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Death concert at The One Step (1993)

By Lisa Undefined (Thanks for that, Lisa!)

DEATH at the One Step - for only $10 - Can you believe it!!!??

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Chuck Memories

Chuck and his nephew, Chris Steele. Today Chris is partner of Eric Greif on Perseverance Holdings Ltd.

Big Chuck in Japan, 1995. This picture was caught on Eric Greif's collection. The Japanese fans have a great devotion for Death.

Chuck and one of his fans. Many fans who were in touch with Chuck told about how he was pleasant and kind.

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Ultimate DEATH Tribute DVD Due In December

Marc Bizouard, Mike Sweeney, Nicholas Barker, Matthew Sweeney, Alexis Robitaille, Antoine Baril, Bobby Koelble, Jon Lee, Scott Clendenin, Shannon Hamm. (By Capitale du Metal)

From Empty Words (Official Death/Control Denied/Chuck Schuldiner website)

The Canadian Death tribute band SYMBOLIC has announced the release date for their long awaited DVD featuring former Death members such as Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin, Bobby Koelble. This DVD also features Nicholas Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth), Antoine Baril (Augury, MAG Project), Matthew Sweeney (Quo Vadis) Marc-André Gingras (MAG Project, Quo Vadis), Michael Sweeney (Superior Enlightenment), Jon Lee (The Autumn Offering), Alexis Robitaille and Daniel Perron.

The two hour concert to honouring Chuck was shot back in Quebec City, QC, Canada on December 12th 2007 in front of 700 crazy fans.

The setlist was as follows:

01. Spiritual Healing
02. 1000 Eyes
03. Mentally Blind
04. Scavenger (feat. Shannon Hamm & Scott Clendenin)
05. Spirit Crusher (feat. Shannon Hamm & Scott Clendenin)
06. Zombie Ritual (feat. Jonathan Lee & Scott Clendenin)
07. Perennial Quest (feat. Bobby Koelble)
08. Zero Tolerance (feat. Bobby Koelble & Nick Barker)
09. The Philosopher (feat. Bobby Koelble & Nick Barker)
10. Without Judgement
11. Open Casket
12. Secret Face
13. Lack of Comprension
14. Within the Mind (feat. Marc-André Gingras & Daniel Perron)
15. Bite the Pain (feat. Shannon Hamm, Jon Lee & Scott Clendenin)
16. A Moment of Clarity (feat. Shannon Hamm, Jon Lee & Scott Clendenin)
17. Trapped in a Corner (feat. Nick Barker)
18. Overactive Imagination (feat. Nick Barker & Daniel Perron)
19. Misanthrope (feat. Nick Barker)
20. Symbolic (feat. Bobby Koelble)
21. Cosmic Sea (feat. Bobby Koelble)
22. Pull the Plug (feat. Shannon Hamm, Bobby Koelble, Scott Clendenin, Jon Lee & Nick Barker)

The official release of the DVD is due December 7th, 2010 via their MySpace page. Symbolic will also perform a show for the release of the DVD on the same date with Kataklysm, Kalter, Talaymus and Eyeless at the Imperial Theater in Quebec City, QC, Canada.

You can see the official DVD trailer at this location. Capitale du Metal has uploaded nine galleries of high-quality pictures taken at the concert. Check them out here.

Back in 2008, the French-Canadian TV channel Télé-Québec aired a special report on the show. "Méchant Contraste" producer Marc Bergeron and his team followed the production process of the concert. The report focuses on the different steps that were taken by the event's organizers while putting the show together, the building of the stage and behind-the-scenes footage. As well, there are interviews with Antoine Baril, Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin, Bobby Koelble and Alexis Robitaille.

You can see the report at this location. 

