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Fan Words: "Chuck will always lives in our memories"

Chuck Schuldiner: Our eternal pride.

By Camilo Cardenas Barrero


It's no secret the legacy Chuck Schuldiner left us. We which should be very thankful, is a great satisfaction that I feel when listening to his music which is inspiring for me to live. I am very grateful to Chuck.

But there is no hiding the sadness I feel at the thought that is notwith us to understand that from wherever you will be proud of all his fans who struggle daily to not let his legacy die, life is unfair, there are days in which I wake up and wonder "curse it?". Do not understand why life takes the best people, we all know that Chuck besides being an amazing musician was also a great person, and it hurts when others fail to see their favorite musicians on a stage play than seeing them feel envious and Once I wonder someday you will see, but who stays with your music livesin our hearts your presence is felt with each riff with each one of which is either captured.

I have to say that there are many people who listen to metal but how many people those people know what a great loss we have, Chuck us has changed the lives of many and I hope his legacy continues to change the lives of many more.

Chuck will always live in our memories
and always remember him with every riff every song
each alone.
Do not let his legacy die
Chuck Schuldiner lives forever


Para nadie es un secreto el legado que nos dejo Chuck Schuldinerdel cual debemos estar muy agradecidos, es una gran satisfacción la cual siento al escuchar su música la cual es inspiración para mi,para vivir, me siento muy agradecido con Chuck.Pero es imposible ocultar la tristeza que siento al pensar que no se encuentra con nosotros el entender que desde donde quiera que este estará orgulloso de todos sus fans los cuales día a día luchamos para no dejar que su legado muera, la vida es injusta hay días en los cuales me levanto y me pregunto ¿ maldición porque ? no entiendo porque la vida se lleva a las mejores personas, todos sabemos que Chuck aparte de ser un músico increíble también era una gran persona, y me duele cuando otras personas logran ver a sus músicos preferidos en un escenario viéndolos tocar que envidia siento y a la vez me pregunto sera que algún día te veré, pero se que estas con nosotros tu música vive en nuestra alma tu presencia se siente con cada riff con cada solo de los cuales cualquiera queda cautivado.Tengo que decir que hay mucha gente que escucha metalpero cuantas personas de esa gente saben la perdida tan grande que tenemos, Chuck nos a cambiado la vida a muchos y espero que su legado siga cambiando la vida de muchos mas.

Chuck siempre vivirá en nuestra memoriay siempre lo recordaremos con cada riff cada canción cada solo.No dejemos que su legado muera. Chuck Schuldiner vive por siempre!

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Exclusive: Brazilian bass: “Chuck was a great guy and he created unique riffs "

 By Mara Vanessa

Bernardo Gosaric: Eminence's bass
  "The magnificence of the compositions, lyrics and arrangements made by Chuck is unquestionable. The guy had a huge capacity of creating unique solos and riffs. So, without any doubt, since I started getting interested about music, not as a mere listener, but as someone who saw and felt that his way, his realization and his dream were in the music, Death was one of the bands that most influenced me both lyrically and technically." With these words, the Brazilian bassist and designer Bernard Gosaric starts the conversation with the Death TR’s staff.

Gosaric plays bass in the Eminence, and left his name registered in other groups such as Impurity, Agaurez, Perpetual Dusk, Absolute Disgrace and Hell Trucker. Presently, he works on his own project - Horns – and works as designer. One of his clients and close friends is the devoted bassist Steve DiGiorgio, ex-Death member and one of the closest friends of Chuck Schuldiner.

As a big fan of Death, Bernardo has always sought the inspiration for his own compositions in the American band, studying techniques, melodies, besides trying to understand and absorb all the energy, essence, quality and unity which flowed from Death (and still flowing) . The Brazilian bassist acknowledges that the work of Chuck is the symbol of a generation, because “Schuldiner added a new and unique touch to the style that eventually opened doors, many doors for the future generations. This generations were inspired by the work of Death and started creating innovative compositions”, says.

Many musicians around the world recognize the relevance of Chuck’s riffs in their lives. Bernardo reveals: "I remember when I listened to Death for the first time and even today, every time I listen, I feel the same sensation. I am impressed with the technical quality of the musicians, the compositions ... Especially from the album Human. Many people prefer the earlier works, but honestly, the albums Human/ Individual Thought Patterns, Symbolic, The Sound of Perseverance are clear and sharp examples of this evolution and of the period which for me, without any doubt, was the best time of the band", adds Gosaric.

Chuck Schuldiner: Eternal riffs

When asked about the main differences of the heavy metal scene today and in the glorious 80's and 90's, the bassist and designer doesn’t mince words and says: "Look… I think the difference is fucking absurd! I lived during the 90’s, because I was born in 83, and… holy shit! I notice that there were more people willing to really make music in the way it should be done. In this time there was a bigger proximity between the music and the inner self of the people and not the vacuum that is generated by nowadays’ fashions", reveals. The musician adds that the music has a characteristic that is associated with the ideas of its creators (composers). Resisting, being independent and indifferent about the market goes against the original ideia of the creators. So it’s a difficult thing to do, because in reality, like everything in life, it depends on each person.

