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Chuck Schuldiner (May, 13th, 1967)

Hello dear brothers and sisters,

44 years ago an inestimable artist and genious came into this world: Chuck Schuldiner. Today he would have turned 44 . We're here to celebrate Him, as we do every single day.

During this time a lot of Chuck Schuldiner/Death/ Control Denied's fans contacted Death Tr, saying us how they love Chuck and how they're thankful to Him. It 's amazing how Chuck influences and helps so many people in the world ,what a beautiful thing! People show their love for him everysingle day, listening to His music, loving it, reading and living His lyrics, and spreading His word, we're proud of them, we really are.

His words, His music, have created a real identity, maded with simplicity, genius, and humanity. Chuck's memory lives in every single Chuck Schuldiner/Death/ Control Denied's fans, Chuck is a guide, a model for every human being. Today we're here once again, to remember Him, to remember Chuck Schuldiner, the one who has made our lives better, the one that give us a pricelss treasure, His Art.

Thank you Chuck for everything you've have done, you will never be forgotten. True love, true art never dies. Proud to be Chuck Schuldiner/Death/ Control Denied's fans!

Happy birthday Chuck, with love Death TR,

Valentina and Mara Vanessa 

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