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Interview With Chuck's Friend and Agent Available

Eric Greif and Paul Masvidal (Death tour - 1989)
Written by Empty Words

Welcome to the new year, EmptyWords' 13th!

"With his long blond hair and All-American looks, it might be tempting to typecast Eric Greif as a laid-back surfer or a recently matriculated collegian."

If you want to read the interview with Chuck's former manager and current legal representative, you can check it out here. It's an oldie from the Milwaukee Sentinel, November 1991. To read the very end of that interview, titled: "Greif Thrives On Death Metal", go to page 35 on that page instead of when it says page 22 (the actual page of the original newspaper). Thanks Perry. Enjoy! More soon!

To gather what is scattered, turning into one so different feelings and minds

Chuck Schuldiner: Our eternal guitar hero. Happy New Year!

We’ve got to the last day of 2010. Many wonderful things - and some not so - have happened, each one in its own way in the life of each of us. Within our realities, we’ve had happy moments and faced obstacles. We welcome a new friendship and preserve the memory that sometimes can bring mixed feelings as joy and sorrow, happiness and pain. These words may sound like a contradiction in terms, but the ones who allowed the entrance of the works immortalized by Death and Control Denied in their lives know exactly that these feelings have first and last name: Charles Michael Schuldiner, also known as Chuck Schuldiner.

This year brought out the mark of nine years that Chuck left us. But that wasn’t all. This 2010 proved that Chuck is more and more loved and remembered by all of us, fans, family, friends, musicians and bands. Many of us already knew the work of Chuck for quite some time - some even taught their children (and why not grandchildren?) to share the taste for the music of the father of Death Metal. But many new fans arrived and, fortunately, have joined us in an eternal covenant. The legacy of Chuck and all the talented and extraordinary musicians that passed through Death and Control Denied have this power: to gather what is scattered, turning into one so different feelings and minds.

That was exactly what happened with us, the moderators of the Death TR. For too long, we (Mara Vanessa, Ugur Karatas, Alihan Biber, Kaya Aslan and Jorge Arnau) waited for each other. Until last year, we were just one Brazilian, three Turks and one Mexican who didn’t know each other and also had the passion for Chuck’s masterpiece inside our worlds. In an unexplainable way, we met and decided to create a group to make a tribute for Chuck. A group that would also honor the tireless work of people like Yvonne and Kees Kluitman (Empty Words), Eric Greif, the Schuldiner family, the bands, musicians and fans scattered around the world. Then appeared Death TR.

Today, we're not ranked by our nationality. We're all a big family and we share this feeling with every person who wants to keep fighting to preserve the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner. With these words, we thank each of you. This union, this brotherhood that we are creating and continuously expanding is priceless. Thank you all and have a happy 2011. This will certainly be a very important year for all of us. We hope to continue with you.

Best Regards,

Death TR Team

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Chuck Memories: Rare Chuck's pics

Schuldiner family collection

Schuldiner family collection

Schuldiner family collection

Schuldiner family collection

Schuldiner family collection

Schuldiner family collection

Story To Tell: Death in the skin, soul and mind

Markus Ikonen
Jochen S.O.D collection
Uğur Karataş

Death fan

Omppu (nickname for deviantART link)

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Chuck Schuldiner: "I hate categories, categories suck" (II)

Interview: Viva 2 / Germany
Article: Video Interview with Death
Conducted by: Virus (Metal TV broadcast)
Transcribed by: EmptyWords
Published: fall 1998

Part III

Chuck - I know for a fact I make certain people angry for speaking my mind. But… uh… you know what I’m a fan. I’m 31 years old. I’ve been listening to rock music and metal since I was like nine or ten years old, you know, so for me I’m just like anyone else, I have an opinion, that’s gonna make some people mad, but my opinion is yes I’m lucky, we’re all lucky to be in a band that can come out with a record that’s very much what we’re into and that’s metal, melodic, no hiphop, jumping up and down, baggy trousers, crap.