About his friendship and the works with the bassist Steve DiGiorgio, Bernards tells how it happened: "I’ve sent an email to Steve, talking about the fact that I started playing bass influenced by his musical works, along with another strong influence for me that is Cliff Burton (Metallica). I also spoke, as designer and fan, that I was interested in developing something worth of his musical works for him. Thus, we began to talk quite often and in 2008 we met personally during his trip to Brazil with the Sadus. It was fucking amazing! Steve is a very modest, humble, sincere and transparent person. We’ve felt a mutual affinity and assimilation. Today we speak almost daily and we became great friends, sharing and talking about everything. It's a great guy, as well as Chuck was", concludes Bernardo.

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Story To Tell: Song in honor of Chuck Schuldiner

By Jorge Arnau

Rottenheart - The dawn Of the dead

All music, lyrics, Instruments played and written by Jorge Arnau

It takes one species to annihilate us all
Wars famine and plague for free
Civilization of predators kind
We are the architect of ruin
Intelligent enough to be a better beast
They are dead so watch them rise.
When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth
And so the wicked rise to feed upon mankind
The air stinks of fear of things that should not be
Of people dying young, of lovers wandering alone
Of children with disease old before their time
The end of times is hear and they have come for you

Have you heard the news, legions of rotten men walk
Eating people and hunting them
They don’t breathe nor think
Regret a shallow existence
Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hello everyone, as you can listen here, I’m deeply influenced by Chuck Schuldiner’s music, Death is my favorite band above the rest, so I felt I needed some more music like it, I decided to write my music as tribute for Chuck, so the songs sound Death-ish, but not playing covers, writing my own songs, this one, is inspired mostly by Zombie Ritual because I love zombies, and I tried to write something that could remind the “Human” era, This is Rottenheart, my one man band, here I write all the music, lyrics and I play and record every instrument and vocals you are listening to keep it personal, and to remain true to that Death vision.

All this, if to honor Chuck!

Death Official News

DEATH: That's all!

Attention fans! Relapse Records is looking for an original copy of 'Individual Thought Patterns' on LP via Combat Records. Anyone who has a copy and can temporarily lend it to Relapse will be rewarded with some free items in addition to having their copy used as a resource in the upcoming reissue! Please contact if you have a copy available. Thank you all!
-Relapse Records

Metal Hammer names Death one of the bands who should have been in Rolling Stone's top albums of the 90s!

Check out: Metal Hammer

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Chuck Memories

Chuck and Death: Kick ass forever and ever!

By Milan Sršeň (Death in PRAHA 1998)

Jane Schuldiner's son: His music is timeless!

Early years: Evil Chuck

The Eternal Father of  DEATH Metal

RSDThrasher (via twitter): "Death, Chuck Schuldiner & Control Denied are the heritage of the world!"

Death TR: Yes, brother! It's an overwhelming quote!

Curiosity: "How much money Chuck earned from Death?"

Chuck : He loved so much DEATH and his fans.

Definitely, money isn't the most important thing for some people. Chuck was that proof.

Hobo (Death's fan): Do you know how much money Chuck earned from Death? From an earlier interview I remember him saying it wasn't much, but do you know how much someone as successful as him made in a largely underground scene?

Jane Schuldiner (Chuck's mom): No, I do not. I will say his greatest rewards in his career were not financial, though he lived very comfortably.

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Fan Words: "I love you forever and will keep you safe in my heart until my last day!"

Chuck Schuldiner: We keep you safe in our heart and mind

By Divine Spleen

Expressing my feelings for Chuck... I knew I would definetely be out of words yet I will try to...

It was just a few months ago, I really met with Chuck and his spectacular, unspeakable art which - without any doubt- it's a real touchstone in metal music history. I mostly spend the boring time in bus by listening music on my way between work and home. Thanks to my new mp3 player, I was able to upload plenty of metal songs and among them there were the songs of Symbolic album. After a while, I realised that I had been obsessively listening the same 2 songs between hundreds of other songs; Sacred Serenity and Without Judgement. A good ear never fails...

That was the start of my curiosity about Chuck and Death. Then I began to search madly about him and Death on internet for days, tried to read every detail and every information that was available. I learnt that he had written the song Sacred Serenity for his dead dog. I was surprised to hear and thought that it could not have been a coincidence because I have cats who have a significant impact on my life and somehow I could have felt the pain in that song. Without Judgement as well was just pointing out an event I was experiencing those times...The solid power of his art, his genious, the way how very sincere and deep feelings were expressed, musical profundity started to capture my spirit since then...

Besides his music, to be honest, I was mostly affected by his unique personality. I guess, I will have the real difficulty to describe my feelings at this point. When I first saw him in photos, the first thing I noticed was his eyes reflecting his wisdom, looking so deep and always a bit crushing and rebel towards life as well as questioning (those are, of course, very personal and subjective ideas ). He was definetely brightening the each shot he was in, with his appearance reflecting his inner beauty and his heavenly, immortal soul...You know, it was just as clear as a sunny day...

The more I learnt about his way of living, his point of view towards certain things and the way he had been living his own feelings, the more I felt close to him. I can definetely say that iIfeel him...The way I live my own pains, my anger and my "perseverance" about my goals and my promises are very close to how he had lived all those. That is why I feel him just very inside of my heart and my admiration for him is just very far from being a usual fan's admiration. He is just living inside me, this may sound like a "cliché" but for me it is a very precious miracle to have and it is just enough for me to know it... I guess that is why I dislike to see "R.I.P Chuck" here and there. I believe as long as a heart on earth exists that keeps Chuck alive, he is alive..  I mean he is just alive...

With my very high and everlasting respect to you Chuck for being a man of honesty and for being such a "real human"... I love you forever and will keep you safe in my heart until my last day!

