terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

Fan Words: Chuck's music has changed me. The way I see things, to see the music, my attitude.."

By Samantha NekroVenere Alessi

Many people don't understand how I can be attached deeply to a man that I have never met. But I think...When someone indirectly can touch your soul... It's difficult to explain this alchemy. This is not idolatry. It's about he had given voice to a part of me... to my soul. Every note, every single note, pierce me, filling me.

And I could stay all the time alone, with only his records, and I would be happy. It 's really absurd. The words in his songs seem to tell the life I lived, desires in which I believed.. pieces of me... Yet have been written by a person who died when I was 11 years. His music has changed me. The way I see things, to see the music, my attitude.. That has permeated all of his words. I just want only to thank and remember a person who indirectly gave me so much. And I'm excited, I'm writing from long and I'm sure I have still not found the right words to explain what I feel. Chuck is on my skin. My tattoo with his face will grow old with me and it will die with me.

At least I will be under the illusion that I have had a piece of him, too.

Thanks Chuck.
And thanks to all the people who support it: it is through our memories he will always be alive.

Thanks Death TR family!

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