Part IV

Chuck - Metallica, Raven and Exciter, I think that was a tour in the early 80’s and then Mercyful Fate and Venom toured together. It was metal you know, that was back in the day, when people had like you know Iron Maiden patch here, a Venom patch here, a Slayer patch, a Metallica patch, you know. Why did it go wrong? What happened? I don’t get it you know. That’s why we’re happy to say hey we’re here, we’re alive, we’re doing okay and we’re just like anyone else, we’re fans.

Part V

Chuck - You can’t please everyone, I’m realistic about that, cause there’s always gonna be someone leaving the show says, “oh they sucked.” But 99,9% you know, I think from the shows we played there’s a lot of happy people leaving. You know, talking to people after the show that’s when we really hear what their opinions are.

Chuck Schuldiner: "I hate categories, categories suck".

Interview: Viva 2 / Germany
Article: Video Interview with Death
Conducted by: Virus (Metal TV broadcast)
Transcribed by: EmptyWords
Published: fall 1998


Chuck - I hate categories, categories suck. You know, categories are okay if you go to the grocery store and you want to go to the vegetable departement and the meat departement but for music… you know metal is metal, and all those categories screwed a lot of people up because it, it like, made people kinda scared to listen to a certain type of metal because they heard rumors about that kind of metal. If you’re metal you’re metal. If you have long hair, you sweat your ass off, you play fast, melodic, guess what, you’re metal. And some people are scared to admit that, at least in America especially they’re scared of that term “heavy metal”. But for us we all grew up on heavy metal. We all grew up on Metallica and Iron Maiden and Slayer and Raven, Exciter and Judas Priest, Kiss, Sabbath.

Part II

Chuck - I think it’s good to catch people off guard. You know it’s good to be unpredictable. Life’s too predictable sometimes. It’s nice when all of a sudden you hear out of nowhere that a band’s getting back together. You know, as a fan I was thrilled to hear Kiss was getting back together. Not that we’re Kiss, but you know to fans, a fan is a fan and I think it’s great that people are like wow, you know, Death is getting back together, and blablabla, and there’s a lot of rumors and talk about it, and it made for good hype, you know, a lot of people were surprised and it just worked out that way. It wasn’t something I planned it was something that felt right at the time.

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Fan words: The Chuck Schuldiner's music is timeless

Chuck Schuldiner: His work is timeless
Written by Mara Vanessa

Music that goes beyond borders and generations. This is the result of years of dedication of the guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, the owner of the voice that gave life to the band Death and then to the riffs of Control Denied. The Death TR chatted with the guitarist and vocalist Edu Possessed and the drummer Gustavo, both members of the Brazilian Extreme Metal band Hellven and found what is written on the skin and in the minds of many of us, fans of Chuck: The father of Death Metal got, through his efforts, himself immortalize.

Death TR - You, like many of us, was very young when Scream Bloody Gore (1987) was released. How did Death came into your life? In your opinion, what makes the work of Chuck Schuldiner a timeless masterpiece?

Edu P. - When Death released Scream Bloody Gore I wasn’t born. I was born one year later. Death came into my life like most metal bands. I searched some material and I deeply fell in love by the work of Death!

Gustavo - I wasn’t even born. When I was 16 my girlfriend brought a lot of music in mp3 that a colleague had recorded and given to her and in the middle of this pile of music was spirit crusher, then I got addicted. The music of Chuck is very truthful and doesn’t seek to prove anything to anyone.

Death TR - What is the importance of Death in Hellven’s musical degree?

Hellven lives: Tribute to Chuck

Edu P. - : Death has an enormous importance in our sound. Although we use some elements that are now used by death (blast beats) we are influenced by everything that Death has already done. In our first show we opened with Zombie Ritual and we also played Evil Dead and we never did one show without playing a cover of death. Zombie Ritual, Evil Dead, Pull The Plug, Genetic Reconstruction, Crystal Mountain, Sacrad Serenity do or already have been part of our repertoire, and has more that we're taking ...

Gustavo - It is our biggest inspiration, because Death shows us that the most important thing is to make music that we enjoy without having to look like anyone. And even if Death is our great references, anyone who listen to our sound will see that our goal is not to be a copy of Death.

Death TR - In your opinion, did Chuck Schuldiner modify or insert new elements in the Heavy Metal scene? Can he be regarded as a symbol of a generation?

