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Exclusive: Eric Greif talks about Chuck Schuldiner to Death TR/BR

DEATH & Eric Greif

To my Brothers & Sisters in DEATH TR/BR: 

Chuck's Birthday today has me reflecting on what a human experience his legacy is. It joins people from every conceivable background, from all corners of the globe, and from every walk of life. It doesn't matter whether someone knew Chuck personally, as I did, or if you've only heard one DEATH album - it is still the same for all of us. We're touched by Chuck's genius, by what he gave to the world in such a short life. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the fans are - so devoted, so touched by the words of the songs, and that it ignited a spark inside each of them that they can't fully explain: a need to share their devotion with others and to proclaim to the planet about the man & his music. 

I have great thoughts about the future - Chuck's spirit will grow, as the story of DEATH & CONTROL DENIED continues to be told, from human to human. On this, what would have been Chuck's 44th birthday, think about what each of you can do to raise awareness of the cancer that claimed Chuck. It is an evil, spiteful disease that claimed him. Turn on a Chuck song, bang your head, and most importantly smile a smile similar to his..and keep that metal flowing. 

Lots of love, ERIC :) 

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thank you very much Eric