE!

Remember you can also send your video or suggestion... of cover. To contact us, use the email deathtr3@gmail.com .

Questions and information: http://www.facebook.com/Spiritualerening (send the message to Eren). Thanks, guys!

See ya, people! I'll miss you! (Mara Vanessa - Death TR team).

DEATH TR Note: If you want to download this video, click HERE!

Death TR bulletin - by Mara Vanessa

Chuck Schuldiner lives! Thanks for all man!

I would like to communicate to all my brothers, sisters and friends of the Death TR family that I, Mara Vanessa, will be absent from the administration of the team for some time. The Death TR has became much more than a work of friends: it's an ideal, an identity, something that we fought for and that we believed. This will never die. I'd like to say to my Turkish fellas that it's always a pleasure and that you are great people and true Death fans. To Valentina and Jorge: I love you! That's all! To all my friends and Death, Control Denied and Chuck's fans: let's keep drinking from the source. Let the metal flow!

Mara Vanessa - Death TR team

Fan Words: Chuck's music has changed me. The way I see things, to see the music, my attitude.."

By Samantha NekroVenere Alessi

Many people don't understand how I can be attached deeply to a man that I have never met. But I think...When someone indirectly can touch your soul... It's difficult to explain this alchemy. This is not idolatry. It's about he had given voice to a part of me... to my soul. Every note, every single note, pierce me, filling me.

And I could stay all the time alone, with only his records, and I would be happy. It 's really absurd. The words in his songs seem to tell the life I lived, desires in which I believed.. pieces of me... Yet have been written by a person who died when I was 11 years. His music has changed me. The way I see things, to see the music, my attitude.. That has permeated all of his words. I just want only to thank and remember a person who indirectly gave me so much. And I'm excited, I'm writing from long and I'm sure I have still not found the right words to explain what I feel. Chuck is on my skin. My tattoo with his face will grow old with me and it will die with me.

At least I will be under the illusion that I have had a piece of him, too.

Thanks Chuck.
And thanks to all the people who support it: it is through our memories he will always be alive.

Thanks Death TR family!

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Death TR Message

Chuck Schuldiner: Masterpiece
Friends, brothers and sisters,

The Death TR has already reached its fourth month of activities. We couldn't be happier and more pleased with this event. Besides being constantly updated with the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner, we meet and made several friends. It's not possible to mention here the number of good friends we made during this period. It's wonderful! Through this project, we became much more than virtual acquaintances. We became friends and above all a family. Right now that we live a new phase, we would like to share with you a special request: this is our space and we want to do it together. If you want to share photos, interviews, arts, music, drawings and paintings, just contact us. We would be extremely pleased to further enhance the preservation of Chuck's inheritance and memory.

This year is very special to us all. In December 13, Chuck Schuldiner will complete ten years of absence. Ten years gathering new fans and keeping his old friends and brothers and sisters around the world. This year is also very singular to some members of Death TR in their private lives and we reinforce the request: let us make a large stream of support and mutual aid. We will transform the Death TR in OUR project - all of us. We will support even more the SOURCE (Empty Words) and do what we're doing: keeping strong connections and building new ones.

Thanks and let the metal flow!

Mara Vanessa, Valentina Marcelli, Jorge Arnau, Kaya Aslan, Alihan Biber and Uğur Karataş.

Death TR team

Story To Tell: Chuck in our skin, in our life and soul

by ~Metalyoshima
By Derek 'Cookie' Oleynik
By Chuck's fan (If you are the artist, contact us)
(Thanks Jochen S.O.D for your wonderful archival material)
By Andrej Peters

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Looking back: Death Still Live

Death and Chuck: Still Live

From: Empty Words
Magazine: Grind Zone / Italy
Article: Still Alive
Written by: Cristiano Bianchi
Published: October 1998
Translated by: Vincenzo Chioccarelli

