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December, 13th: In honor of Chuck Schuldiner

Charles Michael 'Chuck' Schuldiner (1967-2001) REST IN PEACE.

Warchief Schuldiner (Valentina Marcelli)
Chuck Schuldiner dec. 13th 2001 // dec. 13th 2011.

" You're gone but what remains eternally lives."
Everyday is a Chuck's day, everyday is a good day to celebrate Him.
Thanks Chuck for everything you've done, it's simply beautiful to live with your music around. My heart goes out to the Schuldiner's family and friends.
" Missing you always/loving you forever/ forgetting you never"

Mara Vanessa

I'm learning to create my heroes day by day. They're inside my heart, my soul and my mind. My heroes are people that don't need and don't desire being more than they are. They just know and this is enough. Because of this, they're much more than heroes. CHUCK SCHULDINER, YOU ARE MY HERO! Thank you very much for everything. You gave me awesome friendships around the world and a new view of the life. THANK YOU!

Samantha NekroVenere

‎" I'm a very positive person
towards life
towards friendship
towards love
to all certain things
we're made up as,
as being human "


Orkun Dündar

Its like 10 years ago tommorrow when the man died which changed my life music wise and opinion wise .
Chuck Schuldiner ofcourse who else? Besides Ataturk :P
RIP Chuck Schuldiner 13 May 1967 - 13 December 2001

Mahyar Dean

In memory of Chuck Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001), one of the greatest musician of our age \m/

Rick Rozz DeLillo

♫♪♫♫♪♫ ("Remember Tomorrow Night Tuesday Dec. 13th (LIVE) With (JET) 9pm/11pm Est. Time My Friends") ♫♪♫♫♪♫
(RIP) "Chuck Schuldiner"
♫♪♫♫♪♫ ("Only On Metal Messiah Radio") ♫♪♫♫♪♫

Jordi Salas Tobarias

Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (13 de mayo de 1967, Long Island, New York – 13 de diciembre de 2001)

Shannon Hamm

Eric Greif

People are asking me what I'm doing Tuesday, which of course is ten years since Chucky died. Of course I'm supportive of the outpouring of emotion that the day brings - and endorsing all the tributes, etc. My personal preference is to celebrate Chuck's life every day of the year, culminating in a big celebration every May 13 (his b-day). Here, again, is that little 3 minute clip I cobbled together last year - maybe I'll do more of these in '12. :)

Perry Grayson

Chuck Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 - Dec. 13, 2001) - R.I.P., Metal Bro!

Bouth Cool

RIP Chuck Schuldiner

Mia Sarentino

♥ I fuckin love you Chuck your music is incredible Death my favourite forever. I hope you know how much your music means to so many metal fans out there. Wish you were here xxx Thanks for the music and killer interviews

Giulio Animah

Togheter as one...brothers...
together as one....brothers...

Mirko Kondić

Ci hai tramandato la cura spirituale attraverso le tue melodie perseveranti e i tuoi testi simbolici, ci hai insegnato a cercare dei momenti di chiarezza, a mordere il dolore sapendo che è difficile e fa soffrire dimenticare..dare via un altro pezzo di vita ! HO imparato ad avere mille occhi nella vita e a non avere tolleranza di certe parole vuote che ci circondano. A volte mi trovo intrappolato in un angolo, mi hai promesso che non mi sarei mai dimenticato di queste quattro parole..ho fatto caso anche a questo, ho imparato a controllare la gelosia, una brutta bestia che spinge i mostri a fare di Tutto..o Niente..a spingere la propria personalità ad un falso stato difensivo.
Grazie per aver svegliato una voce che era situata all'interno della mia anima,
grazie per averla spinta fuori, l'hai spinta ad urlare a tutte le vere persone che non supportano i rumori e le cose materiali. Mi hai fatto capire quanto è fragile l'esistenza e la nostra posizione nella vita in generale e ad aspettarmi ciò che non posso aspettarmi.
Goditi la tua sacra serenità Mio Maestro!