Edu P. - Absolutely. For me the greatest proof that Chuck was the best composer that ever existed is because he proved that even concentrating his work in the technical side he never ceased to be the symbol of the band, intervals, he showed his evolution as a musician and composer. Many people criticize him for leaving Death very technical, but I think he did music for him, without trying to please others and sound forced.

Gustavo - He inserted elements, because the sound of Death is not seen in any other band.

Edu Possessed and Gustavo: Death in their skin
Death TR - For many people, a tattoo symbol or reference to something/someone is much more than extreme admiration; it means respect and acknowledgment. Given this, what meaning do you assign to Death logo that you carry on the skin?

Edu P.- Death is part of my life before I make the first tattoo of the band! I listen to the albums all day and I often put in sequence from Scream Bloody Gore until The Sound Of Perseverance. I vibrate with each riff, solo and drum breakings… It is a sound that I listen to every day and I like even more, I become touched, I shake my head. So the Death tattoos are small if compared with my feelings for the band!

Gustavo - As you said it is respect and acknowledgement, because as a musician I know about the barriers that we have to skip to express and show our work to others. Besides Chuck passed through these barriers, he also left his name engraved in history.

Death TR - Does the media provide the rightful relevance and the proper space to Chuck, nine years after his death?

Edu P. - I think yes and no. There’s always someone who publishes, but I don’t think that the Godfather of Death Metal has been receiving the proper space. A person so important that released classic albums, which influenced and still influencing many people, that created parameters for the Death and Heavy Metal deserved more space. But sometimes the magazines publish more about the bands that are up in the media today and this is annoying.

Gustavo - The media even do something once in a while, but most important is the work of fans like you and others that will not leave the legacy of Chuck die.

Hellven: line-up 2010

Death TR - Open space to present Hellven to the fans around the world, so in love with Death as you.

Edu P. -  For the fans of Death I don’t have much to say, because I’m and I feel like you. But for those who don’t know Mantas / Death / Control Denied, search the articles and pay attention in every riff, because they were written by the greatest musician who ever walked on the earth, in my opinion! Keep the flame of Metal On, and let the Metal Flow!

Gustavo - Well guys this is it. Thank you for the honor and the space to talk about the work of this band that will to be a reference to many others who know the true meaning of music.Thank you!

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Chuck Memories

Shannon Hamm, Death's fan and Chuck Schuldiner

Paul Masvidal, Eric Greif, Scott Carino , Sean Reinert , Chuck Schuldiner, Mr. Bus Driver, John Doe (drum tech), Corey Wacker (sound man) and Guitar Tech Guy.

Evil Chuck lives: Death's voice

Scott Clendenin and Chuck: brothers of Metal

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Chuck Schuldiner deep inside

Written by: Adriana Rapavá
Translated by: Lukas Sedlacek
Published: July 1995
By: Empty Words

In 1995, Chuck Schuldiner granted a special interview revealing opinions and feelings that were hidden inside his heart. It was the moment expected by many fans. Check now some parts of this interview. To read the full version, click here.

Chuck Schuldiner: Classic and eternal

What was the first record you bought?

Chuck: I was talking about it with Gene just today! My first record was "Destroyer" by Kiss. That album changed my life. Actually, I didn´t buy it by myself but I got it as a Christmas present and I brightly remember that magic feeling in my heart which probably anybody cannot know [I would think that the translation of this would be "...feeling in my heart which everybody probably knows"]. I was almost weeping with joy. It still brings this beautiful feeling to my heart. It was the most beatiful period of my life and that was the time I decided to become a musician.

What would you do if you were not a musician?

Chuck: I would certainly be a veterinarian or somebody who works with animals. And if even this didn´t come true I would become a cook. I love animals and cooking. At home with my fiance I breed two dogs and two cats. They are like children to us.

Your attitude on religions.

