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Fan Words: " Chuck Schuldiner was definitely one of a kind "

           By Mia Sarentino 

Chuck Schuldiner was definitely one of a kind.  When I listen to Death I get sucked into the song and nothing else matters. The power of  his guitar playing ya know those charging chords, how the song can turn from slow to fast to sheer intensity makes Death a truly unique sound that nobody can replicate.  I pay attention to every detail and every lyric. His songs are real and raw and just heavy rock n roll - no bullshit no fakeness.  “The ones who suffer have no voice” or “beware of the sharpest weapon- the human being” or ‘you preach about how im supposed to be yet you don’t know your own sexuality” .
I can honestly just sit there for hours and listen to the guy talk. He stands up for himself  when the media constantly bombarded him with those dumb questions like “are you a Satanist” or all the shit he went through with line up changes- people  being idiots trying to change the sound.  He says the coolest things like “we create evil as people on earth” or “support music not rumours” and my personal favourite “ I like the aspect of the freshness and how it was not common- how people would take notice rather than us just being another band playing motley crue covers or something idiotic like that” and he really gave the interviewer his genuine answers and  was never like stuck up or rude. Not to mention the way he treated his fans- he loved them all and was always willing to pose for pictures.  Man, I wish I could have hung out with him he seemed so funny, always smiling – he had such a beautiful smile.   I love the video Eric Grief took on their trip to Europe how Chuck talks about how he was the “third demon of tronka”or the way he says “im stoned” - made me laugh !
I am so sad that he is no longer with us. I hope he knows how much I thank him for his music and how he would just always give his 100 percent best. We have gotta keep his memory alive the music has to be played loud, at full blast – ya know to “keep the metal flowing”- im sure that would make him proud.
I love you Chuck. Wish you were here. I will always love you and Death.

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Chuck Memories: Chuck and his fans around the world

P.S: Please if you are one of these people in the photo together with Chuck, send us an e-mail (deathtr3@gmail.com) with your full name and contact so we can identify you. Thanks!

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Chuck Schuldiner Interview (1998)

Chuck Schuldiner

By Perry Grayson

Here's a killer rare 1998 audio intie with Chuck Schuldiner, just before The Sound of Perseverance was released! A lot of wisdom from Chuck, including some prophetic words about the net and identity theft. Share it with your metal bros and sisters.