Uğur Karataş

Chuck Schuldiner aramızdan ayrılalı tam 10 yıl geçti ama o yaptığı müzik o kadar büyük ve özeldi ki hala kendisini yaşatıyor. Huzur içinde yat yüreği büyük insan. Asla unutulmayacaksın... (13 Mayıs 1967 - 13 Aralık 2001)

Chuck Schuldiner passed away in his full 10 years have passed but he called it quits, the music that was large and still itself. Peace of heart in the yacht great people. Never unutulmayacaksın ... (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001)

Dalila Arice
Ciao Chuck, I want to be there to greet you in this group of true your fans, Death TR, even though I can not believe that he could not do in a meet and greet or a concert of yours ...Will always regret, see your live experience was thrilling, according to those who got lucky and did not lose the opportunity. I always listen to you and me and all your fans live forever, Death continues to be a core group of our life, your words help us to confront those moments where we must not fall .. learn from your strength, you know through your songs, we will not ever forget that you give us strong Emotions, I hope you reach all our passion. Stay Strong and hold on tight. Thank you for this

Camilo Andres Cardenas Barrero 

Grandmaster Chuck Schuldiner
It is difficult to capture all the feelings that produce your music, it is difficult to pronounce your name without feeling nostalgia andsadness but also the deep respect and admiration, it is difficult to think that our lives would be if still alive but it's easy to get to theconclucion we would be happier people, time goes fast but your legacy will remain intact, 10 years of your game, your legacy stillmany bands, crowds of people listen to your awesome solos,have marked a path in our lives, the way that we will continuegeneration after generation.
Not that there is after death, but just want somewhere to think that since we are looking at your smile and think of all the magicwords of your songs, riffs and solos many of whom bristled our skin, I miss you're the best to me happened in my life, you're themagic that runs my life.
Always be in my heart as one genius who opened my mind to the best music of the world as the person who influenced everything nice in my life.  Charles Michael (Chuck) Schuldiner are eternal

Felipe Jensen 
It is very sad to know that ten years have passed since Chuck Schuldiner passed away. I never got to know him, because i was three years old when he passed away, i'm thirteen years old now. I discovered his work in the late 2010's, i can remember that my first song was ''Spirit Crusher''. I was so obsessed with that song, the melodies, the riffs, and the high pitch vocals, all of those things were new and innovating for me me, a person who had never listened to death metal before. I decided to go in a perennial quest to dig deeper into death's work. One month after, i discovered Chuck Schuldiner over the internet, and i read his biography on wikipedia, i was really surprised how talented he was, he invented, innovated a new genre. Now one year has passed since i know Chuck Schuldiner, and i think i'm a better person at life. His lyrics helped me achieving sucess, perseverance in all the things on life. The melodic lead guitars on his songs are really memorable, and it sounds like his soul is contacting me in a way, a good way. I saw interviews and many pictures of him, and i noticed that he was a very happy person, he was always smilling. I have the whole death and control denied collection here in my room, and i'm very proud of it, it is such an honor to listen to Chuck's work. If Chuck were here today, he would be really proud of his fans, i am sure of that. He was unique on this unfair world...So, nothing more to say, the only thing we can do is celebrate Chuck's legacy everyday and contribute to a better world, that's what he would like us to do.
Rest in Peace Charles Michael Schuldiner, May 13th 1967 - December 13th 2001

Messias Junior 
10 years without Chuck Schuldiner.... fuckin' sad day! The man who changes music and cross its boundaries, now echoes to eternity with so fuckin' expressive masterpieces, full of great songs. The joy of hear your songs, read and share your thoughts makes my day better... you always be remembered dude!

RIP The Master of Death Metal! HAIL Chuck Schuldiner! (05/13/1967 - 12/13/2001) "SUPPORT MUSIC, NOT RUMORS!" 