Surviving in the merciless world of music business ain't easy, but when you join tenacity and lot of class you can overcome even the most extreme difficulties: Chuck Schuldiner has lots of class and tenacity, so don't be surprised that we find him again leading the legendary Death, ready to prove that passion for music is stronger than all those goddamn marketing laws that rule our daily living! 'The Sound Of Perseverance' is the title of the new album. Melodic, powerful and technical like never before, Chuck has presented it in a preview to our Cristiano Bianchi…

If persistence had a name, it would be surely Chuck Schuldiner! In the music business it is hard to find another person who demonstrated so much devotion to his own creation (Death) and to the metal cause. Much has been written about Mr. Schuldiner, and most of it negative, showing that, maybe, no one (fans apart) ever really cared to comprehend how much this ingenius artist wanted to convey in all these years. To this Floridian boy who plays guitar divinely, trends and compromises always meant nothing, and we know all too well how such an attitude can cause troubles for those who are looking to lead the shabby rock 'bandwagon' towards lands ruled by 'Godmoney.' They called him 'dictator', labelled him stubborn, and lately they even accused of going insane, leaving death metal to play power, which is currently considered trendy now. How much bullshit… Fortunately, Chuck has always remained quiet, very down-to-earth and maintained one obvious goal: to give to his own fans a new record, better than the one before. The target was hit perfectly with 'The Sound Of Perseverance', the seventh studio-album by Death. Offspring of a new line-up (Richard Christy on drums, Shannon Hamm on second guitar and Scott Clendenin on bass) and of fresh deal with the respected Nuclear Blast, and with little delay in time-table, Chuck contacts me by phone and shows from the very beginning the willingness to have a nice chat…

So, to start, would you like to make clear all that happened around Death in the period after 'Symbolic' tour?

Chuck - "Well, in short, at the end of that tour I decided to take a break to reflect, so that I could comprehend what was the best to do with Death: I want to say explicitly that I never thought of splitting the band up, I just felt the need to…pull the plug for a while. The misunderstandings with Roadrunner had already become incurable and it made no sense to continue collaborating with a label that no longer believed in the band: so I decided to take up an old idea I had some time ago, which was to create a band that was not so different from what Death already play, but with the difference of having a classic metal singer (Rob Halford/Bruce Dickinson style) behind the microphone…"

So were all the rumours about your 'conversion' to Helloween-like heavy-power metal false?

Chuck - "I never said I wanted to play power metal or even 'alternative' music, like I read in some magazine! Control Denied (this is the side band's name) was born of the same spirit that generated Death and took the same energy, the same use of guitars, the same attitude: the only difference is having a singer, that, sings instead of screaming or growling. Besides, while I was dedicating myself to this new project, I always kept on writing new material for Death and from this too you can clearly understand that I was never meant to give up the project that gave me so much satisfaction in my decade-plus career. What I really wanted was to take the time needed to lead Death to a further evolutionary level: our fans always appreciated the fact that every album contained something more than the previous one, and with 'The Sound Of Perseverance' it's the same too. We know there is a lot of people out there still eager to listen to our music and, personally, I think this is the right moment to get back on the scene with a new record."

And what will happen to Control Denied?

Chuck - "Definitely will be out an album for this project too, but surely we'll not return to the studio before having finished the supporting tour of 'The Sound Of Perseverance': the tracks for Control Denied album are already done, the band is almost the same (except, obviously, for the singer), so as soon as we'll have a couple of free weeks we'll record everything."

In a recent interview, Steve DiGiorgio (the phenomenal bass player of Sadus, ex Death) nearly took for granted his presence at the recording of "Symbolic's" successor, and then nothing happened. Were the many commitments of your bands to prevent the reformation of the great 'Individual' line-up (which included the amazing Gene Hoglan too) or was it something else?

Chuck - "Unfortunately our obligations and deadlines would not to allow us to play together again: I saw Steve recently and he'd have been very happy to give his class and technique again to Death, yet for reasons outside of our control it was impossible. However Steve will remain my favorite bass player, besides a very dear friend of mine! The same is true for Gene: last time we met was during Dynamo festival…Gene is really a super-busy person: his note-book is full of obligations from now up till 2005, so there was no possibility to do again something together this time."