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Death TR: New Team!

Mara Vanessa, Jorge, Kaya, CHUCK SCHULDINER, Valentina, Ugur and Alihan

The Death TR's team proudly announces the arrival of one new friend in the group: Warchief Schuldiner (Valentina, from Italy). Now we are bigger than before and we're happy to be together with our brothers and sisters of Metal around the world. We are alongside spreading the word for Chuck Schuldiner. This is priceless!

Warchief Schuldiner: "I would like to thanks Death TR for believing me, in my endless love for Chuck, and for giving me the opportunity to take part of this wonderful tribute-site dedicated to one of the greatest musicians in the history of metal, Chuck Schuldiner... Having the opportunity to keep alive once again for the umpteenth time the memory of Chuck and spreading His word makes me very happy. so.. thank you very much DEATH TR!!! To be part of Death TR is an honor and a great pleasure. Schuldiner Lives!"

Looking back: The Human Factor (Part 2)

Steve DiGiorgio, Chuck Schuldiner, Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal

Magazine: Thrash 'n Burn
Article: The Human Factor
Written by: Borivoj Krgin
Published: August 1991


I recall reading a comment in a fanzine by a fellow musician of yours, George Emmanuel (a.k.a. Trey Azagthoth of MORBID ANGEL), who stated that , in his opininon, you should have changed your name with "Spiritual Healing", that your music was just 'one stage above METALLICA', and that it wasn't brutal anymore. How do you react ot a statement like that?

Chuck - "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That's his opinion, but how limited can you be? Is flute death metal? I didn't know that was accepted as being death metal in my opinion, that's cool to put flute on your album, that's cool to expand your horizons, but don't say something and then go do something that is... dude, there's nothing near a flute on "Spiritual Healing". That's cool for them, I thinkit's really cool that they're expanding their ideas and stuff, and I respect them for doing that. The thing is I did the same thing in a way. Scott (Burns) gave us a clean sound on "Spiritual...", and that's what we wanted. Did that make it wimpy? I don't understand that, the riffs were brutal, my vocals were still brutal. They're pronounced better, which is difficult to do in this type of vocal style, and in my opinion, that was an accomplishment right there. I care about my lyrics, I spend time on my lyrics, just like fucking homework man, it's a pain in the ass, but it means a lot. Some bands don't care , some bands think, if you don't sing about satan... How limited satan is. How many times can I sing about demonic angels killing nuns? That's lame, I've never sang about it and I never will."

Do you think those bands that sing about it give this type of music a bad name?

Chuck - "Totally! For anyone to go around limiting this type of music to just being satanic and whatever... raw and noisy, that is so narrow minded. That is insane to know that there are high-tech studios that will enchance your heaviness, enchance your clarity and give each musician their space... that is so lame! It is lame to put a limit on any type of music. I can't believe that people would be that way. Especially to go around saying that I'm not death metal?! What is that? I've played death metal before 99% of these people were playing death metal. I'm not saying that to be a dick, it's just true."

Changing subjects briefly, I wanna ask you if you're suprised at all to see JAMES MURPHY (ex-DEATH guitarist) part ways with OBITUARY so soon?

Chuck - "I'm not surprised one bit, in fact, I could've bet every single thing I own in life, my sould, every speck of existence in my life, I could have but on that, I feel sorry that OBITUARY had to go through the hell that they did. I don't wanna talk shit, but the thing is , I don't like being made to look like a dick when we kicked him out, 'cause that was just another excuse for people to go, 'There's Chuck's attitude, Chuck couldn't get along with James.' The thing is when everyone on tour wants to just literally kill someone, there's a problem there, I'm so mellow, I'm mellow until someone fucks with me, let me put it that way. If someone fucks with me, they're gonna see a very different side of me, a side that I would prefer not to come out, I don't like getting angry. I wish I could regain the reputation that I once had in the scene, and that was, an easy-going person. And I still am an easy-going person. It's amazing that I am so easy-going after the shit I've been through. I'm happy I stayed with my feet on the ground. I don't go around saying we're gonna be bigger than METALLICA on our next record. I'm not gonna say those things. I do good for what I do, I'm happy with my material. I feel confident, it makes me happy, it's part of my life, and as long as I feel good about what I'm doing, I'm not gonna worry about anyone else."

How would you describe the material on your new album? Do you think it's got elements from your recording past, or do you think it's just another step forward basically?

Chuck - "I think it's such a big step forward, it's killer, it's something, like I said, that I didn't expect. I knew that Sean was a technical drummer, I was happy with the riffs I had written and stuff, but I was really taken by surprise once we started rehearsing, I knew we were onto something really good. I would say that this album is much heavier than "Spiritual...", much more aggressive... it will appeal to people that might have been a little disappointed with "Spiritual..". Like you said earlier, I think a lot of my personal aggression and frustration came out in this music, and I was so happy that things worked out the way that they did."

It seems also that it is a bit more melodic in places, but not in a way that takes away from the sheer brutality of it....

