sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

To gather what is scattered, turning into one so different feelings and minds

Chuck Schuldiner: Our eternal guitar hero. Happy New Year!

We’ve got to the last day of 2010. Many wonderful things - and some not so - have happened, each one in its own way in the life of each of us. Within our realities, we’ve had happy moments and faced obstacles. We welcome a new friendship and preserve the memory that sometimes can bring mixed feelings as joy and sorrow, happiness and pain. These words may sound like a contradiction in terms, but the ones who allowed the entrance of the works immortalized by Death and Control Denied in their lives know exactly that these feelings have first and last name: Charles Michael Schuldiner, also known as Chuck Schuldiner.

This year brought out the mark of nine years that Chuck left us. But that wasn’t all. This 2010 proved that Chuck is more and more loved and remembered by all of us, fans, family, friends, musicians and bands. Many of us already knew the work of Chuck for quite some time - some even taught their children (and why not grandchildren?) to share the taste for the music of the father of Death Metal. But many new fans arrived and, fortunately, have joined us in an eternal covenant. The legacy of Chuck and all the talented and extraordinary musicians that passed through Death and Control Denied have this power: to gather what is scattered, turning into one so different feelings and minds.

That was exactly what happened with us, the moderators of the Death TR. For too long, we (Mara Vanessa, Ugur Karatas, Alihan Biber, Kaya Aslan and Jorge Arnau) waited for each other. Until last year, we were just one Brazilian, three Turks and one Mexican who didn’t know each other and also had the passion for Chuck’s masterpiece inside our worlds. In an unexplainable way, we met and decided to create a group to make a tribute for Chuck. A group that would also honor the tireless work of people like Yvonne and Kees Kluitman (Empty Words), Eric Greif, the Schuldiner family, the bands, musicians and fans scattered around the world. Then appeared Death TR.

Today, we're not ranked by our nationality. We're all a big family and we share this feeling with every person who wants to keep fighting to preserve the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner. With these words, we thank each of you. This union, this brotherhood that we are creating and continuously expanding is priceless. Thank you all and have a happy 2011. This will certainly be a very important year for all of us. We hope to continue with you.

Best Regards,

Death TR Team

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