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Exclusive: Brazilian bass: “Chuck was a great guy and he created unique riffs "

 By Mara Vanessa

Bernardo Gosaric: Eminence's bass
  "The magnificence of the compositions, lyrics and arrangements made by Chuck is unquestionable. The guy had a huge capacity of creating unique solos and riffs. So, without any doubt, since I started getting interested about music, not as a mere listener, but as someone who saw and felt that his way, his realization and his dream were in the music, Death was one of the bands that most influenced me both lyrically and technically." With these words, the Brazilian bassist and designer Bernard Gosaric starts the conversation with the Death TR’s staff.

Gosaric plays bass in the Eminence, and left his name registered in other groups such as Impurity, Agaurez, Perpetual Dusk, Absolute Disgrace and Hell Trucker. Presently, he works on his own project - Horns – and works as designer. One of his clients and close friends is the devoted bassist Steve DiGiorgio, ex-Death member and one of the closest friends of Chuck Schuldiner.

As a big fan of Death, Bernardo has always sought the inspiration for his own compositions in the American band, studying techniques, melodies, besides trying to understand and absorb all the energy, essence, quality and unity which flowed from Death (and still flowing) . The Brazilian bassist acknowledges that the work of Chuck is the symbol of a generation, because “Schuldiner added a new and unique touch to the style that eventually opened doors, many doors for the future generations. This generations were inspired by the work of Death and started creating innovative compositions”, says.

Many musicians around the world recognize the relevance of Chuck’s riffs in their lives. Bernardo reveals: "I remember when I listened to Death for the first time and even today, every time I listen, I feel the same sensation. I am impressed with the technical quality of the musicians, the compositions ... Especially from the album Human. Many people prefer the earlier works, but honestly, the albums Human/ Individual Thought Patterns, Symbolic, The Sound of Perseverance are clear and sharp examples of this evolution and of the period which for me, without any doubt, was the best time of the band", adds Gosaric.

Chuck Schuldiner: Eternal riffs

When asked about the main differences of the heavy metal scene today and in the glorious 80's and 90's, the bassist and designer doesn’t mince words and says: "Look… I think the difference is fucking absurd! I lived during the 90’s, because I was born in 83, and… holy shit! I notice that there were more people willing to really make music in the way it should be done. In this time there was a bigger proximity between the music and the inner self of the people and not the vacuum that is generated by nowadays’ fashions", reveals. The musician adds that the music has a characteristic that is associated with the ideas of its creators (composers). Resisting, being independent and indifferent about the market goes against the original ideia of the creators. So it’s a difficult thing to do, because in reality, like everything in life, it depends on each person.

About his friendship and the works with the bassist Steve DiGiorgio, Bernards tells how it happened: "I’ve sent an email to Steve, talking about the fact that I started playing bass influenced by his musical works, along with another strong influence for me that is Cliff Burton (Metallica). I also spoke, as designer and fan, that I was interested in developing something worth of his musical works for him. Thus, we began to talk quite often and in 2008 we met personally during his trip to Brazil with the Sadus. It was fucking amazing! Steve is a very modest, humble, sincere and transparent person. We’ve felt a mutual affinity and assimilation. Today we speak almost daily and we became great friends, sharing and talking about everything. It's a great guy, as well as Chuck was", concludes Bernardo.

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