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Fan Words: "Chuck was a guy who really innovated the Death Metal"

Chuck and Death: Legends!

 By Mara Vanessa and Edu Possessed (Hellven vocals and guitar)

Castor, the bassist of the Brazilian band Torture Squad, and the headbanger Ingrid Amarth have given us their testimonials about the importance that Chuck Schuldiner and his legacy have in their lives. Take a look:

Castor - Torture Squad bass

Castor (Torture Squad bass): "Chuck was a guy who really innovated the Death Metal. His style of writing in each album is a masterpiece of extreme good taste and originality that will be forever remembered for us: metalheads and musicians!"

Ingrid Amarth - brazilian headbanger

Ingrid Amarth: "Talking about this American musician, known as the leader, guitarist, vocalist and composer the band Death is very complicated. He started his career focusing on Death and some years later he created Control Denied. This fabulous guitarist is currently considered the pioneer of the Death Metal style and also stood out enough in the heavy metal scene to still being considered one of the best guitarists in the this style. Chuck had his first experience with the music when he was very young, with just 9 years old.

Regarding to Death, Chuck released ten albums, ranging from Scream Bloody Gore (1987) to Live in Eindhoven (2001) and his songs have influenced many generations and still doing it in a way impossible to describe. Death was the precursor of the North American Death Metal bands. Chuck wrote the most technical, brutal and memorable songs of the Death Metal history. Scream Bloody Gore, e.g., is totally raw and direct and Symbolic is an innovative and modern song. These two songs have the unique and characteristic style of Chuck, who is an amazing musician and still present in the memory of the great musicians and fans. As he used to say: "Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal remove the first word of them all and let one: Metal!"

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Drakke Highlander disse...

Chuck is the BIG FATHER of us.

Thanks Chuck