Chuck - "Yeah, it's weird, 'cause I think my leads are definitely more melodic and that kind of spilled over into my riffing as well, there's some more melody in the riffing, and the thing is though, at the same time -which is such a great thing to obtain- brutality came in, aggression came in. To be able to mix melody and aggression and brutal death metal vocalse, that's a killer combination, which, unfortunately, some people think is something you can't do, but I think it's killer, I'm so happy that I've managed to combine all those elements into one. People criticized the music for being melodic on "Spiritual..", but the thing is, even on "Scream Bloody Gore", which is a brutal album, there's melody on "Scream..." too. My leads weren't noise, my leads weren't bar shit. There was melody in "Zombie Ritual", the beginning to that song. There's always been traces of melody in our music and that will always be part of the DEATH sound. That is what has kept us sounding different and unlike anyone else out there. We're not limited to just three chords. So many bands don't even have concept of creating a mood these days, 'cause they're too busy to out-pace and out-satanic each other."

Sean: Death and Cynic's drummer

At this point drummer Sean Reinert walks in while Chuck is asked to go to the control room and listen to a play-back of some of the final mixes. I direct the next few question to Sean.

What was your initial reaction when Chuck first approached you about playing on the new album?

Sean - "I was totally into the idea ," enthuses the drummer. "Because I felt that I could add a bit to their sound and enchance some of Chuck's songwriting. I thought that I could make the songs a bit more interesting sounding and more convincing."

Do you think that the drumming in DEATH had always left a bit to be desired in the past?

Sean - "Yeah, I definitely think the drumming could have been a bit more elaborate."

Would you credit yourself with bringing some of the aggression back into the band's sound?

Sean - "I think that I play things a little bit faster than Bill did, and my timing is not perfect, so that kind of adds a raw edge to it, makes it 'younger' sounding. What I have tried to do with these songs is enhance the heaviness and brutality while making things a bit more technical-sounding, so it doesn't sound as mechanical."

What are your reasons for doing this? Do you view this as an opportunity to promote you main project, CYNIC, or are you finding this whole thing musically challenging as well?

Sean - "It's a little bit of everything. Of course it's great to be part of a DEATH album. Cause they sell a lot of records and it'll be great promotion for our band (CYNIC). Also, being in the studio for a month is a great learning experience, so that when we go in and do our album, I'll have a better concept of what goes on."

Many people are going to be wondering, when they hear the new album, why you wouldn't want to join DEATH full-time, especially since you seem to have added so much to their sound. What will you say to that?

Sean - "Well, I've put so much time into CYNIC already, and we've come such a long way musically that it would be just ridiculous for us to just let it go."

Sean kick ass!

How would you say that DEATH and CYNIC differ musically?

Sean - "CYNIC is a lot more experimental for one thing. The riffing, everything about it is completely different, the whole attitude of the band. Each member completely contributes 100%. It's a whole onslaught of ideas, as opposed to just formulated arrangements."

How do the other members of CYNIC (bassist Tony Choy and guitarist Jason Gobel) feel about you and Paul dedicating so much of your time to an outside project? Surely, this must have put a halt on CYNIC's activities for the moment?

Sean - "That's for sure. Luckily, Tony's keeping busy himself with ATHEIS (he played all bass tracks on ATHEIST's forthcoming second record, "Unquestionable Presence"), so it was perfect timing since CYNIC, had to take some time off for us to do the DEATH thing. Also, Jason is currently jamming with MONSTROSITY (the Fl. Lauderdale death metal quartet that recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records) and he's gonna be playing on their albums, so that worked out perfectly as well. Plus, this will make us get into it more once we start jamming together again, because we haven't rehearsed as CYNIC for so long."

Does it bother you at all to know that your album debut will be with a band other than your own? I mean, it seems like CYNIC is developing a bit of a reputation as a band of 'session' musicians. Does that concern you?

Sean - "No, not at all. It's actually kind of flattering, something I've never expected to happen. Personally, I think that's great. I would eventually like to be a session musician and play for other people."

So, you don't really mind the fact that CYNIC's name is getting known as bassed on other bands' success?

Sean - "The more I play with other people, the more I learn that I can later bring into our music. It's a learning process, and I know that I will benefit from this experience in the future."

So what are CYNIC's plans once you are finished touring with DEATH in support of the new album?

Sean - "Hopefully to get a semi-decent record deal, record an album, practice and tour."

Chuck walks back in. We continue our discussion.

Chuck, do you find it increasingly limiting to write songs within this style of music?

Chuck - "Well, it depends on if you're in a band that thinks you can't expand musically, as far as on your instruments. I don't really feel any limitations musically, except when it comes to my vocals. I like hearing brutal vocals to this music, or this particular vocal style put to this music, but there's only so much you can do with that certain style of vocals. But as far as the music? I don't feel limited at all. I think I can keep progressing as a musician with each album that I do."

Chuck Schuldiner: The voice of Death

Do you think that the future of this musical genre lies with those groups that are expanding?

Chuck - "Yeah, those that aren't afraid to show actual musicianship and that are trying to create a certain mood as opposed to just playing straight-ahead speed... I could sit here for hours and tell you how disappointed I am that people are so limited-minded, that they limit themselves, putting a limit on death metal. Personally, I plan on expanding and adding new elements to my music with each album that I do without drastically altering the sound of the band."

So for that reason, I presume you don't think much of the so-called grindcore genre?

Chuck - "It's good for what it is, but it's definitely the opposite of what I'm about or what my music is about."

What about bands that are obviously influenced by your music? Do you find it flattering or do you sometimes wish they weren't so blatant about it?

Chuck - "Bands seem to be getting more blatant about it as time goes by. Ha!Ha! It's cool... someone is into this music and they draw an influence from it or get inspired by it, and I think that's fantastic. I feel good about it. I don't think, "Oh, I can't believe it, they fucking did that!" I'm not like that, it's kind of funny, I kind of laugh about it in a way."

