domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

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A big Death and Chuck fan and Mr. Chuck Schuldiner

There are my demonstrations of admiration, love and respect that the fans around the world have been doing over the years in honor of Chuck's memory. Some fans, as this Brazilian fan that is writing for you, were just a teenagers when Chuck passe away. Other fans were already teaching their children about the legacy of bands like Death and Control Denied. Nowadays, nine years after Chuck's departure, all of us, fans around the globe, share the same feeling. Some of us write many articles and publications about Chuck; others draw perfect pictures; others play covers of Chuck's songs; others tattoo the face of the Death Metal's father or the logotype of one of the planet's most loved band on the skin; others create radio broadcasts dedicated to Chuck; others maintain his legacy through legal ways... 

But everybody, in one way or another, are saying the same thing: Charles Michael Schuldiner, our Chuck Schuldiner, you are a masterpiece. And you will be forever alive. Death TR will give the opportunity for the fans to show their unconditional love they devote to Chuck. 

 Samantha Alessi

Robert Krzovski

Warchief Schuldiner

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Warchief Schuldiner disse...

thanks again, this blog is simply beautiful! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS, omg I'm moved!!!!