Chuck: I believe in life, in a normal human life. I believe that being kind to other people and also to yourself is worthwile. It is important to not consider things in life as certain and warranted, and it´s important to know how fragile life is and how quickly you could lose it. That´s what people fear the most. I´m not endorsing to any religion. I believe in what I meet in my life and I worship nature and everything what grows from it. What is artificial is not worthwhile to me. I don´t wanna think restricted, I want to see things in many corners and views and any church or religion cannot help me do this. Faith is a totally personal matter. I want to live my life with the feeling that the things I do are good. I have nothing against religion if it´s not an instrument used to abuse people.

How were you as an adolescent?

Chuck: Very kind. Music was my only amusment and enjoyment. I didn´t want to have problems with anybody. I was playing my music, buying records and keeping away from conflicts.

Schuldiner family (Print of Chuck's Memorial)

Who is the person you love the most?

Chuck: My mom. She have always stood by my side during whatever was happening. I think that family is the most important thing. It is a place where you spend the most joyous period of your life and it helps you to go through the difficult times. My mom has an understanding for my music which is visible, since she leads Death's Fan club. My parents have never forced me to do anything and they are very understanding.

Your favourite book or movie.

Chuck: It was the book by Jonathan L. Seagle called "Bird". I read it in secondary school. It is very readable and the plot is very interesting. It is a book which will help you to dream and to understand that everything is possible. The author sees himself as a bird, overwhelming his life are boundaries and blocks. From movies my favorite one is "The Wizard of Oz", and then animated movies, Scooby Doo.

Favourite drink.

Chuck: Cocoa and ice tea, alcohol would be Jack Daniels whisky.

Do you have panic or dread of anything?

Chuck: I fear spiders very much. They are abhorrent, I hate them. Over there on Florida there are many kinds of big spiders which can live in your house is no problem. So I really don´t need that.

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Chris and Chuck: "Deep passion for their craft and of music in general"

Chris, Timmy, Chuck, Shannon and Scott (Control Denied team)

Written by Mara Vanessa
As well as Chuck Schuldiner, the drummer Chris Williams left his mark in the history of music and in many people's lives around the world. Together with Control Denied's crew, Chris has showed that he was much more than an skilled musician: he was in love with his work. Unfortunately, in 2000, the world lost Chris which died in a car accident. Scott Clendenin, Death and Control Denied's bassist, commented the importance, the absence and the value of Chris in a chat with Death TR. Scott has also talked about the band Talonzfury, a project in which he and Chris worked together before they join to Chuck. Check it:

Death TR - Scott, talk a little about your work alongside with the drummer Chris Williams. 

Scott - I knew Chris growing up when we played in different bands at different times until we got together with a guitarist named Paul Payne and formed Talonzfury. Our work together as a rythem section began to evolve to a more progressive style because of the influences we were into at the time. Chris was the first to bring music like Metal Church, Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Fear Factory around for us to listen to.

Having gone to MIT (Musician's Institute of Technology) in California at an early age, Chris brought back an excellent work ethic. We would break down our parts to ensure that we played with maximum intent for every song. I believe that can be heard in our work together. Basically we tried to play as one, enabling Paul freedom of expression. I am very proud of my work with Chris, he made me a better musician and constantly challenged my limits, I owe alot to him for furthering my career, making me a better player.

Scott show us Death on the newspaper

 Death TR -  How do you evaluate the 1980's compared the musical scene we have now? 

Scott - Oddly enough, I just watched a documentary about the emerging death metal scene in Tampa. Extreme music was not readily accepted then and is still far from mainstream today, but death metal is certainly alive and well world wide today.

In the 80's, I believe that the bands that made it through and stayed around for a period of time or are still around today did so because they progressed and did not stay stagnent in an extreme atmosphere. Most Death fans love Death because they progressed and I believe Chuck continued to have success because the many line up changes he went through brought him new talent surrounding him which enabled him to progress beyond basic speed and simple chord progressions.

Death TR -  How was Chris invited to play on Control Denied?

Scott - Chris met Chuck at a party in Orlando and played him Talonzfury's cd and was invited to audition. And I believe based on our work together as a rythem section he secured me an audition. Before that, Shannon Hamm had moved here from Houston, Texas. Chris and I had wanted him in Talonzfury but Paul wasn't ready for that. Chris secured Shannon an audition before me, and also an audition for Paul to do vocals that subsequently didn't work out. So basically if it were not for Chris the original Control Denied line up would not have happened.

