terça-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2011

Fan Words: "Chuck is a legend and legends never die"

Chuck Schuldiner: Our inspiration, hero and brother of Metal
 By Bouth Cool

I hesitated a lot before writing this because I wanted to avoid the classical things that people say about Chuck. The fact that we all miss him and that he is a legend becomes a general truth . So one more article about those stuff I think would be somewhat unnecessary . In fact the thing that inspires me the most to write is the impression I got when I see Chuck's fans and when I talk to friends about him.

Chuck is not only a musical legend or an incredible talent but also he is a big brother , a friend and hero to his fans. It is true that he created a whole musical revolution but not only that . He has a great impact on his fans and for them he is an example to follow, indeed he was a very nice person , a talented musician and a great mind. His music is a psychological relief and many people found their paths when they started listening to such powerful music , it gave them strength , self confidence and most of all they feel that they are not alone any more and that they belong to a special world wherein they are accpeted as they are . 

Chuck forever!
People who love death and metal are in general the most sensitive and are those who faced real issues in their lives. The identification with Chuck's music and lyrics gave power and shelter to those who have lost support , love and god only knows what they have been through .

I was moved to see this attachement and all that have been said about Chuck , he united people from everywhere and made them share the love not only for his music but also for him as a person .Chuck is a legend and legends never die some have a brief passage on earth but leave a whole legacy behind them others live for many years and when they pass away soon they would be forgotten because they had left nothing behind them .

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