Lyrically, what kind of topics do you touch upon on 'Human"?

Chuck - "There's a couple of touchy subjects, just like on "Spiritual....". There's a song on it called "Suicide Machine", which does not promote suicide. It is based around this doctor who invented a machine for terminally ill people. I think people who are gonna die an agonizing death should have a right to get out of that, if they're religious, then they believe that they will go somewhere better, why prolong the pain when the feel that they can be better off moving on? It's interesting to me, especially when it comes to elderly people -like maybe those who are stricken by the Alzheimer's Disease or something- how people don't give a shit about them, and then when they want to go on to something else, then all the shit hits the fan, then people want to make an issue out of it.. it just amazes me."

And "Together As One", I understand is about Siamese Twins?

Chuck - "Yeah, I got a book a while back that totally described their lifestyle and how some use it to their benefit, like they entered shows, which is kind of degrading in some people's opinion, but other people have made a living out of it and have become quite rich off it. But there's a lot involved in that, there's a lot of pain behind that, there's a lot of things that we take for granted.... a lot of things on the new album are based around things that people take for granted in life. An i think that we (all humans) take being single-bodied and -minded for granted. Like, for example, my ability to just walk out of the room. But what if someone was attached to me? It would be a completely different thing. I think that's so mindboggling to be connected to another human -totally connected! That is just the most unreal thing. I have a lot of sympathy for those people that have to experience that."

Death: Hard and focused work

So, does it happen pretty often that you actually go out and do research on some of these things that you want to write about?

Chuck - "It just happens mostly by accident. I really don't go out to pursue anything, I just happen to pick something up or happen to see something that may make me think about a certain thing."

There's an instrumental piece on the new album called "Cosmic Sea", which is certainly a brand new idea for DEATH. How did that come about?

Chuck - "Well, I fooled around with something at home. I had a little keyboard set up, it's the most generic thing I did, I just used a couple of cassette decks to make overdubs... and I just had the urge to maybe display a little bit more... I don't know, it's definitely still DEATH, but it's definitely got a little more melody to it... I can't even really say that. I don't know, I just wanted womething that didn't require vocals, let's put it that way. It's definitely not something that we're gonna play live, so it was a song that we could go off on with certain effects. It's a good song that'll always be there but we won't have to reproduce live, and that's kind of neat -to take advantage of something and then not be forced to reproduce it. 'Cause I definitely do not like to do something that really will not be able to be done somehow. This piece, "Cosmic Sea", is just a moody-type song, it's cool, it'll be a good song to just kick back and enjoy on an album."

Is there a particular reason why you chose to call the album "Human"?

Chuck - ""Human" really says it all for me, personally, and it describes that album, 'cause it all revolves around human nature and my views as a fellow human being, it's definitely not about some satanic or made-up demons. I just want to make that very clear."

There's a lot of talk right now about whether you even wanna go back and play in Europe after all that's happened, or whether they'll even have you back?

Chuck - "Well, that's the whole thing, I definitely want to give people the real DEATH, not the... whatever shit they saw. I want to make up for what wasn't. Maybe I won't even get the chance, maybe there won't be a promoter willing to work with me, but that's understandable. The thing is, I'm willing and wanting to present this new material and even a better DEATH than ever before in my opinion. I apologize to everyone who was disappointed and who got the wrong idea about why I didn't go and all that shit that was being pushed into people's minds, all the garbage that was said about me. I feel bad that they had to absorb that. I wasn't around to stick up for myself. But, like I said earlier, you can't let people control your life, and that's something I will live by and learn by. I think everyone should stand on their own and not be manipulated."


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Looking back: The Human Factor (Part 1)

Chuck Schuldiner: The Human
Death mainman Chuck Schuldiner talks to Borivoj Krgin about yet another year of controversy and the long-awaited new album "Human"

Magazine: Thrash 'n Burn
Article: The Human Factor
Written by: Borivoj Krgin
Published: August 1991

While his songwriting abilities have never been questioned, DEATH's Chuck Schuldiner has garnered a reputation for himself as a bit of an eccentric, a man seemingly incapable of maintaining status quo for very long. Personnel shufles, disputes with other groups, feuds with various journalists... DEATH has been at the centre of it all, and based on recent events, it doesn't look like we've seen the last of it.

Late last year, literally days prior to the start of DEATH's scheduled European tour with KREATOR, it was learned that Mr. Schuldiner had refused to fulfill the touring engagements he'd previously agreed to, leaving drummer Bill Andrews and bassist Terry Butler no choice but to enlist sit-in musicians for the two-month trek.

Although there was an initial uproar over yet another European tour being blown off by Schuldiner (two other tours were either cancelled at the last minute or aborted early on), eventually the whole thing blew over, but not without its consequences: Bill and Terry had split from the group (to rejoin the reformed MASSACRE), while Chuck was left as the sole remaining member.
Earlier this year, after a couple of months of complete silence, Charlie resurfaced with a decidedly fresher attitude, making publis his plans to record DEATH album number four, using session musicians instead of a permanent line-up. Recruiting drummer Sean Reinert (CYNIC), guitarist Paul Masvidal (CYNIC) and bassist Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS), for the project, Charlie began intensive rehearsals for the record, eventually entering Tampa's Morrisound Studio's on April 29th to start tracking the album. At the end of May, just as the group and producer Scott Burns began to mix the new record -titled "Human"- I had an opportunity to sit down face-to-face with Chuck 'Right On' Schuldiner and discuss the many controversies that continue to plague this extraordinary gifted act.

