segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Fan Words: " Chuck lives"

Roberto Reds Rossi

By Roberto Reds Rossi

Death TR, Metal Crusade, Eric Greif... I'm just a fan, but I woul like to tell you all that I'm really very very very proud of your work and project. Estimate infinite to the people that are continuing to cultivate their own passion even when "seemed all over", even when the sad fate showed his terrible face, even when it took away from us our beloved Chuck, one of the greatest losses ever, not only for Death's fans, but for every metal's lover.

If today, after ten long and sad years I can read about Death's Music and stuff, and about Chuck, and to be able to say once again " Chuck lives"... well all this is thanks to awesome people ( Death TR staff, DeathinHd, Eric Greif, Mal Schuldiner and so on ) that are sharing and spreading the Schuldiner's word, knowing his endless grandiosity.

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