domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Eric Greif Interview - by Death in HD

James Copper & Eric Greif

It was conducted by James Copper on the 17th April 2011. A conversation between friends which spans over 3 hours, broken down into categories & parts.

"They are as follows: Eric / Death / Control Denied / Chuck. The content is truthful and real with a constant playful atmosphere never losing the serious undertone of the importance of what was discussed and its value to the fans.

Just about everything imaginable was covered in-depth with an utter sincerity. The conversation is very playful, so to those of you of a serious disposition I would advise you go flex in a mirror elsewhere. The questions posed to eric interspersed with complete tangents were from James aswell as sections of fan led curiosities with all credit given (and promised) when necessary. I repeat myself many times over and will continue to do so again, and express my sincere gratitude towards Eric for his invaluable time!" James Copper.

"Eric" Part 1 of 2 [HD]

"Eric" Part 2 of 2 [HD]

"Death" Part 1 [HD]

"Death" Part 2 [HD]

"Death" Part 3 (Human) 

"Death" Part 4 (Eric's Face is back!)

"Death" Part 5 (Memories)

"Control Denied" Part 1

"Control Denied" Part 2 of 2

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 1

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 2

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 3 (Our thanks to Eric!)

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 4

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 5 of 6

"Chuck Schuldiner" Part 6 of 6 (THE FINAL PART!)

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Anônimo disse...

THANKS to every one for their support. But especiallyu thanks to James Copper for interviewing me. It was sad, it was funny, it was...tiring...but we did it! ERIC

Anônimo disse...

\m/ - James