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Fan Words: "Chuck's music made me what I'm today"

Sohail Chaosopher: Chuck and Death's fan
By Sohail Chaosopher

Back in 1989 I was a kid in a country that have nothing to do with metal, but I had an uncle who was so fan of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Priest, Overkill, King Diamond, Sactuary, Metallica, etc. And I was a fan of my uncle, so first I was just following him and I didn't understood a word of what I was listening to. Then, on 1991, I discouvred DEATH - Leprosy - by a type trading at the time it was the only way for me to have some new stuffs since metal wasn't realy favored in Libya.

So I fell in love with that album and I started to get more interesting from other bands, like Morbid Angel, Immolation, etc. Today I have 31 years old and each time I listen to a DEATH's album I feel like it was the first time; always refreshing and it gives me a power and determination to face the future and be successfull in life. So I just want to say that Chuck's music made me what I'm today: a man full of ambitions and life, and I would just say that metal is not about drink , drugs or sex. It's about what YOU ARE! And what are your purposes in life, so as Chuck said: "Life ends so fast, so take your chance. And make it last and may". 

Chuck Schuldiner - Rest in Peace.

Thank you all!

Sohail Chaosopher's Death collection

Sohail Chaosopher's Death collection

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