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Death: "An enviable discography"

Death lives: Chuck and Shannon
By Mara Vanessa
* The Death TR would like to thank the valuable collaboration of Edu Possessed (Hellven).

The Brazilian musicians Alex Pinho (vocalist of the bands SCUMUNION and NEOPHITUS and the head of S.U. Magazine) and the legendary M. Mictian (bassist of UNEARTHLY) gave their testimonials about the importance of Chuck Schuldiner and Death. Check out below:

Alex Pinho

Alex Pinho: Death came into my life through the album Scream Bloody Gore, approximately in 1998. I met the band through some friends and at the exact moment that I heard it I realized a vibration in the sound and I found that it was done with great devotion, even though it has been composed in a raw and simple way. Chuck is a symbol for having a strong and eternal work. Unfortunately, the media only gives attention to what brings profit, always seeking the financial side and thereby valuing the artist not in the suitable proportion, which is really sad. Only the underground and independent media talks about the true warriors in the depreciated scene we live.

M. Mictian
M. Mictian: I remember very well when I purchased the album "Scream Bloody Gore". I was just a kid, but I still have the feeling in my head. It was something incredible to hear that songs and from this day on I turned a fan of Death and followed all their albums, an enviable discography!

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