terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Death TR: New Team!

Mara Vanessa, Jorge, Kaya, CHUCK SCHULDINER, Valentina, Ugur and Alihan

The Death TR's team proudly announces the arrival of one new friend in the group: Warchief Schuldiner (Valentina, from Italy). Now we are bigger than before and we're happy to be together with our brothers and sisters of Metal around the world. We are alongside spreading the word for Chuck Schuldiner. This is priceless!

Warchief Schuldiner: "I would like to thanks Death TR for believing me, in my endless love for Chuck, and for giving me the opportunity to take part of this wonderful tribute-site dedicated to one of the greatest musicians in the history of metal, Chuck Schuldiner... Having the opportunity to keep alive once again for the umpteenth time the memory of Chuck and spreading His word makes me very happy. so.. thank you very much DEATH TR!!! To be part of Death TR is an honor and a great pleasure. Schuldiner Lives!"

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

...and I want to thank my friends in the team for their honesty, dedication and unwavering support of the metal cause and the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner. Your efforts are greatly and sincerely appreciated by me and by the Schuldiner family. Soon we'll be at the stage of you assisting with www.metalcrusade.org...that's the next project! :) ERIC GREIF

Warchief Schuldiner disse...

Eric your words are very touching...what a great honor hear it from You, I respect and I admire you very much. Can't wait to see the next project! THANK YOU ERIC!