Chuck, tell me, in your own words, about the events leading up to you pulling out of your scheduled European tour with KREATOR and the eventual split with Bill Andrews and Terry Butler?

Chuck - "OK, well, after... actually, during the tour with CARCASS/PESTILENCE, there were things revolving around... actually, it was a lot of little things that turned into a big thing. And that is, I felt extremely smothered at that point in my life by all the business that I had on my back, all the shit that I kept continuously taking on behalf of the band, me literally representing the band business-wise. A lot of pressures have constantly been on me, and it's easy to be in this business and to get consumed by a lot of things that revolve around.. that people aren't aware of, the conniving ways that people around you present, like as far as having to worry about every fucking person you do business with literally ripping you off; a lot of things that... years of taking the shit for standing up for what is right for us, while other people stand in the background and take what I get out of... you know, all the shit I have to put out.

Anyways, what I'm saying is, there were things revolving around those years of build-up, there were things in my life outside music that also combined... it just really felt like I was being smothered. I had to break away, I had to get away from everything for once in my life, I had to get out of what I'd been consumed by, which is so easy to do -to be overtaken by a lot of things, by what people say about you constantly. For years now, I'm supposedly a psychotic jerk to work with, and that is so totally opposite of what I'm about. A lot of things in my life at that time, and like I said, throughout the years, built up. I'm sure there's people out there that might be reading this -even if they're not in a band- that can relate to this feeling of just being cornered and just having to get away, and unfortunately, it was not good timing for my need of privacy. If people don't understand that, that's fine, I'm not begging for people to understand me. I just think, as a person -which I am, and not this monster that people make me out to be- as a fellow human being, I think other humans relate. You don't have to be in a band, it's just a matter of people understanding that I'm not a person who has it made in life. I'm struggling, I've struggled for years... you know, there's a lot of things that people don't take time to think about, don't take time to think, 'well, Chuck's a person, what if Chuck's affected by things in life, like other people are?' And I am. I'm not some hard-ass, fucking asshole who doesn't care about other people, who doesn't have feelings. I have feelings, and you know... at that point in my life, I was very confused and... whatever. I'm not a weak person for feeling that way at that point, I was just pushed to my limits."

Did you explain this to Bill and Terry or did you just avoid confronting them at that point?

Chuck - "No , I told them. I called Bill and told him, I physically and mentally at that time felt I couldn't. I had to get away, I had to get away from things. I had to."

Why do you think they had such a hard time accepting that explanation?

Chuck - "Well, it was bad timing, and I could see why they might've been angry, I mean, of course they're angry, but when you're in such confused state of mind, and you feel depressed, and you're being consumed by depression, all I knew was I had to do something for myself for once, not for everyone else that was around me, I needed to do something for me, you know what I'm saying?! I had to get away, man, and it did me a world of fucking good. I have learned a lot of things the hard way, and I've bounced back, and in my opinion, everything that happened to me, whether it be good or bad, in the past few months, happened for a reason. I'm not saying that to make excuses for what I did, I truly believe, and I think when people hear this record, they'll know also that things happened for a reason, 'cause I would go through it again in order to come out with a record that we're about to come out with."

Did you give Bill and Terry your blessings as far as them going ahead and doing that European tour without you?

Chuck - "Uhhh... I was told that they were gonna go ahead, and I just thought, whatever , I knew it'd be shit. There was nothing I could do. They felt they needed to fulfill it, and that's cool. I could see how people might think that I didn't care about anything, but the thing is, I had to put that beside me, I had to think about me first and foremost. When I heard they were going, I was like, 'Well, that's fucked, but it's just gonna have to happen, and I'll just pick up the pieces after everything happens and take the responsibility for what I did,' and I am, I'm not blaming it on anyone else but myself."

Did you think at that time, that things would eventually work themselves out between you, Bill and Terry, or did you pretty much know that that would be it for that particular line-up?

Chuck - "Two and a half weeks into the tour or whatever, Terry called my house and told my mom that him and Bill wanted nothing more to do with me or the band DEATH, which I heard they denied, but the thing is, my mom got the phone call and it was obviously from Terry, so... as soon as that happened, I knew that things were in the past at that point, they (Bill and Terry) were part of my controversial past. Ha,ha!"

Chuck: Dedicated musician
Did they ever contact you after the tour was finished about doing something together again?

Chuck - "No. That so-called DEATH (that did the KREATOR tour in Europe) did the best to ruin my name, and take full advantage of my not being there and whatever , they told people I didn't care about my fans, they told people I wanted to form a rock band. Anyways, Bill called me after they got back, and said, 'Look man, we've been friends for a long time..' and I said, 'Yes, we were..' and I considered Bill and Terry to be my best friends, not just musicians that were with me, but my best friends, people that I shared so many things with, and they shared a lot of things with me, too. When you live with people on tour and you share different emotions, you become close, and I considered myself close to them. I sacrificed a lot for them, and I don't really regret doing it, but... whatever. Like I said earlier, I took all the shit, I was always the one taking the shit, 'cause I would always have to be the one to stand up for us and say, 'Hey, we're being fucked, where's our fucking money?', this, that, whatever.

