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Chuck Schuldiner: The eternal sound of perseverance

Magazine: Metal Maniacs / USA 

From Empty Words collection.

Magazine: Metal Maniacs / USA
Article: Reincarnation

Written by: Jeff Wagner
Published: November 1998

"I'm a dreamer, and I've been following this dream for 15 years of my life, throughout all this garbage and soap opera that occurs in the industry. All I want to do is write music and do whatever I can to further the re-emergence of heavy metal in America."

For Chuck Schuldiner, there is no life after Death... life is Death. Even after the band's selfimposed hiatus in early 1996, the return of this most vital entity was imminent. After forming his power metal alter ego in Control Denied and working within that realm for the better part of the last two years, Chuck has returned with a new label [insert massive applause to Nuclear Blast here], a refreshed Death lineup, and the expected bitter musical/vocal vitriol.

The new, seventh Death full-length, The Sound Of Perseverance, is a wake-up call to the entire metal scene, with staggering instrumental chops as its backbone. The album fuses the best elements of '95's Symbolic (crisp production values, blatant melodicism) to '91's Human (dizzying technicality, rhythmic finesse), adds several new stretches outward and beyond, and spits out one of the most refreshing displays of metallic vision since... well, since the last Death album. Death has yet to disappoint. After taking in several cuts (that is, being blasted and blown away) from The Sound Of Perseverance in the control room of Morrisound, Chuck and I retreated to discuss the hiatus, the reincarnation, the new members, and the state of the Death metal art in 1998. First and foremost, Chuck's adamant about quashing any rumors or misconceptions you may have heard or read about Control Denied in the drama of the Death hiatus.

"There was a statement related to Control Denied, a rumor, that I quit the Control Denied thing because of lack of label interest. And that is so untrue. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I do things when I feel they're right. There was and is label interest in Control Denied, but I felt that the time was right to bring Death back. Believe me, when the Control Denied material does come out, it will not be dated."

And then there was all the talk about Chuck borrowing Control Denied material for Death and vice versa.
"That whole big rumor got started on the Internet. I fucking despise the Internet, I think it's a load of crap. It's ridiculous for me to have to sit around and explain to people that what they're reading on there is bullshit. I need to really clarify this in this interview, that whatever they read on the internet, if it's not from me or part of a Nuclear Blast website, it's not official and they should not even pay attention to it."

Especially if it's in toilet paper like Metal Maniacs, right?

He laughs, and continues. "The rumor that I'm having to borrow material from Death for Control Denied is bullshit. The way it's presented is that 'Chuck's running out of ideas' which is the biggest, most absurd statement. That's so far from the truth. I've got 40 minutes of riffs written for the next Death album, and at the same time I'm writing material for Control Denied. I'm always writing. I can assure people there's no "borrowing" going on. Al material on this album was 100% written for Death."

Magazine: Metal Maniacs / USA
In the end, as much as rumors have always plagued and bothered Chuck, his musical spirit has remained noble, his intentions nothing but respectable. He doesn't pretend to fully understand the motives behind his critics and spirit crushers.

"Metal's such a delicate stage in America, why does anyone want to put someone down who's trying so hard to do something positive?"

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