domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Be a Part of Chuck Schuldiner's Lasting Legacy!

Richard, Shannon, Scott and Chuck (Last Death line-up)

By Death Official

This Monday, December 13th marks the 10th year since Chuck's passing. As a tribute to his legacy, Chuck's family, Perseverance Holdings, Ltd. and Relapse Records would like to give all of his dedicated fans the opportunity to contribute to his lasting memory.

We are asking you to submit your stories, drawings, videos, photos, cover songs, and anything you can think of to the Official Death and Chuck Schuldiner Facebook or MySpace pages. Whether you're playing in a Death cover band, have written lyrics inspired by Chuck's words, or own rare memorabilia, we want to see it and hear it. Prizes, including deluxe Death & Control Denied reissues will be rewarded each month for our favorite submissions!

Thank you to every one of Chuck's fans for your consistent support!

-Relapse Records

"It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated Chuck's fans are, not to mention the size of DEATH's 'metal crusade'. Those of us who knew Chuck intimately saw the humble metal dude who was genuinely appreciative of all his fans. The core group of us working daily on preserving Chuck's creative legacy are dedicated to widening the net, introducing his music to a new generation, and to bringing out the most exciting releases of rarities and reissues, all to Chuck's demanding standards. Thanks for your continued support & belief...and thanks for sharing with us." - ERIC GREIF, President of Perseverance Holdings Ltd. & former manager of DEATH

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