terça-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2011

Fan Words: "Chuck is the voice of my soul"

By Warchief Valentina Marcelli

Warchief Valentina: Our sister of Metal
Chuck Schuldiner, the immensity in the body of a man that created a philosophy through his music. Chuck was able to communicate me consolation through his lyrics full of emotions, truth and suffering. He changed my life. Chuck's lyrics describe step by step my life, my personal pain, only Chuck's music can do this.

He was able to heal the wounds of my soul, not erasing them but filling them, it gave me the strength that I needed. I am eternally grateful to Chuck for teaching me how to work out the pain (in another way more intense and deep than I used to do usually). He's the only artist who can release my suppressed feelings, he is the only one who can heal my wounds. It's hard to explain what Chuck rapresent to me, but I know for sure that Through the words of a legend today I'm more stronger. Chuck is the voice of my soul.

Chuck Schuldiner: The voice of our soul

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