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Fan Words: "Chuck was very personable and very cool''

Rick Lawrence: Chuck was very personable!

By Rick Lawrence

I'm a long time fan of Death. The band I was in was lucky enough to open for Death on Nov.27,1998 in Boulder,CO. When I walked in the venue Death was just starting their soundcheck. They played Spirit Crusher and that alone was a life changing experience for me. They played it so perfectly it sounded like they just put the CD over the P.A. except they played it a bit faster.

We heard some rumors before the show that Chuck was hard to get along with and was a bit of a dick. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Chuck was very personable and very cool. I got to talk to him for a bit before the show. Something I'll never forget.

After our set Chuck came up to us and asked for a cd. He told us he wanted to give it to his label. He was actually going to try and get us signed with Nuclear Blast! How's that for cool?!! We didn't have a cd to give him, but I'll never forget how cool he was to us. To say Chuck was a special human being is an understatement. And as a musician his music speaks for itself and will live on forever! A special soul taken way too soon. You are greatly missed. Rest In Peace Chuck.
Rick Lawrence

Btw, to answer the favorite record question, that's REALLY hard for me to decide, I'm torn between many of them, but I'll go ahead and say "Human".

Rick's band: Open for Death!

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