quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Story to Tell: Death: A band; a legend

With pal Malek Baali (ex-Rising Dust) in front of the Chuck Schuldiner mural in the Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland - April '05
Perry Grayson: ''Here's a special photo. Two Death fanatics, me and drummer pal Malek Baali (ex-Rising Dust), in front of the Chuck mural inside the Baroeg, a metal club in Rotterdam, Holland, back in April '05. Taken when I was playing bass for Pale Divine on a Euro tour with Rising Dust and Place of Skulls. Malek and I jammed "Zombie Ritual" during a soundcheck. Good times!!''

by Chris (USA) (Thanks Jochen S.O.D for your wonderful archival material)  
Mara Vanessa & Valentina Marcelli's collection

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The devotion of DEATH fans is unrivalled. ERIC GREIF