terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Fan Words: "Chuck had an incredible lead tone; one in a million"

Chuck Schuldiner: One in a million

By Riley Bjorgan

As a bit of a guitarist myself trying to form a Death Metal band, Chuck Schuldiner's influence has been immense! The man was a pioneer in his field, and much ahead of many of his comtemporaries. Chuck could write powerful, intricate riffs, beautiful melodies and harmonies, thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, but he could also write some nasty, evil ones, and some just plain heavy riffs; lke a brick. He had alot to offer musically, and it is a tragedy to everyone; not just Death fans; that he died before he could really explore more. Music is an art, it is all painting pictures. Mr. Schuldiner could paint so many shades, and twists into a genre dominated by just black and white. 

I wish he had the oppurntunity to paint with more colors, and indulge more people into his genius. Chuck had an incredible lead tone; one in a million. He also had the tendancy to pick muscitians to play with who also had very powerful, very unique tones. A guitar tone is like a voice, and his reflected a very calm, intelligent, powerful man. Chuck, his bandmates, his music, and his influence will live on, and will be appreciated by more in the future, and I am glad to help keep his memory alive, and I am glad that websites like Death TR are here to publish tributes like these.

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