terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

Death TR bulletin - by Mara Vanessa

Chuck Schuldiner lives! Thanks for all man!

I would like to communicate to all my brothers, sisters and friends of the Death TR family that I, Mara Vanessa, will be absent from the administration of the team for some time. The Death TR has became much more than a work of friends: it's an ideal, an identity, something that we fought for and that we believed. This will never die. I'd like to say to my Turkish fellas that it's always a pleasure and that you are great people and true Death fans. To Valentina and Jorge: I love you! That's all! To all my friends and Death, Control Denied and Chuck's fans: let's keep drinking from the source. Let the metal flow!

Mara Vanessa - Death TR team

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