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Story to Tell: "Rare Early Chuck Photo"

By Perry Grayson (Guitar & Vocals - FALCON)

Chuck - 1985

An extremely rare Chuck photo from 1985 that Scott Carlson gave me many moons ago. Many people have seen the photo itself, as it was used in the packaging for the reissue of Repulsion's Horrified, but only a few folks have ever seen what's on the back.

Note: Chuck used the guitar in the photo roughly 1984-87. According to Scott Carlson it was made by a guy in Florida and Chuck bought it from a pawnshop. If you examine it closely, the body is a combination of a B.C. Rich Mockingbird and a B.C. Rich Bich. Chuck retired the axe when he was endorsed by B.C. Rich and got his first Stealth. Chuck had a Genocide (pre-Repulsion) sticker on the axe at one point and also stripped the paint off.
"Apologies in advance to Beth, Jane, Mal and Chris." Chuck said goofy things like that in his teens, but he was also very family-oriented.

I'm going to warn you in advance, the message Chuck wrote on the back is kind of raunchy. I'll remind you that Chuck was 17 when he wrote it. Like most teenage thrashers at the time, Chuck had a really morbid sense of humor. Chuck, Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo did a lot of goofy fanzine interviews that year containing similar gross-out tactics. Scott remembers one in which he and Chuck talked about burning hemorrhoids off with hot slices of pizza. It was all about young dudes being silly back then. Immature, but hey, that's how teenage metallers talk and act!? 

Even though Jane and Mal Schuldiner were both teachers, Chuck couldn't even spell hemorrhoid properly! Same goes for "Rigor Mortis," which was an old demo-era Death tune. Chuck handwrote riggemortis" on the tape he sent to Scott. His grammar wasn't too good either. "A" instead of "an." Hilarious! Anyhow, it just goes to show how much Chuck grew and matured within about five or six years. It's not something to be taken seriously by any means, and I hope everyone will get a good laugh out of it. By '90 Chuck was really articulate, even if he never finished high school.

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