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Death TR/BR team

Death TR/BR team
Uğur Karataş (TR): I'm Uğur and I'm 25. I was listening to Slayer at that time and in a magazine I saw Death and wondered how it was like. I started to listen to Death and since then Chuck has been my God and Death has been the best thing I have. I have been a passionate fan of Death for 13 years but I still have the excitement as if I was still 12 when I open a Death song randomly it feels like it's the first time I am listening to it and I get excited. I really can't express myself!

Mara Vanessa (BR): My name is Mara Vanessaa and I'm a 23 years. I'm a brazilian journalist. I met Death and Chuck Schuldiner for the first time when I was 12 years old. It was and incredible discovery! I'll still write about this in the Fan Words. But I feel really grateful to have known Chuck's work and all his talent. He was a complete man!

Alihan Biber (TR): I'm Alihan and I'm 18. I live in Istanbul in Turkey. I'm a student now and I met Death in the metal music pages before a year. I noticed Death's different music style and Chuck's perfect talent in concerts. He's leader and godfather of death metal. I know, death metal of Death isn't only music style, it's a life style..

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