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Paul Masvidal interview

Paul Masvidal - Cynic
Paul Masvidal (Death's era) by Saga

People! The guys from the radio and website Ksunradio/Free Thought have made a big difference when the subject is Chuck Schuldiner. After interview Eric Greif and Richard Christy, it was the turn of Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Aeon Spoke, Portal and ex-guitarist of Death). Paul joined Death's crew when he was just 18 years old. The guy is a fantastic musician! Check what the guitarist and head of Cynic has to say about the work of two decades and about his experience of playing together with Chuck Schuldiner: Paul Masvidal interview (click)

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Death TR message

Big Chuck, man!
Hey, guys! We are all one big family. Death family. Chuck was (and through the memories, still is) a regular guy, who had fears and dreams that may seem a lot like us, like yours, like everyone’s. Thanks! Greetings from Turkey and Brazil.

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About Fan Words

Let's share our stories about our admiration for Chuck's work. Send us an email with your story: how did you find Chuck's work (Mantas, Death and Control Denied)? What are your feelings about Chuck? Send your answer to

Please don't forget to put your name and send us your picture attached.
Artwork by Fernando Travis

Eric Greif's message

Terry Butler, Paul Masvidal, Etic Greif, Bill Andrews and Chuck Schuldiner

Via facebook:

Hey everyone! Just a reminder to help spread the word about the items at the Official DEATH fan club, THE METAL CRUSADE, which we still have going. Soon we'll also bring back the old membership cards as well... :) ERIC.

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Jochen S. O. D: In memory of Chuck Schuldiner

Jochen S.O.D: From Human Death
The Death TR team would like to express it's most deep admiration and respect for the work developed by the german Jochen S. O. D, one of the biggest collectors of Death and Chuck Schuldiner's stuff. It's simply amazing! Thanks, buddy!

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Fan Words: "Message to the guy who made his own luck"

By Mara Vanessa
Chuck and his classical B.C Rich

Chuck Schuldiner died when I was a 14 years old teenager. The day before my birthday, there were the attacks of September 11th. Even living in another country, I don’t need to mention that the whole world felt the pain and grief of the United States during that period. Families were destroyed and innocent people lost their lives ... Echoes can be minimized by time, but NEVER forgotten.

Going back to 2001, I can still remember how I learned of the death of Chuck. I was at school, in the last year before going to high school. At that time, just me and Igor (my big friend from school) liked and listened Heavy Metal. We exchanged magazines, CDs, buttons ... In fact, we were living in the 1980s in the 2000s. Well, on December 15, 2001, I was finishing my math test, while Igor (two series earlier) hit my shoulder and said, "Mara, I think today we will not be able to talk. I'm not feeling nice." I asked why and he, very reluctantly, said: "Chuck Schuldiner died two days ago.”

To highlight the importance of this statement, I have to go back to my 12 years old, when I heard Individual Thought Patterns for the first time. Incredible! It seemed the world had no more room for another kind of music! Some Americans guys managed to express in lyrics and songs what I was looking for. Wow, the riffs and guitar solos seemed to have its own life and I felt them talking by themselves. I needed to know more about a band called Death. Some older friends already went with the logo emblazoned on T-shirts and always quoting a guy named 'Chuck' in composing his own music, then, should be something good.

I went to the first newsstand I found and I perfectly remember of asking the newsagent: 'Could you please give me any magazine that has a band called Death on the cover. "He replied:" Dea what, my daughter? "Even with the communication a bit confused, I didn’t leave that place without an issue of Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew. Inside, there was and article about the Control Denied (but hey, it's not the Death ... But it’s name is also in the text? I will find out!). And so, I discovered that Control Denied was the other band of the guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner (Wow, this is the same guy of Death) and it was working with this kind of music now.

I returned to the newsstand two weeks later and I ran into some old magazines, previous issues, which the owner of the newsstand decided to sell at very low price because he didn’t want to accumulate it. In the midst of many old numbers, I found an edition of Brazilian magazine Metalhead who had a huge poster of Chuck Schuldiner. I immediately brought it home. And that's how the Death, Control Denied and Chuck came into my life. Beside teen idols (yes, I also had), I reserved a bigger and increasing space for that musician who looked so nice and who has achieved, in a short time, to become a legend.

Working a lot!
To me, for a long time, he was a legend! At that December 15, 2001, when Igor told me that he had lost his battle with cancer, I realized that two big tears dropped from my eyes. To my naive mind, I believed they would do a sort of magic potion and they were already giving him. Chuck would not die, it couldn’t happen. He lived in a developed country and someone would fix it. But there are things of the destiny of which we don’t know and cannot understand. Chuck has gone.

