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Fan words: "Chuck is eternal for us!"

Jorge Arnau: Chuck's fan from Mexico
Chuck Schuldiner is unfogettable because of his huge talent. He stills unbroken in the minds and hearts of millions of people around the world because he was a guy that knew how to love what he did and respected the others.
This text is from Jorge Arnau, a Mexican friend of Death TR. It's touched us a lot and with Jorge permission  we're sharing with you. Take a look:

"It all started with my 15 year old birthday present, 2001, my father was just recently ill from a brain stem tumor so we couldn't afford the expenses on an electric guitar for me, my father was out of the hospital and my mother saved some money to buy my guitar, en 13th may 2001, my birthday is june 12 but my mother decided to buy it then cause one never know what will happen next, I didn't know nothing about Chuck nore Death, the band and the musician were a mistery to me, then on december 13th I wanted as christmass present a footswich for my guitars distortion, I didn't know...by february or something like that, I bought a magazine, guitar world, had Kirk Hammet on the cover, I read an In Memoriam article... It was Chuck's, I have read a lot of dead musicians but it didn't matter much more than just respect them and that's it, but there was something that captured my attention from Chuck's picture, so I decided to listen to his music, I did, first song I heard was "voice of the soul" on a guitar pro softwear I must had it I thought, then I bought the sound of perseverance, Wow...I can not describe what I felt, it was awesome!!! but suddenly I felt so sad...how such an amazing musician who talked about what I was feeling died so young...I was devastated, the first person in this world that I knew at some point of his life thought what I was thinking, It was a shame I already knew I'd never meet him.

I used to play in bands, a very young age, started at 16, but something else was for me, I knew Chuck made all of his music, his lyrics, had musicians who recorded with him and therefore he had a band, but I couldn't have a band, cause no one trusted me, they didn't let me write, so I said I'm gonna write and record everything my self, and that's why I'm a one man band, record instrument by instrument, so I'm free to make some death metal, I'm also a fan of CLiff burton, that's why I play bass solos, but what made me be such a fan of Chuck were his lyrics, I have a father, but by a lot of years I felt very distanced from him, you know...he was always working, I didn't get a change to actually know him, so, I found in Chuck a father figure due to he spoke of what I wanted to hear, this amazing guy was giving me advice through his lyrics, Then I knew I'd dedicate my music to honor him.

But I really didn't know anything about him, I just started the research when I got internet, before that, was blind faith in Chuck, I'm glad now to know I wrote a pro animal right song before I knew he was an animal lover, I'm glad now to know many things I've done and think, that were actually part of Chuck's interests and likes, so, to me, That's like a sign that he would aprove my music, I've seen Chuck as a father figure for almost 8 years now, and what I like to think is that those idead I have in common with him, are because I listened to his music, so somehow maybe I actually met him, met his soul through his work, then I got inspiration from somewere...or just the more probable option, I just happened to have thoughts in common...I guess I'll never know.

At 22 I realized there was a certain resemblance between him and I, no one believed me, jaja but there is...which I think is really cool, cause...well... haha It gave me confidence in my self, something I did not have before, cause girls have told me how handsome he looked, so...I thought maybe in a small amount I could be to jaja...not the very same, but at least enough to stop being sad and decide to ask someone on a date.

I'll show you those pictures, main difference?? jajaja about 4 inches or so I'm 1.65 cm, I don't know how tall was he, but I guess he was taller. All those litle things, like those dates, and my father's illness, the love for animals, for lyrics about reality, good food, music, espiritualism, had made me care about Chuck as if he was family, cause I've never felt so identified with no one else, maybe... it's just because Ilook to be like him, maybe it's just because we do share some things in common...what ever it is, I'm so thankfull for having met Chuck Schuldiner's inspiration into my life, that has been way better since then, has changed, no I feel like there's something to live for, my music, friendship, happyness, before that I was just another zombie.
Chuck Schuldiner: The legend!

One day, I just decided to make a song, an in memoriam song, something to show the world why I was inspired, to pay respect to Chuck, and that's why I wrote that song, everything started regular, I first started guitars, then bass...drums, vocals...lyrics...all the common order, suddenly after recording I hear the full song, and It became my favorite from my songs, cause...now I can listen how much feeling I put into that song, I know it's not a perfect song, but I did put my heart and soul into it, it makes me proud that Chuck could pull so many good things from me, even he never met me."

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