Chris and Chuck: Rest in Peace, brothers!

Death TR - Had Chris and Chuck something in common?

Scott - Yes, they both had a deep passion for their craft and of music in general. They were the type of musicians that could sit around and play for hours and love it. We all became very close friends. But sadly enough, music is business oriented and sometimes people don't see eye to eye on the way things should happen. As much as we all had in common and were very good friends, I think Chris expected things to happen a little faster than was realistically possible, which subsequently led to his departure.

Death TR - Please talk a litte about your current activities and let a message to Death TR readers.

Scott - As the anniversary of Chris and Chuck's passings are a day apart, I try to keep reminding people how instrumental Chris was in the formation of Control Denied. This year was especially overwhelming to me to see how many people are starting to see what Chris did as well as the outpouring of people remembering Chuck more than ever and maintaining his place in metal history.

I am starting a new project that involves some great young players, including Devin Sease (son of Craig Sease who wrote Hardly a Day Goes By, that Chuck played on), who is like a nephew to me. We also have two very talented guitar players, Jeff Frank and Javier Guzman and an awesome singer named Patrick Hoyt Parris. We began rehearsals this week and look forward to securing a deal in 2011 and hopefully will be around to a town near you.

Rest in Peace, Chris! This is for you!

Check out Chris Williams in action. Click here: CHRIS RULES!

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Former manager of DEATH message

Eric Greif and Paul Masvidal: Human Era
Eric Greif message: I wish all DEATH fans a happy holiday - whatever that holiday may be for you. A very healthy 2011 from the Schuldiners & me. ERIC GREIF (President of Perseverance Holdings Ltd. & former manager of DEATH)

Death TR message

The Death TR would like to wish a nice holiday to all of Chuck Schuldiner's fans, friends and family. To celebrate this date in a very special way, we are now publishing a special video in Chuck Schuldiner's memory. In this video you'll find photos from Chuck's family collection. It was showed in Chuck's funeral and according to information from internet, it was created by Chuck's family. We also would like to wish to our dear Chuck Schuldiner, wherever he is, a Merry Christmas.


Chuck Schuldiner had a very close relationship with nature and everything else around him. One of Charle's passions were the animals. He rescued dogs and cats that were in risk. He was very affectionated to his pets. To him, they were also his friends.

Chuck & his cat Sassy in his old Altamonte Springs, FL home; little tid-bit one of Chuck's favorite recipes "Sassy Salsa" name after Sassy. (By Chris S. - Chuck's nephew).

Chuck was a animal lover

Buster - Chuck's dog and friend! Buster was a legend!

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The Sound of Perseverance' Re-Issue Details

Chuck Schuldiner: The Death's soul
By Death Official

DEATH's seventh and final album 'The Sound of Perseverance' will see its official re-issue on February 15th in North America (February 21 internationally) via Relapse Records. The first in a series of official DEATH re-issues slated for 2011, 'The Sound of Perseverance' has been remastered and expanded to include a second disc of previously unreleased demo material. The re-issue will also include enhanced artwork and liner notes from the original cover artist Travis Smith as well as liner notes from DEATH guitarist Shannon Hamm and never-before-seen photographs from 'The Sound of Perseverance' era.

A special deluxe version of the 'The Sound of Perseverance' re-issue will also be made available exclusively via Relapse Mailorder and digitally via iTunes. The deluxe version will include a third bonus disc of unreleased material. Additional re-issue details, including pre-order options, will be announced shortly.

News: DeathTR team

Left to right: Mara Vanessa (BR), Alihan Biber (TR), Kaya Aslan (TR), Jorge Arnau (ME) and Ugur Karatas (TR).

The Death TR's team proudly announces the arrival of two new friends in the group: Kaya Aslan (Turkey) and Jorge Arnau (Mexico). Now we are bigger than before and we're happy to be together with our brothers and sisters of Metal around the world. We are alongside spreading the word for Chuck Schuldiner. This is priceless!

Check us: DEATH TR  .

