quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Enter the Guitar World Contest to win a B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth

Chuck Schuldiner B.C Rich model
By Empty Words and Eric Greif (President of PHL & former manager of DEATH)

The Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth was designed to proudly represent Chuck's legacy and idelible mark on the death metal genre. Chuck played several B.C. Rich models throughout his short but meaningful career, but the most recognized had to be his black single pickup, neck through Stealth. Now's your chance to win one, enter the contest here, all entries must be submitted by February 15.

ERIC: OK all you Chuck BC Rich Stealth fans - now's your chance! GO FOR IT...and PLEASE spread the word everywhere ;)

Death TR: We're in. And you? ;)

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