Chuck and Richard: Big dudes!
Because you couldn't count on Gene Hoglan, you did well to replace him with a drummer who didn't let him be missed: but can you tell me where you found such a technical 'monster' like Richard Christy?

Chuck - "I was really lucky to find a guy like him, wasn't I? I remember I met him in a store: we were both leafing through some magazines and common friends introduced us to each other. He told me he was a great Death fan, and naturally I was happy about this, though at that time I was nearly totally concentrated on Control Denied project: on that occasion we chatted a bit and it finished there. Then I met him again at a party and we made our acquaintance a bit deeper: he confirmed his passion for albums such as 'Human' and 'Individual Thought Patterns', he told me he was a drummer and wanted me to consider him when we began auditions for the new Death drummer. I thought it over for a while and then, considering the boy was nice and seemed self-confident, I called him and invited him to the studio for a rehearsal: in the executions of 'Suicide Machine' and 'Overactive Imagination' he was absolutely superlative and I was really impressed by that performance. It did not seem possible to me to have found a person who saw things with my same point of view and that, at the same time, was gifted by an instrumental technique close to perfection: hey man, yes, he was just the man I was searching for!"

Let's begin to talk about new disk: it is for sure the most complex and, at the same time, melodic work Death ever recorded…

Chuck - "I totally agree with your statement, also because the perfect mix between technique and melody was just what I wanted to achieve with 'The Sound Of Perseverance': in some way, this album is the natural synthesis between 'Individual Thought Patterns', for feeling, and 'Symbolic', for songwriting's aggression. Beyond, this time we recorded faster than we ever did in the past, so that to catch the spontaneity of songs…"

Your way of singing too has changed a bit and your voice sounds less guttural and eviler…

Chuck - "It's true, but if you think it over well, for some mysterious reason my way of singing has always been changing album by album: for 'The Sound Of Perseverance' I wanted to use a vocal style more…cleaner and so I concentrated principally on high tunes, leaving a bit the old grunts! To be honest, the change was a lot more natural than it seems, also because when I sing I try to express the vibe I feel in a certain moment, without caring too much about what we can call 'vocal technique': in fact, my way of singing is very instictive, sometimes primitive, and definitely I'll never win a prize for my singing qualities! Ah ah!"

Do you feel more at your ease behind the microphone now?

Chuck - "Well, I'd say yes…as far as you can feel at your ease screaming like a madman! Ha! This way of singing is really exhausting and it's not easy to always be extreme: but this is what fans expect from Death's singer…guys want to hear me scream, scream, and scream more, and I try to please them…"

Chuck: from The Metal Crusade

Are the album lyrics still dealing with themes linked to reality surrounding us?

Chuck - "Yes, like on 'Individual…' and 'Symbolic', it's still daily living at the center of my lyrics: the last three Death albums were centered on one great theme, human life. Everybody has dreams and alternate moments of happiness and periods of distress and this is what I talk about in my lyrics: emotions, joy, injustice, sorrow…"

Where did you get the idea of covering 'Painkiller' (Judas Priest) for the cd? Was it originally considered for the Control Denied album?

Chuck - "Well…we began to play 'Painkiller' almost as a joke, during rehearsal: personally, the Judas record from which that song is taken is absolutely one of my favorites, because it is one of the most aggressive and progressive works ever done by the historical English band. That song has the same elements which characterize the music of Death: power, aggression and melody. In the beginning we thought to use it as bonus track only for the Japanese market, but in the end of recording we realized that was really good and so we decided to include it in the final track-list. It was really funny to play the part of Rob Halford! Ha ha!"

How did you get a deal with Nuclear Blast?

