quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

CONTROL DENIED: Breaking The Broken Video Revealed

Control Denied: Breaking the Broken video strengthens Chuck's legacy

From Empty Words

The video for CONTROL DENIED's “Breaking the Broken” was directed by Doug Cook and produced by DEATH manager Eric Greif for Perseverance Holdings Ltd., the company that oversees the works of Chuck Schuldiner. “Breaking the Broken” comes from CONTROL DENIED’s debut album The Fragile Art of Existence which recently received the deluxe re-issue treatment, courtesy of Relapse Records, including a limited edition 3-disc set that includes 2 discs of previously unreleased bonus material. The agreed concept behind the video is easily summed up: it is about overcoming adversity and persevering, with some symbolism that will not be lost on diehard fans. It is an emotional journey, and it will be continued...

"Breaking The Broken" by Control Denied from Doug Cook on Vimeo.


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