segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Death TR Live: Rob Cavestany was moved for remembering Chuck

Valentina and Rob: He was moved for remembering Chuck

By Valentina Marcelli (Warchief)

Yesterday was happened something of very special,something that made ​​me happy and proud once again to be a Death, Control Denied, Chuck Schuldiner's fan. Last night I went to see Death Angel's gig in Rome, and at the end of the show I have spoken with Rob Cavestany.

I talked to him about my love for Chuck and I thanked him for what he and his band have done back in 2001, for helping Chuck making possible the benefit project called "Thrash Of The Titans", set up to help our Chuck and Chuck Billy as well. When I spoke about it, something began to shine in his eyes... He was moved! So he said " thanks to you for saying it to me"


This is what I call: LOVE AND RESPECT.

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