segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

Death TR Message

Chuck Schuldiner: Masterpiece
Friends, brothers and sisters,

The Death TR has already reached its fourth month of activities. We couldn't be happier and more pleased with this event. Besides being constantly updated with the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner, we meet and made several friends. It's not possible to mention here the number of good friends we made during this period. It's wonderful! Through this project, we became much more than virtual acquaintances. We became friends and above all a family. Right now that we live a new phase, we would like to share with you a special request: this is our space and we want to do it together. If you want to share photos, interviews, arts, music, drawings and paintings, just contact us. We would be extremely pleased to further enhance the preservation of Chuck's inheritance and memory.

This year is very special to us all. In December 13, Chuck Schuldiner will complete ten years of absence. Ten years gathering new fans and keeping his old friends and brothers and sisters around the world. This year is also very singular to some members of Death TR in their private lives and we reinforce the request: let us make a large stream of support and mutual aid. We will transform the Death TR in OUR project - all of us. We will support even more the SOURCE (Empty Words) and do what we're doing: keeping strong connections and building new ones.

Thanks and let the metal flow!

Mara Vanessa, Valentina Marcelli, Jorge Arnau, Kaya Aslan, Alihan Biber and Uğur Karataş.

Death TR team

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