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Macedonian DEATH Tribute Video Available

We want to give publicity to the Macedonian chaps who've made the video about a DEATH tribute band, titled: "The World Needs A Hero", in two parts below. Thanks Eric and thanks to all who p(l)ayed tribute to Chuck. Enjoy!

And II part:

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Story To Tell

A big Death and Chuck fan and Mr. Chuck Schuldiner

There are my demonstrations of admiration, love and respect that the fans around the world have been doing over the years in honor of Chuck's memory. Some fans, as this Brazilian fan that is writing for you, were just a teenagers when Chuck passe away. Other fans were already teaching their children about the legacy of bands like Death and Control Denied. Nowadays, nine years after Chuck's departure, all of us, fans around the globe, share the same feeling. Some of us write many articles and publications about Chuck; others draw perfect pictures; others play covers of Chuck's songs; others tattoo the face of the Death Metal's father or the logotype of one of the planet's most loved band on the skin; others create radio broadcasts dedicated to Chuck; others maintain his legacy through legal ways... 

But everybody, in one way or another, are saying the same thing: Charles Michael Schuldiner, our Chuck Schuldiner, you are a masterpiece. And you will be forever alive. Death TR will give the opportunity for the fans to show their unconditional love they devote to Chuck. 

 Samantha Alessi

Robert Krzovski

Warchief Schuldiner

Tell us your story:

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Chuck Memories

Scott Carino, Death's ex-bass in Human album, shared his personal page with some memories from those glorious times. Check it: 

Back stage: In this pic, Chuck and Eric Greif.

Chuck with custom Axtra

Scott: Kickin back after a gig

Sean's drum tech with Chuck in rear on tour bus (American)

Scott Carino: Oh, yeah! This is real, man!

Documentary brings the interview with Chuck and another classics from the Bay Area

THRASH TIL DEATH: A mega Documentary from the 90th about the Florida Metal scene. Interviews with CHUCK SCHULDINER, Terry Butler, Bill Andrews, the Cynic Guys, Obituary and many more !!!! ;)

E-mails and letters for Chuck's family

Chuck Schuldiner: We miss you, buddy!

If you want to share your feelings and words with Chuck's mother, Mrs. Jane Schuldiner, you can send emails to: and letters to this address:

Jane Schuldiner
P.O. Box 540742
FL 32854 / USA

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Remembering Chuck Schuldiner, "The Father of Death Metal"

Human Era: Sean, Scott, Chuck and Paul

By - December, 13, 2010

December is a time for remembrance for many metal heads. Three years prior to the on-stage murder of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, metal lost another icon. Today marks nine years since Chuck Schuldiner's death. On December 13, 2001, "The Father of Death Metal" lost his battle with pontine glioma, a form of brain cancer, at just 34 years of age. Schuldiner was modest about his part in the history of death metal, noting "I don’t think I should take the credits for this death metal stuff. I’m just a guy from a band, and I think Death is a metal band."

Schuldiner was the singer, songwriter, rhythm and lead guitarist of the band Death, which he founded in 1983 under the name Mantas at just 16 years of age. For an extreme metal band, Death received much acclaim with their releases and Schuldiner was hugely influential on countless metal musicians. The band took a decidedly more progressive and technical turn by their final album, "The Sound of Perseverance" and on Chuck's following band, Control Denied.

While I never had the chance to meet Chuck Schuldiner, see him perform live, and wasn't much of a fan during his life, I would like to take a moment to pay my respects to a hugely influential headbanger who eventually won me over after he was gone. At the time of his passing I was merely a casual Death listener, having picked up a couple of albums including "The Sound Of Perseverance." around that time. It took several years for my appreciation of Chuck's work to set in, however. Finally, with the reissue of "The Fragile Art Of Existence," I discovered something that I liked even more. How did I not hear this album earlier? Thankfully, there's still more to come too.

