sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

Fan Words: "I'm so happy for choosing Death and Death Metal"

Chuck Schuldiner - 1980s

Alihan Biber: I'm from Istanbul in Turkey. And a lot of metal volunteer lives there. I'm one of these volunteers and I'm so proud of this. Because it's not only liking a music style, it's a 'life style' ! I'm so happy for choosing Death and Death Metal. First, I must thank all of groups (Iron Maiden, Billy Idol and especially KISS) who profoundly influenced The Schuldiner's Heart. We will never and never forget The Schuldiner and his Death's Legacy. We love you always, and we respectfully commemorating you.. We are waiting all of Death Lovers and we're proud of your thousands of support, and we're waiting more.. Lastly, you are living and growing in our hearts The Godfather Of Death Metal. Rest In Peace!

Nastia Krivenko: In my own opinion Chuck was handsome man! But He also was genius musician and even more: He still staing! And will be forever! Personly for me Chuck still alive. I guess that for many His fans too. He became a big part of my life forever. Dear Chuck, since that day that I know about You to day of my DEATH!

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