sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Fresh: News from Death in HD & FreeThought Radio

Death in HD

Hey guys! We have news! Take out:

James Copper (Death in HD and partner of Death TR): Hey world, just wanted to let you know that the promised interview with Eric Greif took place last night and we spoke as friends for 4 hours! The videos will be coming out in the near future but bare with me as the editing process is going to take some time. There was a screen capture on Eric, a camera on me and of course our conversat...ion recorded.  You people are gonna love it!

Perry Grayson: Rescheduled a dentist appointment this morning to do a little college radio intie this morning RE: Chuck Schuldiner (Official), Death (Official) and Control Denied (Official). You'll be able to listen soon on FreeThought Radio. Cheers to Alex Fidel!

Free Thought Radio

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