Dracos Kliffoth (Rafa Vizcaíno)
Cuando sientes que alguien siempre está presente en tu vida, en tu día a día, que influencia y está latente en casi todo lo que haces, que incluso parece que a veces piense por ti y que te hace seguir adelante llenándote de buenas sensaciones y energía, a eso se le llama tener fé, admiración o devoción. A esto le sumamos que a esta fé, la podemos ver, sentir y escuchar, aprender de todas y cada una de las palabras y frases plasmadas con verdadera honestidad de pensamiento. Tan real, tan viva, tan inmortal y tan cercana, toda representada entera y enormemente por un ser tan inimitable como irrepetible. Aquel que con total maestría y persevePost Optionsrancia, no solo logró crear un estilo propio, si no que supo navegar a través de sus propias notas, mejorando y moldeando su creación hasta lograr la mayor y más perfecta obra musical jamás compuesta hasta nuestros días. Su juventud no fue un impedimento para lograr una madurez musical sin precedentes, porque él estaba tocado por el arte y el virtuosismo. Contrariamente, su triste partida nos privó de toda esa juventud y energía que tanto le quedaba por dar y que nos arrebataron tal día como hoy un 13 de Diciembre de 2001 después de mucho tiempo de luchar contra esa maldita enfermedad conocida como cáncer. Pero de lo que más nos privaron fue ante todo de su presencia, de su cercanía y de su entrega y calidad como ser humano, ejemplo a tomar y modelo a seguir indiscutiblemente. Sigue descansando en paz querido hermano Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner, como ves, tu memoria y recuerdo siempre serán celebrados mientras los que te queremos hagamos perdurar en el tiempo toda la relevancia e influencia de tu obra, porque para nosotros sigues más vivo que nunca. Sin tí, pero siempre a nuestro lado.

Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner, 13 de Mayo de 1967, 13 de Diciembre de 2001.

Riley Bjorgan

 "Chuck Schuldiner was a man, but not just a man, he was a man with a voice, a voice which he never let falter. Since he was quite young he made a choice to dedicate his life to music. He formed the brillaint and influential band Death (Then Mantas) with Rick Rozz and Kam Lee, two other exceptional and under-rated muscitians, and never looked back. He defined Death Metal, and didn't stop there, ever the innovator he brought new ideas and edges into the music which was itself cutting edge at the time. Chuck had a voice which needed to be heard, and he choose to express it through music, music that couldn't ever be contained with-in one limit. Eventually he out-grew his Death Metal roots and formed Control Denied. It is a shame and a tragedy that he died before he could've fully explored all of his musical potential. He is an huge influence and inspiration on me personally, and many, many others. Peace, love and Death's Metal!"

( Draw maded by David Roszko )

Mary Muñoz
in time of no time remain...stationary and wonderful..your melody remains intact. are you and your music very important for me never forget you ..your music in the universe in time of no time,thanks for your works ...always

Alex Fidel 
There's no real way to celebrate today. Chuck's influence effects my day to day activity, to stay honest, motivated, and positive. I guess the best way to pay tribute to Chuck is to consider his ideas on life and see if they fit with what you think is right. Of course honesty and positivity makes the most sense, liars crash and burn in the messes they create for themselves, and people who don't take time to live in the present and enjoy life are wasting time. Whatever this phenomenon called life is, it is a gift that is limited, and we must cherish and use every moment in a positive, productive, and honest manner. 8 Death/Control Denied albums is most definitely productive, and the music is honest. And Chuck was positive. He was taken from us too soon, but it's hard to say that he wasted any time on this planet. No time for self pity, no time for dwelling on. What should have been, what is yet to be. That message has gotten me through tough times, to put negativity aside, live in the present and enjoy the good things in life. I don't know if that's an exact down to the detail interpretation of what Chuck meant, but it's what I got out of it, and it has had a profound impact on my life. I don't know where or who I'd be if I had never discovered Chuck's music. Rest in Peace brother

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