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Chuck Schuldiner deep inside

Written by: Adriana Rapavá
Translated by: Lukas Sedlacek
Published: July 1995
By: Empty Words

In 1995, Chuck Schuldiner granted a special interview revealing opinions and feelings that were hidden inside his heart. It was the moment expected by many fans. Check now some parts of this interview. To read the full version, click here.

Chuck Schuldiner: Classic and eternal

What was the first record you bought?

Chuck: I was talking about it with Gene just today! My first record was "Destroyer" by Kiss. That album changed my life. Actually, I didn´t buy it by myself but I got it as a Christmas present and I brightly remember that magic feeling in my heart which probably anybody cannot know [I would think that the translation of this would be "...feeling in my heart which everybody probably knows"]. I was almost weeping with joy. It still brings this beautiful feeling to my heart. It was the most beatiful period of my life and that was the time I decided to become a musician.

What would you do if you were not a musician?

Chuck: I would certainly be a veterinarian or somebody who works with animals. And if even this didn´t come true I would become a cook. I love animals and cooking. At home with my fiance I breed two dogs and two cats. They are like children to us.

Your attitude on religions.

Chuck: I believe in life, in a normal human life. I believe that being kind to other people and also to yourself is worthwile. It is important to not consider things in life as certain and warranted, and it´s important to know how fragile life is and how quickly you could lose it. That´s what people fear the most. I´m not endorsing to any religion. I believe in what I meet in my life and I worship nature and everything what grows from it. What is artificial is not worthwhile to me. I don´t wanna think restricted, I want to see things in many corners and views and any church or religion cannot help me do this. Faith is a totally personal matter. I want to live my life with the feeling that the things I do are good. I have nothing against religion if it´s not an instrument used to abuse people.

How were you as an adolescent?

Chuck: Very kind. Music was my only amusment and enjoyment. I didn´t want to have problems with anybody. I was playing my music, buying records and keeping away from conflicts.

Schuldiner family (Print of Chuck's Memorial)

Who is the person you love the most?

Chuck: My mom. She have always stood by my side during whatever was happening. I think that family is the most important thing. It is a place where you spend the most joyous period of your life and it helps you to go through the difficult times. My mom has an understanding for my music which is visible, since she leads Death's Fan club. My parents have never forced me to do anything and they are very understanding.

Your favourite book or movie.

Chuck: It was the book by Jonathan L. Seagle called "Bird". I read it in secondary school. It is very readable and the plot is very interesting. It is a book which will help you to dream and to understand that everything is possible. The author sees himself as a bird, overwhelming his life are boundaries and blocks. From movies my favorite one is "The Wizard of Oz", and then animated movies, Scooby Doo.

Favourite drink.

Chuck: Cocoa and ice tea, alcohol would be Jack Daniels whisky.

Do you have panic or dread of anything?

Chuck: I fear spiders very much. They are abhorrent, I hate them. Over there on Florida there are many kinds of big spiders which can live in your house is no problem. So I really don´t need that.

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