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Story to Tell: Covers in honor of Chuck Schuldiner and exclusive article

Scream Bloody Gore ( Death cover ) by NekroVenere - Bc Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute

Voice of the soul Bass guitar

Exclusive: Scream For Me Tehran

Somi's interview with Eric Greif, Chuck Schuldiner's former manager, and Mahyar Dean, Iranian musician who translated a book of Chuck's lyrics into Persian.

After the intro in Persian, below are the questions that were asked:

1- What were the main thoughts & concerns behind Chuck's work?

2- Was Chuck aware of the great following he had in the Iranian community?

3- Question for Mahyar: how he wrote a book about Chuck Schuldiner, which he managed to have published in Iran, considering the restriction for metal music in the country.

4- Despite the fact that Chuck was a great musician of such high influence, why was a collective effort needed from friends, fans and other artists to save his life?

5- What made Chuck write the Sound Of Perseverance album and, specially, Voice Of The Soul?

6- From the beginning to the end all of the Death album's flow effortlessly and progressively without loosing the hooks and the character that were specific to Chuck; was Chuck himself aware, at the time, of the impact that he had on the entire metal genre, and extreme music?

More infos in this location.

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