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Chris and Chuck: "Deep passion for their craft and of music in general"

Chris, Timmy, Chuck, Shannon and Scott (Control Denied team)

Written by Mara Vanessa
As well as Chuck Schuldiner, the drummer Chris Williams left his mark in the history of music and in many people's lives around the world. Together with Control Denied's crew, Chris has showed that he was much more than an skilled musician: he was in love with his work. Unfortunately, in 2000, the world lost Chris which died in a car accident. Scott Clendenin, Death and Control Denied's bassist, commented the importance, the absence and the value of Chris in a chat with Death TR. Scott has also talked about the band Talonzfury, a project in which he and Chris worked together before they join to Chuck. Check it:

Death TR - Scott, talk a little about your work alongside with the drummer Chris Williams. 

Scott - I knew Chris growing up when we played in different bands at different times until we got together with a guitarist named Paul Payne and formed Talonzfury. Our work together as a rythem section began to evolve to a more progressive style because of the influences we were into at the time. Chris was the first to bring music like Metal Church, Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Fear Factory around for us to listen to.

Having gone to MIT (Musician's Institute of Technology) in California at an early age, Chris brought back an excellent work ethic. We would break down our parts to ensure that we played with maximum intent for every song. I believe that can be heard in our work together. Basically we tried to play as one, enabling Paul freedom of expression. I am very proud of my work with Chris, he made me a better musician and constantly challenged my limits, I owe alot to him for furthering my career, making me a better player.

Scott show us Death on the newspaper

 Death TR -  How do you evaluate the 1980's compared the musical scene we have now? 

Scott - Oddly enough, I just watched a documentary about the emerging death metal scene in Tampa. Extreme music was not readily accepted then and is still far from mainstream today, but death metal is certainly alive and well world wide today.

In the 80's, I believe that the bands that made it through and stayed around for a period of time or are still around today did so because they progressed and did not stay stagnent in an extreme atmosphere. Most Death fans love Death because they progressed and I believe Chuck continued to have success because the many line up changes he went through brought him new talent surrounding him which enabled him to progress beyond basic speed and simple chord progressions.

Death TR -  How was Chris invited to play on Control Denied?

Scott - Chris met Chuck at a party in Orlando and played him Talonzfury's cd and was invited to audition. And I believe based on our work together as a rythem section he secured me an audition. Before that, Shannon Hamm had moved here from Houston, Texas. Chris and I had wanted him in Talonzfury but Paul wasn't ready for that. Chris secured Shannon an audition before me, and also an audition for Paul to do vocals that subsequently didn't work out. So basically if it were not for Chris the original Control Denied line up would not have happened.

Chris and Chuck: Rest in Peace, brothers!

Death TR - Had Chris and Chuck something in common?

Scott - Yes, they both had a deep passion for their craft and of music in general. They were the type of musicians that could sit around and play for hours and love it. We all became very close friends. But sadly enough, music is business oriented and sometimes people don't see eye to eye on the way things should happen. As much as we all had in common and were very good friends, I think Chris expected things to happen a little faster than was realistically possible, which subsequently led to his departure.

Death TR - Please talk a litte about your current activities and let a message to Death TR readers.

Scott - As the anniversary of Chris and Chuck's passings are a day apart, I try to keep reminding people how instrumental Chris was in the formation of Control Denied. This year was especially overwhelming to me to see how many people are starting to see what Chris did as well as the outpouring of people remembering Chuck more than ever and maintaining his place in metal history.

I am starting a new project that involves some great young players, including Devin Sease (son of Craig Sease who wrote Hardly a Day Goes By, that Chuck played on), who is like a nephew to me. We also have two very talented guitar players, Jeff Frank and Javier Guzman and an awesome singer named Patrick Hoyt Parris. We began rehearsals this week and look forward to securing a deal in 2011 and hopefully will be around to a town near you.

Rest in Peace, Chris! This is for you!

Check out Chris Williams in action. Click here: CHRIS RULES!

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