quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

Fan Words: "Chuck really is a genius of his time"

Chuck Schuldiner: Good job, great soul!

By Garry Turner (Art of Hate)

When I first heard about Chuck... He was doing the Human album, and at the time It blew my mind that metal could sound so orchestrated. When I met Chuck he was doing the Sound Of Perserverance album and then I realized how metal was becoming a pretty big monster.

One of my favourite Death songs with Chuck in mind would be...

Voice of Soul!

This song just really covered all the melodic guitar sounds of the time. Chuck was able to add several guitar tracks to really add a big sound to the already heavy sound of the time.

Chuck Could minipulate his voice to the guitar and the music and he really is a genius of his time. Death was in a class of their own , there was so much going on in their music, you really had to listen to it many times to grasp everything and I think that is what drew me into Death, they really challenged my mind to actually listen to the music.

Chuck’s Schulinder’s words where important for the time they reflected how metal was growing , changing and falling apart. Death still finds a following and the recent revival of the death logo and shirts has really put Death into realms of the new metal and still stands on its own.

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