sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Richard Christy: "The Sound of Perseverance reissue looks and sounds awesome''

Richard Christy: Eternal Death's drummer
Richard Christy: "Got my copy today of the Death-The Sound of Perseverance reissue that comes out on Relapse a week from today. It looks and sounds awesome, plus it's so cool that there's demos on there from 1997 that I haven't heard in 13 years, brought back some awesome memories from when I was a young long haired whippersnapper."

Note from Empty Words:

The re-mastered re-issue of DEATH’s seventh and final album The Sound of Perseverance is streaming online now at the official DEATH Facebook page. The audio for the deluxe 3-disc set will be streaming in its entirety at that location until the re-issue’s North American street date of February 15th.

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