Control Denied vocalist Tim Aymar recently posted a lengthy statement announcing the planned release of Control Denied's second album. In it, he details his first meetings with Chuck while trying out for the band and more. Aymar says of Chuck: "We first talked over the telephone, and he was not at all like what I had expected him to be. My band-mate, co-writer and dear friend Jimmy Dofka from Psycho Scream had turned me on to Death a few months before, and the picture I had in my mind of Chuck, judging only by how precise and beautifully violent that music is, was of a brutal tyrant. I mean after-all, just listen to Gene Hoglan's drumming and the command of Chuck's blood soaked screaming, and you'll know what I mean. Well, I was delightfully wrong. The voice on the phone was just a guy like me, an easy going, slow talking hippie with a burning passion for metal. We both understood the seriousness of the business at hand, but neither of made it seem anything but exiting and fun, and that was awesome. That's just what professionals do."

While I have acknowledged Chuck Schuldiner's contributions to metal for years, only within the past few years have I grown to truly enjoy his music and understand the scope of his contributions and truly feel his loss as a musician and to the metal community.

With the impending release of a new Control Denied album, featuring some of Schuldiner's last work recorded, as well as the new Death live DVD and reissuing of Death's catalog, the number of fans that discovered Chuck's work after his passing are bound to grow beyond those who knew him when he lived. Whether you're an old-school fan or newer fan of Death and Control Denied, put on your favorite album and pay your respects to "The Father of Death Metal" today.

If you have not had a chance to check out either Death or Control Denied (it's ok, there's a TON of metal out there), today's a good day to do so.

Chuck Schuldiner (5/13/1967-12/13/2001)

Written by Alex Fidel on December, 13, 2010

Death: Real feelings
Today marks 9 years since Chuck Schuldiner, the driving force behind his bands Death and Control Denied, passed away from a brain stem tumor. Death started out in 1983 as Mantas, arguably the first death metal band. They later evolved from a bare-bones simplicity into incorporating deep melodies, progressive complexity, and powerful lyrics. No Death album is truly the same, as the lineup has changed from album to album. Many Death veterans include Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert, guitarist/vocalist and drummer of Cynic (respectively), guitar virtuoso James Murphy, and Howard Stern Show host and drummer Richard Christy. Chuck had the kind of integrity that you Dueling Barstools readers find familiar in someone like Gary Johnson; very real, down-to-earth, and an affinity for integrity, despite the cutthroat nature of the music industry.

After completing the first Control Denied album in 1999 (after putting Death on hold in 1998), Chuck began to feel a sharp pain in his neck. It turned out to be a rare form of brain stem cancer. He underwent surgery and radiation therapy, and eventually regained health and began writing and recording for the second Control Denied album. He recorded all of his guitar parts, as well as Richard Christy’s drum parts, before he began to get sick again. This time he did not beat the cancer.

A legal battle ensued between the Schuldiner family and the record label. This lasted up until about a year ago, when it was announced that Relapse Records was to pick up the completion of the second Control Denied album, as well as reissue classic Death and Control Denied material and merchandise. So far, Control Denied’s The Fragile Art of Existence has been reissued in deluxe 2CD/3CD editions, and the entire Death catalog is available on iTunes for the first time.

Please take the time to check out Death and Control Denied. If you’re into more brutal metal, I suggest you check out Death’s Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, and Spiritual Healing. If you are into more melodic/complex metal, check out Death’s Human, Individual Thought Patterns, Symbolic, The Sound of Perseverance, and Control Denied’s The Fragile Art of Existence.

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Chuck Memories

By James Murphy (personal archive)/ Comments: James Murphy

Death: the whole band, hanging out just outside of our practice space, during Spiritual Healing rehearsals, 1989.

hanging out in the parking lot of the Sunset Club in Tampa, 1988. L-R: Chuck, Rick Rozz, Bill Andrews, Chuck's gf, me, Terry Butler. this about a year before i joined the band.

Chuck during tracking of Spiritual Healing @ Morrisound, Tampa FL, 1989.

this is one of my private pics that i snapped during the session that i've never shared publicly before.

informal photo shoot with Death, while on tour in 1990... taken in San Francisco.

Chuck Memories

Chuck Schuldiner, Terry Butler, James Murphy

By Terry Butler

"This was taken during the writing sessions for Spiritual Healing. It was 105 with no air condtioning.We would rehearse a few songs then take a 10 minute break to recover!!!"