Anyways, Bill called me and he claimed he didn't say anything bad about me himself... whatever, I can't prove whether he did or not, but the thing is , and what I told him, even if he didn't say things about me, he let things be said about me, he stood by while people just picked my name apart and tried to make me sound like such a shitty person, and that hurt a lot. When I started hearing the rumours of what they were doing, putting signs at shows saying, 'Chuck's home jacking off,' shit like that, that hurt me. That didn't make me really mad- that hurt. I don't care if that sounds corny or not, it's the fucking truth, man. I took it personally, it hurt that they would desecrate my name that way after -whether they believe it or not- I did a lot for them, and was happy to stand up for everyone, 'cause that's the only way things will get done.

Bill let people say stuff about me, people that have no room to talk said things about me, like Louie (Carrisalez, ex-DEVASTATION drummer/DEATH roadie who sang lead vocals on DEATH's European tour with KREATOR) and Walter (Thrashler, ex-ROTTING CORPSE guitarist/DEATH soundman who played guitar during said tour), two musicians who have no credibility in the underground scene, or even as musicians, talked shit about me. To me, they're very insecure people that have to take full advantage of any moment they get to rag on someone in order to make themselves look better, and that's lame. The whole thing is, people that were my friends for years let things happen, that's a drag. Everyone makes mistakes... whatever, it's all in the past as far as I'm concerned. The thing is, you learn a lot the hard way, and maybe that's the best way to learn sometimes."

When you were going through all this, was there any doubt in your mind about whether the band would coninue or not?

Chuck - "Really, at that point, I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just knew I needed a break from music, I needed a break from everything, I had to live a normal life for a little while, and not be cornered by all this shit, which I felt I was. But deep down inside, I think I knew. This (playing death metal) is what I've been doing since I was sixteen years old, since 1983 I've been playing death metal, and to have people talking shit about me when I put so much into the scene and my music and my life, I'll never get those years back, I put crucial years of my young life into this music, I've seen very little from it. Most of the stuff that I've seen is people ragging on me... whatever. I think people need to worry less about whatever I'm supposed to be like and just listen to the music. My music is what should represent what people say, they shouldn't worry... I have a lot of favourite bands, I don't care what they're like as long as they put out good music, that is my main concern. I can't imagine doing anything else. This is what I've been doing for so long, it's part of me. It is definitely a part of me."

Why do you think that they (Bill and Terry) would say that you wanted to pursue other types of music? Was that something that was brought up in your discussion with them or..?

Chuck - "Just slanderous statements. Just sheer stupidity. When this new DEATH album comes out, there's gonna be a lot of words. This album is revenge for me. For myself, to prove myself, and to make other people look like the liars that they are. The truth will be revealed when this album comes out."

Looking back, do you think that you've made some mistakes over the last couple of years that have let to people having a negative opinion of you?

Chuck - "Even before all the European shit started I had problems in my life, and I had to take time out..., sure, it was bad timing, but because I'm human and I have to have time for myself does that mak me a dick? If people wanna think I'm a dick, fine. I'll fucking do whatever I want in my life in order to make sure I'm happy. No one controls my life. I worship people that buy our albums, 'cause they're making my existence in the music scene possible. I appreciate what people do when they buy the records and support the bands. The thing is , everyone has to do things in life that doesn't make sense to other people sometimes. My actions may have caused people to think that. That's pretty lame for people to automatically think you're some psychotic monster just because some people are saying it. Why believe everything someone says? I think that's lowering their standards of living by thinking that.

I have friends, I'm not a friendless person like people might think. I have a lot of friends still. I've lost a lot of friends, but I've still got a lot of friends. The people that know me, the people that will come up to me and say someting, they'll know I'm not a jerk, they'll know I'm not some fucking bastard, some psychotic rock-star monster, like some of the European mags are printing about me, fuck those people! Gee, I wish I was as perfect as them. They act like they're perfect. They act as if they have no faults in life. I have faults, I've never claimed to be a perfect person. I will always continuously make certain mistakes in life -we all will. The thing is, we have to learn from them and we have to better ourselves from any mistake we've made in life, instead of dwelling on them, you know what I'm saying?!"

Yeah, but you can understand people feeling a bit concerned, especially since you've already blown off three seperate European tours?

Chuck - "This was the only tour, the other European tour that we were supposed to do, we pulled out because we were gonna get fucked on everything, they were just giving the shitiest touring circumstances. I'm not into shit. The European tour that I cancelled out on was becasue of my personal life. I think, sure, KREATOR's a great band, I've always wanted to tour with them, it's a drag that I couldn't experience that and give people the real DEATH. The thing is, it happened. We've all gotta live. We've all gotta realize life goes on, you know what I'm saying."

At which point did you hook up with Sean Reinert, Paul Masvidal and Steve DiGiorgio?

Chuck - "I had been working on material for a while, making casette tapes of riffs, putting them together and stuff, and after I realized that I needed to come back with something strong.. I've known Sean and Paul for a long time, and they're both fantastic musicians. Actually, I persued Sean first, and I called Paul and got in touch with Sean, and I asked him if he wanted to perform on the next record with me and Sean was like, 'Fuck, yeah!'. So, what happened was, Paul started rehearsing with us, and luckily, I was able to get a couple of leads into the material and it fit great, he's a great lead guitar player, and it worked out cool. And then, I've known Steve for a logn time, and he's a great bass player, so I just wanted a top-notch band this time around, I wanted every musician to be really proficient on their instrument."

Did you ever consider trying to get permanent members?

