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Fan words: Graphic tribute for Chuck!

By Jorge Arnau

Charles ''Chuck'' Schuldiner

Hello Everyone, I'm kind of new into the Death TR team, I'm Jorge Arnau, as you all are I'm a Chuck fan, so much that I write death metal in the old school style, my music not being covers but new orginal music completly inspired by Death.

Well, I know we are all here in this page because we are fans of Chuck, for some, it's just his music, for some others the person behind that music, what's true, is that Chuck has been a great influence to many, not only musicians, not only fans, but people that happened to ran with his story and realize there was a cool and nice person with many interesting things to say.

To many fans, Chuck has been a source of inspiration to the way they want to live their lives, such as my self, his inspiration has brought the best of me keeping me focused on making music and on living life, I know, many of the ones who read this will agree, let's be honest, Chuck Schuldiner has made a big difference in our lives, being such a talented musician that walked with us in our headphones giving us advice with his lyrics, if you are a real fan then you know what I'm talking about, to the ones that are real fans....the first time we happen to agree with one of his lyrics.... we knew we were not alone in what we were thinking, in what we were living.

That's why I'd like to intive all of you skilled who draw or not so skilled, to make a graphic tribute for this man that has brought so many ours of company in our lives, there will be no price, as this is not a contest, I'm talking about a free tribute, cause It's up to show support to his memory to do something that we feel like doing, not to make the greatest drawing cause we re getting paid for it, but to make the drawing we think will express what Chuck or Chuck's music has meant to our lives.

Chuck by Fernando Travis
Thank you for reading, and those who follow, thanks... Let's try to upload those drawings here, It should have your name in it cause... let's face it, after it's uploaded it'll be everywere, and of course it has to have a title please.

What my intentions are? honestly? I think this will help keeping Chuck's memory alive for further generations I don't know that for sure, but seems like a nice thing to do in return for someone that has brought so much joy to our lives, a nice and healthy way to pay our respects.

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