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What's your favorite Death's album?

Death discography: What's your favorite?

 In many testimonials and quotes of fans, musicians and friends, we have noticed that Death has an impeccable discography, where the classics mix themselves from the first to the last album. But we would like to know: What's your favorite Death's album? Why did it change your life? My (Mara Vanessa) favorite album is "The Sound of Perseverance". It's strong, intense and can do the riffs and lyrics become alive, as it would my skin. It's awesome, it's a great sensation. A Tunisian fan, Boutheina Ben Hamida shares the same feelings and thinks that "The Sound of Perseverance" is wonderful, mature and intense. And you? Let us know about your thoughts. Send an e-mail to deathtr3@gmail.com or leave you message in the section commentaries, just below.


Riley Bjorgan: Symbolic is my personal favourite. It was the first Death album I owned, and I feel is their most diverse album, and it really just show-cases everything I like in music. Intelligent lyrics, powerful vocals, heavy guitars, with strong melodies. I also think the muscitians that played on it are highly under-rated.

Tobias Schuldiner: MY FAV DEATH ALBUM IS HUMAN!!!! KICK ASS!!!!

Sohail Chaosopher: All ov them but Leprosy was the first album I've listened to, this is a very taugh question! 

Lørd Ousmetal: The Sound Of Perseverance, every piece is a master piece, every piece is a story apart it's amazing and unbelievable, it takes me to a trip beyond this world of shame, R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner!

Warchief Schuldiner: It's hard to say! I love the entire Death's discography but if I must choose one is SCREAM BLOODY GORE album.

Denizkaan Aracı: Human...

Michael Davidson: I have 2 favorites from Chuck: Leprosy CD and The Sounds of Perservance CD. 

Fede Lucifero Pozzan: ‎"Human" !!!!! The quintessence of Death !!!!! 
Mark Rainbow: My favorite album of Death is Spiritual Healing.

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