I got home and kept all my stuff (CDs, magazines, shirts and posters of Death) in my boxes which were decorated with ribbons and butterflies (I still have them) and promised that his death would not be forgotten, as happened with others great talents around world. I remembered of having read something about the struggle of his mother, Mrs Jane Schuldiner, and how she remained active and supporting her child. That was decisive for me. So I decided to continue researching and improving my knowledge more about the work of this musician.

Almost nine years passed until today, when I’m almost completing my studies in Journalism. Only now I felt safe enough to contact his family and the faithful sitekeepers of the Empty Words, Kees and Yvonne, to request an interview about Chuck. I looked for musicians and friends of Chuck and also tried fans - sincere and loyal fans, who are scattered around the world and make this admiration much more than create a myth, and yes, believe in the strength of the talent of a man. The article was released in the biggest newspaper of my town and was very well received by everyone. It was a gift!

Good son, brother, uncle, friend and musician.
Now, almost twelve years after I "met" Chuck Schuldiner, how was called the youngest son of Mrs Jane, I know that he was not a myth or semi-god. He was (and through the memories, still is) a regular guy, who had fears and dreams that may seem a lot like mine, like yours, like everyone’s. I have to stop here because I feel I'm losing all my rationality and being completely ridden by emotions. It's hard to talk about it, no matter how much time passed.

I dedicate this to all Schuldiner family members (especially Mrs. Jane, Beth and Chris): thanks for sharing the son, brother and uncle with us. Eric Greif ex-manager of Death and eternal friend Chuck, thanks for the tireless work. Yvonne and Kees, remain strong. You are the differential in this relationship idol-fan. And fans around the world (including myself): We are all one big family. Thanks!

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Death TR/BR team

Death TR/BR team
Uğur Karataş (TR): I'm Uğur and I'm 25. I was listening to Slayer at that time and in a magazine I saw Death and wondered how it was like. I started to listen to Death and since then Chuck has been my God and Death has been the best thing I have. I have been a passionate fan of Death for 13 years but I still have the excitement as if I was still 12 when I open a Death song randomly it feels like it's the first time I am listening to it and I get excited. I really can't express myself!

Mara Vanessa (BR): My name is Mara Vanessaa and I'm a 23 years. I'm a brazilian journalist. I met Death and Chuck Schuldiner for the first time when I was 12 years old. It was and incredible discovery! I'll still write about this in the Fan Words. But I feel really grateful to have known Chuck's work and all his talent. He was a complete man!

Alihan Biber (TR): I'm Alihan and I'm 18. I live in Istanbul in Turkey. I'm a student now and I met Death in the metal music pages before a year. I noticed Death's different music style and Chuck's perfect talent in concerts. He's leader and godfather of death metal. I know, death metal of Death isn't only music style, it's a life style..

Tribute for Big Chuck

Tribute for Chuck
Conteless festivals and shows in honor of Chuck Schuldiner are happening around the world. After Brazil, now is the turn of Greece, Bulgary and Turkey. And more tributes will come. Musicians like Chuck left their mark registered in the history. His talent and innovation keep enchanting generations.

Merchandise Official

Death lives: Chuck and his powerful guitar

Until the time that Relapse Records will take over all of our worldwide merch, below the links to those companies that are authorized by the Estate and/or Perseverance Holdings Ltd. to create & sell DEATH products:

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Chuck memories

Chuck checking the article about Death published in a magazine. Our guitar hero was reaping the results of his work.

Chuck Schuldiner on the mobile. According to close friends of Chuck this was extremely rare.

Chuck, Shanonn, Richard and Scott: more than a band: friendship forever.

Brazil honors Chuck Schuldiner

Zoombie Ritual Festival 2010
The legion of Chuck Schuldiner's fans grows exponentially. Since his absence, in 2001, many tributes and honors has been made. On the next November 19 it will happen a big festival (Zoombie Ritual) in honor of Chuck in Brasil. 

The Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew published a review of the classic album Spiritual Healing (Death) this month and an interview with the drummer Richard Christy. Last month it was the turn of the legendary Gene Hoglan.

Richard and Gene were both drummers of Death.

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Fan words: "Chuck is eternal for us!"

Jorge Arnau: Chuck's fan from Mexico
Chuck Schuldiner is unfogettable because of his huge talent. He stills unbroken in the minds and hearts of millions of people around the world because he was a guy that knew how to love what he did and respected the others.
This text is from Jorge Arnau, a Mexican friend of Death TR. It's touched us a lot and with Jorge permission  we're sharing with you. Take a look:

"It all started with my 15 year old birthday present, 2001, my father was just recently ill from a brain stem tumor so we couldn't afford the expenses on an electric guitar for me, my father was out of the hospital and my mother saved some money to buy my guitar, en 13th may 2001, my birthday is june 12 but my mother decided to buy it then cause one never know what will happen next, I didn't know nothing about Chuck nore Death, the band and the musician were a mistery to me, then on december 13th I wanted as christmass present a footswich for my guitars distortion, I didn't february or something like that, I bought a magazine, guitar world, had Kirk Hammet on the cover, I read an In Memoriam article... It was Chuck's, I have read a lot of dead musicians but it didn't matter much more than just respect them and that's it, but there was something that captured my attention from Chuck's picture, so I decided to listen to his music, I did, first song I heard was "voice of the soul" on a guitar pro softwear I must had it I thought, then I bought the sound of perseverance, Wow...I can not describe what I felt, it was awesome!!! but suddenly I felt so such an amazing musician who talked about what I was feeling died so young...I was devastated, the first person in this world that I knew at some point of his life thought what I was thinking, It was a shame I already knew I'd never meet him.

I used to play in bands, a very young age, started at 16, but something else was for me, I knew Chuck made all of his music, his lyrics, had musicians who recorded with him and therefore he had a band, but I couldn't have a band, cause no one trusted me, they didn't let me write, so I said I'm gonna write and record everything my self, and that's why I'm a one man band, record instrument by instrument, so I'm free to make some death metal, I'm also a fan of CLiff burton, that's why I play bass solos, but what made me be such a fan of Chuck were his lyrics, I have a father, but by a lot of years I felt very distanced from him, you know...he was always working, I didn't get a change to actually know him, so, I found in Chuck a father figure due to he spoke of what I wanted to hear, this amazing guy was giving me advice through his lyrics, Then I knew I'd dedicate my music to honor him.

But I really didn't know anything about him, I just started the research when I got internet, before that, was blind faith in Chuck, I'm glad now to know I wrote a pro animal right song before I knew he was an animal lover, I'm glad now to know many things I've done and think, that were actually part of Chuck's interests and likes, so, to me, That's like a sign that he would aprove my music, I've seen Chuck as a father figure for almost 8 years now, and what I like to think is that those idead I have in common with him, are because I listened to his music, so somehow maybe I actually met him, met his soul through his work, then I got inspiration from somewere...or just the more probable option, I just happened to have thoughts in common...I guess I'll never know.

At 22 I realized there was a certain resemblance between him and I, no one believed me, jaja but there is...which I think is really cool, cause...well... haha It gave me confidence in my self, something I did not have before, cause girls have told me how handsome he looked, so...I thought maybe in a small amount I could be to jaja...not the very same, but at least enough to stop being sad and decide to ask someone on a date.

I'll show you those pictures, main difference?? jajaja about 4 inches or so I'm 1.65 cm, I don't know how tall was he, but I guess he was taller. All those litle things, like those dates, and my father's illness, the love for animals, for lyrics about reality, good food, music, espiritualism, had made me care about Chuck as if he was family, cause I've never felt so identified with no one else, maybe... it's just because Ilook to be like him, maybe it's just because we do share some things in common...what ever it is, I'm so thankfull for having met Chuck Schuldiner's inspiration into my life, that has been way better since then, has changed, no I feel like there's something to live for, my music, friendship, happyness, before that I was just another zombie.
Chuck Schuldiner: The legend!

