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Fan words: The Chuck Schuldiner's music is timeless

Chuck Schuldiner: His work is timeless
Written by Mara Vanessa

Music that goes beyond borders and generations. This is the result of years of dedication of the guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, the owner of the voice that gave life to the band Death and then to the riffs of Control Denied. The Death TR chatted with the guitarist and vocalist Edu Possessed and the drummer Gustavo, both members of the Brazilian Extreme Metal band Hellven and found what is written on the skin and in the minds of many of us, fans of Chuck: The father of Death Metal got, through his efforts, himself immortalize.

Death TR - You, like many of us, was very young when Scream Bloody Gore (1987) was released. How did Death came into your life? In your opinion, what makes the work of Chuck Schuldiner a timeless masterpiece?

Edu P. - When Death released Scream Bloody Gore I wasn’t born. I was born one year later. Death came into my life like most metal bands. I searched some material and I deeply fell in love by the work of Death!

Gustavo - I wasn’t even born. When I was 16 my girlfriend brought a lot of music in mp3 that a colleague had recorded and given to her and in the middle of this pile of music was spirit crusher, then I got addicted. The music of Chuck is very truthful and doesn’t seek to prove anything to anyone.

Death TR - What is the importance of Death in Hellven’s musical degree?

Hellven lives: Tribute to Chuck

Edu P. - : Death has an enormous importance in our sound. Although we use some elements that are now used by death (blast beats) we are influenced by everything that Death has already done. In our first show we opened with Zombie Ritual and we also played Evil Dead and we never did one show without playing a cover of death. Zombie Ritual, Evil Dead, Pull The Plug, Genetic Reconstruction, Crystal Mountain, Sacrad Serenity do or already have been part of our repertoire, and has more that we're taking ...

Gustavo - It is our biggest inspiration, because Death shows us that the most important thing is to make music that we enjoy without having to look like anyone. And even if Death is our great references, anyone who listen to our sound will see that our goal is not to be a copy of Death.

Death TR - In your opinion, did Chuck Schuldiner modify or insert new elements in the Heavy Metal scene? Can he be regarded as a symbol of a generation?

Edu P. - Absolutely. For me the greatest proof that Chuck was the best composer that ever existed is because he proved that even concentrating his work in the technical side he never ceased to be the symbol of the band, intervals, he showed his evolution as a musician and composer. Many people criticize him for leaving Death very technical, but I think he did music for him, without trying to please others and sound forced.

Gustavo - He inserted elements, because the sound of Death is not seen in any other band.

Edu Possessed and Gustavo: Death in their skin
Death TR - For many people, a tattoo symbol or reference to something/someone is much more than extreme admiration; it means respect and acknowledgment. Given this, what meaning do you assign to Death logo that you carry on the skin?

Edu P.- Death is part of my life before I make the first tattoo of the band! I listen to the albums all day and I often put in sequence from Scream Bloody Gore until The Sound Of Perseverance. I vibrate with each riff, solo and drum breakings… It is a sound that I listen to every day and I like even more, I become touched, I shake my head. So the Death tattoos are small if compared with my feelings for the band!

Gustavo - As you said it is respect and acknowledgement, because as a musician I know about the barriers that we have to skip to express and show our work to others. Besides Chuck passed through these barriers, he also left his name engraved in history.

Death TR - Does the media provide the rightful relevance and the proper space to Chuck, nine years after his death?

Edu P. - I think yes and no. There’s always someone who publishes, but I don’t think that the Godfather of Death Metal has been receiving the proper space. A person so important that released classic albums, which influenced and still influencing many people, that created parameters for the Death and Heavy Metal deserved more space. But sometimes the magazines publish more about the bands that are up in the media today and this is annoying.

Gustavo - The media even do something once in a while, but most important is the work of fans like you and others that will not leave the legacy of Chuck die.

Hellven: line-up 2010

Death TR - Open space to present Hellven to the fans around the world, so in love with Death as you.

Edu P. -  For the fans of Death I don’t have much to say, because I’m and I feel like you. But for those who don’t know Mantas / Death / Control Denied, search the articles and pay attention in every riff, because they were written by the greatest musician who ever walked on the earth, in my opinion! Keep the flame of Metal On, and let the Metal Flow!

Gustavo - Well guys this is it. Thank you for the honor and the space to talk about the work of this band that will to be a reference to many others who know the true meaning of music.Thank you!

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