sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

A tribute to the fifth member of Death

Death: A band of 5 guys

By Mara Vanessa, Valentina Marcelli & Death TR team

All the classical DEATH lineups consisted of four members, right? WRONG. During all the years that DEATH was actively spreading the true Metal and the music’s sincerity around world, a fifth man was there doing his best to make things happen in the best possible way.

During these almost 10 years that Chuck Schuldiner, the mentor of DEATH and CONTROL DENIED and a name that needs no further comments, passed away, the businessman and lawyer Eric Grief has been handling the intellectual inheritance of his friend, the legendary guitarist and singer.

Together with the Schuldiner family, Eric strives: being a busy man, he always finds room in his schedule to talk with the fans of Chuck’s legacy and listen to their opinions. He is one of the greatest collaborators to the preservation of Charles Michael Schuldiner’s patrimony, our beloved Chuck Schuldiner.

Today, Eric Grief, a businessman, lawyer, friend, husband and father of two beautiful children, is completing another year of life. On behalf of all our Metal brothers and sisters around the world the Death TR team would like to wish you ERIC, an excellent birthday. And as a special request, here goes: Keep being who you are and doing what you do. Thanks, man!

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