sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Death TR interview & Death TR Interview Scott Clendenin 2011

Death TR and Death in HD

Friendship, passion for the Metal and acknowledgment of Chuck Schuldiner's legacy. These were some of the reasons that connected Death TR, Death in HD and FreeThoughtRadio in a special interview. The event will take place on April 27. Additional information can be found below:

"Death TR is a Death/Control Denied/Chuck Schuldiner tribute site (deathtr.blogspot.com) and they post a bunch of great rare Chuck material, like pictures, videos, as well as many stories and fan-submitted writings, all having to do with Chuck and his legacy. James Copper fills in for Mara and Valentina of Death TR and talks about his partnership with Death TR with his YouTube channel, Death in HD. 8PM PST only at www.ksunradio.com ".

We invite all our friends, acquaintances, brothers and sisters of Metal and followers of the tribute in honor of Chuck Schuldiner to participate. Please send suggestions, opinions, criticisms (yes, we accept them). Don't forget to check the recommendation of the musician and founder of Death in HD about the interview with bassist Scott Clendenin.

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