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Story To Tell: Song in honor of Chuck Schuldiner

By Jorge Arnau

Rottenheart - The dawn Of the dead

All music, lyrics, Instruments played and written by Jorge Arnau

It takes one species to annihilate us all
Wars famine and plague for free
Civilization of predators kind
We are the architect of ruin
Intelligent enough to be a better beast
They are dead so watch them rise.
When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth
And so the wicked rise to feed upon mankind
The air stinks of fear of things that should not be
Of people dying young, of lovers wandering alone
Of children with disease old before their time
The end of times is hear and they have come for you

Have you heard the news, legions of rotten men walk
Eating people and hunting them
They don’t breathe nor think
Regret a shallow existence
Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hello everyone, as you can listen here, I’m deeply influenced by Chuck Schuldiner’s music, Death is my favorite band above the rest, so I felt I needed some more music like it, I decided to write my music as tribute for Chuck, so the songs sound Death-ish, but not playing covers, writing my own songs, this one, is inspired mostly by Zombie Ritual because I love zombies, and I tried to write something that could remind the “Human” era, This is Rottenheart, my one man band, here I write all the music, lyrics and I play and record every instrument and vocals you are listening to keep it personal, and to remain true to that Death vision.

All this, if to honor Chuck!

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Jorge Arnau disse...

Thank you very much! I'm Glad you like it, It's very important for me :) Thanks a lot!!! it feels nice to know someone enjoys my music!

Warchief Schuldiner disse...

I'm totally in love with the lyric. congrats again Jorge! ;)