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Scott Clendenin: "I think it's good to keep Chuck’s legacy alive"

Death: A band, a legend.

By Mara Vanessa, James Anthony Copper, Tobias Schuldiner, Sofia Vallerino, Alex Fidel, Manuel Alvarez, Valentina Marcelli, Markus Peters, Chuck Schuldiner (pseudo) & Daniel Robson.

Scott Clendenin is much more than an active member of works and memorable moments of Death, a band leaded by the unforgettable Chuck Schuldiner. Scott is a guy who conquered his own place and helped to value the six strings of the Heavy Metal Scene. In this first group interview made by Death TR, the bassist talked about funny events, thoughts that are worth of being shared and plans to the future. Don't miss it. Check it right now.

"First, let me say thanks to everyone for keeping the metal faith alive. It’s really great to see that so many people still have such a huge passion for Chuck’s music. It is very cool to see". - Scott Clendenin

James Anthony Copper - Scott you initially started out as the bassist for Control Denied, what happened so that Steve Digiorgio ended up as Control Denied's bassist?

Scott- James, these situations took place a long time ago and I would not really be able to speak as to what Chuck’s thoughts were at the time. These were his decisions alone. I would tell you that most of the story is in the re-issue of TSOP that Shannon wrote in the liner notes. There really isn’t anything to tell as far as a story or reason.

Scott: Kick ass!
Tobias Schuldiner - Do you have some funny memories of those times when you used to play in Death? Since anything can happen in tours, what was the most curious?

Scott - Tobias, well, during any tour there are ups and downs. Most of the time we moved from town to town so fast we didn’t have time to get into much trouble. Some highlights were’ opening for Pantera at Dynamo 98’ and getting to meet them, playing Greece was a great experience, and touring the U.S. was also great for me. We did however, accidently leave Patrick (Hammerfall’s drummer) at a truck stop somewhere in the Midwest. It was in the middle of nowhere and he stood out like a sore thumb dressed in leather and surrounded by truckers. He had to be picked up and flown to the next gig. I felt very sorry for him, but he said he was treated well. 

Mara Vanessa - What do you expect for the republishing of Death's great classics, which are scheduled for this year? Do you think this is some kind of aggregation and union force from the fans?

Scott - Mara, I think it’s good to keep Chuck’s legacy alive. I think that the fans will have a chance to get his body of work with a whole lot of extra material added to each re-issue. Re-releasing a whole catalogue is not something you see done unless it’s like the Beatles or Elvis or someone hugely popular. 

Sofia Vallerino - Scott, what is your most memorable moment of your playing on The Sound of Perseverance? Hearing the re-issue today, is there anything you'd like to change, or you're 100% satisfied with your performance?

Scott - Sofia, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a good experience and I am proud of my work on that cd. If I were to play it today, it would probably sound a little different, as I have grown in my approach to playing. 

Death on the newspaper: Thanks man!

Alex Fidel - Favorite bassists?

Scott - Alex, yes you know we share a lot of the same favorites. I did grow up with Entwistle, Squire, Lee, Jones, Harris and Berlin. However, I do still love Claypool, Justin from Tool, and Pinnick. 

Manuel Alvarez - Do you remember of that December 13, 2001?

Scott - Manuel, A few of my friends and I get together every year to remember Chuck and Chris Williams. It was a sad day. 

Valentina Marcelli: Scott, the Death created high quality stuff without many tecnological equipment. Do you think you would have the same behaviour today, with the sound so automated?

Scott - Valentina, It would have because Chuck was such a fan of vinyl and the analog sound. We recorded demos od digital equipment that at the time were pretty cool. Overall, it is my belief it would sound very close to what it does now.

Markus Peters: Could you talk about how was the sensation of being a part of great bands like Death and Control Denied?
Control Denied crew

Scott - Markus, It was a great honor to have played with someone so revered as Chuck. I can say it made me a better player and person to be involved in these bands.

Chuck Schuldiner (pseudo): Please describe your relationship with Chuck and his ideas about the life, what he felt when discovered about his illness.

Scott - I could not speak about Chuck’s idea’s about life. His music does that better than anything could. Chuck and I used to go out a lot and hang out quite a bit. As I was no longer a part of any project with him when he learned of his illness, I cannot say anything about his feelings or thoughts when he found out. 

Daniel Robson: What’s your plans about the future?

Scott - Daniel, Thanks for asking. I have a project now that consists of two guitarists and a drummer and singer. We have been working on some crushing material for the last 12 weeks or so. We will be recording demos soon and plan to look for a deal. Our material is metal and progressive and has a great singer and lots of melodic, heavy riffs. I am proud to be a part of it and look forward to rolling it out to everyone very soon. 

Thanks for your continued support.

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