One day, I just decided to make a song, an in memoriam song, something to show the world why I was inspired, to pay respect to Chuck, and that's why I wrote that song, everything started regular, I first started guitars, then bass...drums, vocals...lyrics...all the common order, suddenly after recording I hear the full song, and It became my favorite from my songs, I can listen how much feeling I put into that song, I know it's not a perfect song, but I did put my heart and soul into it, it makes me proud that Chuck could pull so many good things from me, even he never met me."

Hardly a Day Goes By

Craig Sease met Chuck in 1995 through the bassist Kelly Conlon that has been member of one of Death's line up. Craig and Chuck recorded a song together. The musician wrote the following words about this (they can be find on the website Empty Words). Hear the song that has inspired the work of the pair: Hardly a Day Goes By.

"Thank you Chuck for making one of my most prized possessions come true. It was an honor to know you. Rest in Peace my friend..." Craig Sease.

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From: The Metal Crusade (Vol.1, nº3)

One of Chuck's favorite pasttimes was cooking. People who knew Chuck, or spend time at his house, knew that he was a 'Master Chef'. His favorite kind of cooking was on the barbeque. But hot and spicey food was also a favorite of Chuck's. One of his specialties was his Secret Chili Recipe. And here it is...

2 cans of pink beans
1 can of black beans
3 tablespoons Chilli Powder
2 tablespoons Louisianne Cajun Spices
1 tablespoon of Mrs. Dash's Table Blend spices
2 capfuls of Worcestershire Sauce
2 capfuls of Jamaican Jerk Marinade
few drops of Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Pepper Sauce
4 fresh tomatoes-diced
1/2 can of Tomato Soup
3 pieces of sliced celery
1 purple onion
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 cup water
dash of Italian Seasonings
Optional 1lb. cooked grpund hamburger meat

Directions: Dump everything in and cook for two hours on low-med heat. Freeze unused portions for future quickies.

Thanks to Empty Words.

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Eric Greif interview

If you lost the interview with Eric Greif (ex-manager of Death, chairman of the Perseverance Holdings Ltd. and friend of Chuck), you can see it in this link: ERIC GREIF about Chuck and Death. 

The interview was granted to the Free Thought and has shown itself as a differential by remembering and keeping Chuck's memory alive.

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Fan Words: "Chuck Schuldiner thrills me!"

My pack with a t-shirt in tribute of Chuck Schuldiner and a CD from Control Denied has arrived. As a long time fan, I can surely assert that this is a unique moment! I hope more news come soon and I wish a big THANKS to all the ones responsible for this work. Legends don't die! ;) 

By: Mara Vanessa (Death TR) :)

Richard Christy interview

If you lost the interview with the skilful drummer Richard Christy (Death, Control Denied and a big friend of Chuck Schuldiner), you can download it in this link: Free Thought.

Preservation of Chuck Schuldiner's memory and patrimony

The first decade since the legendary and diligent musician Chuck Schuldiner passed away is coming closer. During this time the website Empty Words, the Schuldiner family, friends and fans of Chuck have been trying to keep alive the musical memory and legacy of the eminent and so missed for everyone guitarist/vocalist and head of Death and Control Denied. 

However the attention that the communications reserve to our beloved Chuck Schuldiner could rise exponentially, given that the musical contribution of Chuck taught and helped a lot in the Heavy Metal’s development. So a Brazilian fan (Mara Vanessa) and a Turkish fan (Uğur Karataş) decided to join forces to all Metal fans and Metal brothers around the world to realize a petition asking to the mass media to keep remembering and helping to preserve Chuck Schuldiner’s memory and patrimony, through articles, interviews and special reports. Thanks.

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Death TR/BR is fresh!

Death TR/BR is a group composed by the union of Turkey and Brazil, both moved by the admiration and preservation of Chuck Schuldiner. The group is managed by Mara Vanessa (BR), Uğur Karataş (TR) and Alihan Biber (TR). Death TR/BR supports the work of Perseverance Holdings Ltd., Empty Words and the Schuldiner's family. 

Enjoy it! And... "LET THE METAL FLOW!"