Chuck - "After I broke with Roadrunner I swore to myself that I would never sign a deal with a label that was not totally busy promoting true metal and Nuclear Blast just works to this direction. I was tired of dealing with people not believing 100% in this kind of music and I didn't want Death's new album to suffer the risk of scarce support, like what happened for 'Symbolic': Roadrunner preferred to center its energies to promote Type O Negative and Korn clones, but that one is not heavy metal! With the guys at Nuclear Blast it was a near instant agreement, because they know who Death are and don't need someone explaining to them that we play metal!"

Do you like the contemporary metal scene?

Chuck - "As far as I can see, in Europe and Japan, there's still a good thriving of groups and the audience at gigs hasn't diminished: the States, on the contrary, at least at this moment, don't seem very receptive to heavy music…Probably because the current scene lacks originality: quality isn't missing, but innovative bands are few, on the contrary, it seems that new groups are inspired by glorious early 80s' bands rather than by contemporary productions. Yet this is understandable, 'cause the so called 'godfathers' of metal had all their own definite and original style: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Slayer, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Raven, Anvil were (and still are) gifted by great creativity and strong personality, so it's normal that still today are teaching to new acts. A thing I can't stand in the scene now is all those stupid categories in which they try to lock bands up! Who is allowed to decide what an artist has to do? Why should I not to write melodic music? Perhaps because I'm the guitarist of Death? Guys, metal is metal and stop! Categories have always been an instrument to divide, while we have to try to stay unified to keep on listening to what we like! Metal is power, aggression, speed and melody, those are the elements characterizing Death's music as well as Maiden or Mercyful Fate!"

Death kick ass: Scott Carrino (bass) and Chuck Schuldiner

Personally, I always thought an open mind is a fundamental feature to comprehend every form of art, but unfortunately the media in general seem to go to the opposite way…

Chuck - "And it's just this the real problem of the scene! In short, MTV says metal ain't cool, right? But when you talk about Korn or Type O Negative things are totally different! These groups enjoy incredible radio airplay, not to mention the broadcasting of their videos…that's something strange! I sincerely hope that heavy promotion organized by Nuclear Blast for the American market can give metal its longed-for offspring. I'd like very much to walk through the streets of New York and hear enthusiastic comments about new records by Meshuggah, Hammerfall, Primal Fear and, of course, Death! Yes, I'd like it very much…"

What are your three favorite ever metal records?

Chuck - "Without any doubt, my favorite is definitely Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast'…a real classic! Then I'd say Mecyful Fate's 'Melissa', Exciter's 'Heavy Metal Maniac', Metallica's 'Kill'Em All', and Slayer's 'Show No Mercy'…uhm…they're five, is it ok all the same?

Yes, this time we'll make an exception…

Chuck - "Ok, ha ha! Well, you see, there would be at least the same number to remember, yet these five are definitely those ones that strongly influenced my fate…metal fate!"

And now a banal question: do you think 'The Sound Of Perseverance' is the best record ever made by Death?

Chuck - "Well, I hope so, though I have to admit 'Individual Thought Patterns' has been up till now the most important cd in my career…In short, I think I can clearly say that latest three Death records represent the best I could ever express myself artistically: in the future I hope there will be even better moments"

What does it mean to Chuck Schuldiner to be still 'on the road' after all these years and after all the controversy in which you were involved against your will?

Chuck - "To me this is really a great accomplishment, something to be proud of: it's true, there were unhappy moments, but music gave me immense satisfaction anyway! This is a job I love and I always wanted to do, without feeling the need to follow the latest trends and never giving up on doing things my own way…I never liked safe and certain things, because when you play metal there's never anything certain…and I play heavy metal!"

Before ending, do you want to leave a message to your Italian fans, if possible making an appointment for next Death coming to Italy?

Chuck - "With pleasure! The last concert we played in Italy was fuckin' incredible, so much so that I still talk about it! I'd like to take this chance to thank all those who were that night at Rainbow in Milan, hoping that next date will be as special as that one! About the new tour, we'll start in Greece in the end of September, so I think in the beginning of October we'll be on to you…don't miss it!"

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