Chuck - "Sure, but I realized that it would have taken me a long time to get people with the kind of playing ability and attitudes that I was looking for, there just would have been way too much shit that I would have had to deal with. The thing is, I knew these were killer musicians, these were people that I knew for a while and I knew this would work. And I was very shocked when Sean put his drumming to my riffs, it really took me by surprise, it was such a fresh feeling.. it was a great feeling."

James, Chuck, Bill and Terry

So you think these musicians really enchanced your songwriting?

Chuck - "Sure, they added a lot of aggression to the material. Sean is a fucking excellent drummer who, in my opinion, deserves a lot of recognition when this next album comes out. That's my personal opinion. It just took me by surprise how much spicier everything sounds, how much more energetic things sound, 'cause each musician is different, and working with different musicians this time around just enchanced the material, enchanced the DEATH sound. The DEATH is there, but it's so much more technical sounding.... it's amazing how things worked out. I'm really excited and feel very positive about what has happened in my life, as far as this new album and why things happened the way they did. And now I know."

So what are you gonna do about touring? Are thy gonna go on the road with you?

Chuck - "Yes, we've already talked about it, and they're really psyched to do some touring, 'cause they performed on this album, they're gonaa be representing themselves. It's not gonna be a 'Chuck' tour with members helping, it's gonna be a very solid foundation of everyone kicking ass. Also, Skot Carino, ex-bassist of a local band called FESTER, is gonna be going out on the road with us (Chuck, Paul and Sean), 'cause Steve is gonna be way too busy with SADUS to do any touring with DEATH. And we'll see how everything works out. We're all excited, and it should be killer."

So you're not even really thinking right now about getting a permanent line-up together at some point down the line?

Chuck - "No, not right now, not when I know that there's a killer line-up to tour with, it wouldn't be the same with any other drummer, let me put it that way, Sean is unique, and no one can ever replace that. And that's kinda scary, but right now my main concern is touring. I'll worry about that shit after the tour."

So there's no possibility of Sean and Paul joining the band permanently?

Chuck - "I would be into it. They've got CYNID going, and CYNIC is definitely a different type of band from DEATH, and I think they feel they still need to express themselves musically through CYNIC, which is totally logical and comprehensable on my part. They're far more technical, and they have those urges to come out...whatever."


Read the full article HERE!

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The Sound Of Perseverance: New layout!

The Sounf of Perseverance - new layout (Thanks Eric Greif and Relapse Records)

It is with great pleasure that we share the new layout of the reissue of The Sound of Perseverance, the last studio Death's album. It's a unique, strong, intense, and especially made for all fans of Death, Control Denied and Chuck. It's a way to keep the metal flow always alive and to spread Chuck Schuldiner's music to later generations. It is important to remember the greatest value: When we purchase this album we can realize that it's the result of the hard and dedicated work of musicians who sacrificed themselves and lived what they spoke. It's a noble job which deserves respect. A toast to the everlasting memory of Chuck!

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Fan Words: "I would like to say with all my heart: I love you Chuck! I will never forget you!"

Chuck: Our guitar hero,  friend and brother of Metal

By Orkun Dundar

Hello everbody! My name is Orkun and this is "My Story To Tell".

So first when I heard about Death I was like 12 years old and I didn’t check it out or something because I was into bad music that time. Then last year in the beginning in 2010 my friend Ruben begin to talk about More Extreme Metal like Death metal and stuff. He said ''check out Death check it out''! I did and what happened is indescribable. Never I had heard such a guitar playing like that, the vocals, the drumming, the bass... You could hear them really good unlike that nu-metal crap.

So I started to get into them I was like new in the non nu-metal scene. In like 1 week I knew all the songs, Death's lyrics and started to figure out Scream Bloody Gore. From then I was possessed by Chuck's music. I couldn’t stay like 1 minute without listening to Death I had a Overactive Imagination when I didn’t listen! From there I started to get into Chuck's guitar and I've been playing and stuff it really interested me. He became my favorite guitar player.

I knew that he was dead but it didn’t really hurt me, then when I watched his interviews and other videos then feelings came above I started to cry... I asked myself:  Why is he dead? Why? I have tears in my eyes now! Miss him so fucking much... He is my everything; he is my life... I would like to say with all my heart: I love you Chuck! I will never forget you!

You are everything! You are the heart and soul of Death metal. If I had ONE chance to do a wish it wouldn’t be that you could be in heaven and that we could jam along together and you could give me guitar lessons. Then we would head bang with Muhammad and Jesus.Once again….

Chuck Schuldiner is my everything! He is the best person and musician. We miss you so much.. When I’m gonna work I will save up some money to go to your sister and mother (Beth and Mrs. Jane) and talk with her about you. And I will invite Chris (your nephew) and your sis and mother to my home here in Holland. Your family and friends are mines... If you hear me Chuck... I love you, my brother!

Rest in Peace... The Father Of Death Metal... 1967 – 2001!

The Voice of the soul is dying without you!

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'The Sound of Perseverance' Deluxe Reissue Now Available In North America!

Exclusive Packages & Death Merch

DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its final studio album The Sound of Perseverance (’98) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The Sound of… is the masterstroke of one of metal’s true pioneers and innovators, and indeed worthy of the worship, adoration, and accolades that announced its original release (’98). Now remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased material(extra tracks and early demos), this is the definitive edition of this timeless classic.Limited edition 3 CD set includes 2 additional bonus discs filled with over two hour’s worth of previously unheard bonus material! Limited to 2,000 numbered copies and available through Relapse mailorder only.

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