quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Fan Words: "Chuck is our myth"

Ale Schuldiner: The last name is a tribute
By Ale Schuldiner

This is my first experience when I heard Chuck for the first time.

It was one of the many boring winter days, that day I was at home because I was sick and I was off to school so just to relaxing, I chose to listen to a bit of healthy Thrash metal stuff, but i needed music more strong and "gritty", I tried to find something through my brother's albums and I found Symbolic from Death!

I knew their name I never had listen to their music, I put the CD'S into the stereo. After many seconds, the intro had to leap me on the bed, so I started to jump and bang my head! precisely the same moment my brother came home from work, he looked at me jumping everywhere and said: WTF?! HEEEEY! What are you doing man?! ??!!!!

This is my first time, it can looks like a funny- made up thing, but this happened for real, it's ironic but it's just the truth! Chuck was, Chuck is our myth, a myth with goodwill, modest, kind with everyone and a legend that will never die through us and through the fans that will remember him forever.

I end here my testimony, and I send greetings to EvilChuck, thank you Chuck, see you brother! R.I.P.

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