domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

Happy Mothers Day, Mrs. Jane and Beth Schuldiner!

Chuck Schuldiner (4 years old) by Mal Schuldiner (his father)

Death TR team, on behalf of all members and fans of Charles Michael ''Chuck'' Schuldiner and his legacy, would like to wish a happy Mother's Day to all mothers present and absent in this world. Mara Vanessa and Valentina Marcelli would like to take the opportunity to share a message they dedicated to Mrs. Jane Schuldiner (Chuck's mother) and Beth Schuldiner (Chuck's sister) with all Death's fans. If you want to leave messages for Chuck's mother, send an email to or leave it in this space (we will send it). To leave a message for Beth, click on this link.

Dear Mrs. Jane and Beth,

Light, good vibrations, peace and love. These are some of our best wishes to you in this Mother's Day. It is a moment of affection and memories as well. Every smile, every look, every call, every happiness and every overcome obstacle. Without your support, dear mothers, somethings would be very difficult. And we reaffirm: transform this day in good vibrations and blessings.

For the mothers of children who are no longer among us, a message: the yearning is the same, doesn't change. But the memories make all the missing moments much more stronger to be lived. Memories are the proof that everything worth it. 

Happy Mother's day!

Mara Vanessa and Valentina Marcelli (Death TR)

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