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Fan Words: "I would like to say with all my heart: I love you Chuck! I will never forget you!"

Chuck: Our guitar hero,  friend and brother of Metal

By Orkun Dundar

Hello everbody! My name is Orkun and this is "My Story To Tell".

So first when I heard about Death I was like 12 years old and I didn’t check it out or something because I was into bad music that time. Then last year in the beginning in 2010 my friend Ruben begin to talk about More Extreme Metal like Death metal and stuff. He said ''check out Death check it out''! I did and what happened is indescribable. Never I had heard such a guitar playing like that, the vocals, the drumming, the bass... You could hear them really good unlike that nu-metal crap.

So I started to get into them I was like new in the non nu-metal scene. In like 1 week I knew all the songs, Death's lyrics and started to figure out Scream Bloody Gore. From then I was possessed by Chuck's music. I couldn’t stay like 1 minute without listening to Death I had a Overactive Imagination when I didn’t listen! From there I started to get into Chuck's guitar and I've been playing and stuff it really interested me. He became my favorite guitar player.

I knew that he was dead but it didn’t really hurt me, then when I watched his interviews and other videos then feelings came above I started to cry... I asked myself:  Why is he dead? Why? I have tears in my eyes now! Miss him so fucking much... He is my everything; he is my life... I would like to say with all my heart: I love you Chuck! I will never forget you!

You are everything! You are the heart and soul of Death metal. If I had ONE chance to do a wish it wouldn’t be that you could be in heaven and that we could jam along together and you could give me guitar lessons. Then we would head bang with Muhammad and Jesus.Once again….

Chuck Schuldiner is my everything! He is the best person and musician. We miss you so much.. When I’m gonna work I will save up some money to go to your sister and mother (Beth and Mrs. Jane) and talk with her about you. And I will invite Chris (your nephew) and your sis and mother to my home here in Holland. Your family and friends are mines... If you hear me Chuck... I love you, my brother!

Rest in Peace... The Father Of Death Metal... 1967 – 2001!

The Voice of the soul is dying without you!

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